How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

Do you wonder why so many people start a blog and quit blogging in just a few months after they get started?

I used to wonder about that too.

In fact, I still didn’t really understand WHY successful blogging seemed far fetched until my first blog turned into a classic failure in 2015.

You see, we all believe blogging is simple. It’s just like writing and if you can update nice posts on Facebook and Instagram then you can also blog very well.

But that’s not true. Of course, blogging is not cut in stone and I’m not about to get you scared but, being a successful blogger requires more than knowing how to write a Facebook post.

And so many things have changed since blogging started becoming popular in the early 2000s.

Imagine, right now, we have concepts like content marketing, Video blogging, Podcasting etc which are also other forms of blogging that has evolved recently.

In 2021 for instance, blogging is more than writing and uploading a bunch of stories on a web page.

Being a successful blogger has now moved from the number of visitors you attract to your blog, to even more important web metrics like your reach, your influence and your ability to build a successful brand and business out of your blog.

And it’s moving even further. So, to become a successful blogger in this time and age, you’ll need more than your blog. You’ll have to become a thought leader.

So are you ready for this shift?

As a widely read blogger with over half a decade of experience, i am going to work with you to get ready for this shift.

So, in this post; I’m going to discuss with you, all the top skills you need to hone, as you step up your blogging game,

Are you ready? Alright let’s dig in.

Before we proceed, I want to correct an impression. So many people think blogging is dead. But this is not true…

The truth is, like writing, blogging cannot be dead. It can only evolve. This is the point so many people have missed…

And in fact, the evolution of blogging has led to changes in the industry such that in today’s world, much more work is needed to create a really successful blog. And this is somewhat justified.

Especially, with the influx of spam content and consistent pruning of blog posts by search engines like Google.

This change in blogging has made it very important to gain mastery in some other skills besides writing, if you really want to become a successful blogger.

7 Strategic Steps to Become a Successful Blogger

Besides having a fantastic writing skill, there are many other important steps you need to take in order to become a successful blogger.

These steps varies and sometimes their importance will rely on your targeted blogging niche and your goals as a blogger.

Instead of listing all the steps you need to take to become a successful blogger here in details, I’ll serialize the tips in individual post so we can have the chance to discuss them in details.

So here’s the first of the 7 important steps to become a Successful blogger.

Please note that all these steps are critical to your success as a blogger and I’m not listing them in any particular order of importance.

Define your USP

Your Unique Selling Point or USP for short is one of the major factors that will distinguish your blog from other blogs around the web.

For you to become an exceptional blogger, you don’t only have to be well known for a very specific USP, your audience will need to have something that will keep them coming to your blog consistently.

To get started about fixing your USP, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of your vision, goals and mission as a blogger at the back of your hand.

You also need to know your target audience clearly, understand the things that appeal to them and then find a way to build your USP around this in a way that is clearly appealing and well distinguished.

Read more about defining your USP here.

Create Powerful Content

Before we get started here, i want to point out something specifically. There’s a slight difference between content marketing and blogging.

While Blogging defined loosely is the art of writing on the net or updating a blog. Content Marketing is concerned with creating and sharing valuable information in order to drive a specific outcome.

With this definition in mind, you need to understand that a successful blogger is not just a blogger, he/she will also have to be really versatile, when it comes to content marketing.

Instead of blogging just for the fun of it or creating content when you feel like it, you have to come up with a clear blogging goal, map out strategies that will lead towards the attainment of such goals and then work towards it.

Again, beyond understanding and using content marketing, you have to be able to write content that will be valuable and useful to your audience consistently.

Read More about how to become a successful blogger by Creating Powerful Content Here.

Use Story Telling to Create Better Content

According to hubspot, storytelling connotes using a narrative to communicate an idea or concept to your audience.

The story could be real, fictional or embellished. The main point behind storytelling is to drive home a strong point across to your audience.

Over the years, storytelling has become a great marketing tool for both bloggers and writers alike because people love stories.

Successful bloggers are also great storytellers. And most of the time, their stories are part of what makes them unique and distinguished.

Their ability to wrap these stories around their content has a way of making their brand and content stand out in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

For you, having a good grasp of brand storytelling will be very effective in your content marketing. It can also help you to create a deeper connection with your audience in a way that you end up building a more loyal audience in the long term.

Read more about using story telling to create better content here.

Engage with Pictures

When it comes to blogging, the old saying, ”a picture is worth a thousand words’‘ Is still very relevant.

In fact, according to a research by, picture accounts for over 70 percent of posts shared on Facebook. But, what does this data tell you?

Picture drives engagements. That’s what it is!

Now, i’m not saying that posting irrelevant pictures with your blog post can help you become a better or more successful blogger, what pictures can do for you is that using relevant images can drive engagement for your post, giving it a better chance to be shared.

And this is one of the sauce of successful blogging, having your blog post shared widely on the web. It opens up your blog to a new audience.

But then, beyond adding pictures to your post, your picture should be relevant and the content should be really good and beneficial to your audience.

Read More about how to create more engagement on your blog with pictures here.

Learn Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of putting words together in order to make things sell better.

As a blogger, a good knowledge of Copywriting will be very useful for you, especially when it comes to creating catchy and more clickable titles for your posts.

This is very important because a lot of the times, your post titles plays a great role in deciding whether a potential user will read your blog post or not.

Where your copy-writing skills are too shabby, it can affect your ability to create effective post headlines and titles.

And even when your posts are really outstanding, they might not be read in the long run because the title does not capture the value of your post. This is not what you want.

That’s why you need to learn how to create captivating titles and openings through copywriting, if you really want to evolve a successful blog.

Read more about how to become a more successful blogger with copywriting here.

Be Social Media Savvy

Over the years, social media has brought about remarkable changes to content marketing and blogging.

Today as a blogger, the social media is your one stop place to build a new audience and redirect a handful of new fans back to your blog.

This is why; in order to become a successful blogger, you will need to have a good grasp of the social media, understand how it works and then map out strategies to make it work for you and your blog.

Now, before using the social media as part of the marketing strategy for your blog, here are some things you need to do…

Research the top social media platforms then choose one or a few of the social media platforms that will be very effective for your target audience and then work on creating a brand on that platform.

Now, owning a social media platform might not make you a successful blogger overnight but with time, it will help you to evolve a powerful platform you can use to engage with your audience and build your brand beyond your blog.

Read more about how to become a successful blogger by being social media savvy here

Develop a Strong Focus and Persistence

Focus is one of the most distinguishing factors behind every success story.

Even if no one tells you about this, you’re going to cultivate a strong sense of focus and persistence if you’re planning to become successful as a blogger.

The reason for this is very simple. Blogging is serious work. Depending on your goals and objectives, successful blogging can demand as much time as any serious business you’d want to engage in.

At some point, as a blogger, there will be times you’ll need a lot of days to put in loads of work with little result to show for it before your blog finally hits success.

This usually happens especially when you’re starting the blog newly. And this is not just peculiar to blogging.

This is just like the same energy, time and investment any entrepreneur would put into building a new business before everyone gets to know and patronize it. Same thing goes for a new blog.

Getting to the point where your blog doesn’t generate much traction, you may feel really discouraged and pressurized to quit, especially during the first 3-6 months and sometimes first year.

This is why I don’t advice you to leave your full time job to start a blog.

You can always start blogging by the side and leave your job only when your blog has gained enough traction or generated enough income that can sustain you.

Also, note that to grow a successful blog, you’ll need more than the willingness to go all the way, you’ll need a strong drive to fire through days when you don’t really feel like blogging anymore.

In order to be able to evolve a strong drive, you’ll need to gain clarity and have a clear picture of what you want.

Gain Mastery and Become Better at Blogging

The following are ways you can gain mastery, improve your productivity and become a better and more successful blogger…

Have a Goal

What’s your goal or plans for your blog? And where do you see it in 3-6 months?

Having a clear goal for your blog is very important when it comes to successful blogging.

This is why, taking time to create your blogging goal and getting it all written down can go a long way in giving you a guideline and sort of template to measure your growth as you keep blogging.

Set up a Blogging Schedule

Find out what’s your best time to write a blog post and share with your audience? Deciding this early enough and getting yourself to stick to the schedule will help you create a sort of consistency that will work for your readers.

Besides your blog, you can also expand your posting schedule to cover your social media platforms. Be sure you follow through the blogging schedule and soon enough, your readers will get used to it.

Review your Success

Despite the fact that as a blogger, you’re mostly going to be working for yourself, there’s still a need for accountability.

Either bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, be sure you take out time to review the process, how much gains you’ve made, the losses etc.

Where you didn’t meet up to expectations, find out the reasons and work on fixing it.

Commit to Personal Improvement

Commitment is very important when it comes to building a thriving blog. Remember, your will power is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better it becomes.

Decide that you’re going to do more than setting out blogging goals, get committed to fulfilling each of these goals and the more you fulfill them, the more your resolve to fulfill the remaining ones becomes much easier to make.

Don’t focus on the Money

Most bloggers start out with the mindset to make money or get fame fast. This is not a bad idea honestly. The bad idea is expecting you’ll get really much money in just a few months into blogging.

Making huge money from blogging doesn’t happen automatically, that’s why most beginners quit blogging so easily. On the contrary, you’ll need put in the work first, gather the audience and then you can work on the others.

Now without much ado, here’s where I’ll pause today’s episode of the 7 blogging tips to become a successful blogger.

Please note that each of the steps on how to become a successful blogger has been discussed in a full post via the relevant links attached under each sub heading.

You can click the links to read up a fuller version of each of the tips there.

Want to learn more about how to become a better blogger? You can join our blog mastery course and learn a ton today!

So what’s your best step on how to become a successful blogger? Let’s hear you.

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    • This is a wonderful piece from my own country man… Another way to become a successful blog is to be consistency and passionate. Those are two rules about blogging

      • Hey Kingsley,

        Thanks for your kind comments.

        Yeah consistency is very important when it comes to blogging. For one to evolve a successful blog, one has to be passionate about blogging and be able to be blogging consistently.

        These two factors are very important and helpful to bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

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