7 tips to become a successful blogger in 2020

Do you wonder why so many people start a blog and quit blogging in just a few months after they started?

I used to wonder same too.

In fact, I still didn’t really understand the WHY until my first blog turned into a classic failure in 2015.

You see, we all believe blogging is simple. It’s just like writing and if you can update nice posts on Facebook and Instagram then you can also blog very well.

But that’s not the truth. Of course I’m not getting you scared but, being a successful blogger requires more than knowing how to write a Facebook post.

And so many things have changed since blogging started becoming popular in early 2000s.

Imagine, right now, we have concepts like content marketing which are also other forms of blogging that has evolved recently.

In 2019 for instance, blogging is more than writing and uploading a bunch of stories on a web page.

Being a successful blogger has now moved from the number of visitors you have to even more important indicators like your reach and influence.

In 2020, it’s moving even further. And to be a successful blogger, you’ll need more than your blog. You’ll have to become a thought leader.

So are you ready for this shift?

As a widely read blogger with over half a decade of experience we’re going to work on this shift together.

So in this post, I’m going to discuss with you, all the top skills you need to hone your blogging skills as you step up your blogging game,

Are you ready? Alright let’s dive in.

Before we proceed, I want to correct an impression. So many people think blogging I dead.

But this is not true…

The truth is, blogging like writing cannot be dead. It can only evolve. This is the point so many people have missed

And in fact, the evolution of blogging has led to changes in the industry such that in today’s world, much more work is needed to create a really successful blog. And this is somewhat justified.

Especially, with the influx of spam content and consistent pruning of blog posts by search engines like Google.

This change in blogging has made it very important to have many other skills besides writing if you want to be a successful blogger.

So what are these important skills?

Besides writing skills, there are many other important blogging skills you need to have in order to become a successful blogger.

These skills are varied and sometimes their importance will rely on your targeted blogging niche and your goals as a blogger.

Instead of listing all the top blogging skills on a single page, I’ll serialize the post while posting each tip a day.

So here’s the first of the 7 Most important skills to become a better blogger in 2020.

Please note that all these skills are important and I’m not listing them in order of importance.

Strong will-power and Persistence.

Will power is one of the most distinguishing factors behind every success story.

Even if no one tells you about this, you’re going to cultivate a strong will power and persistence if you’re planning to become successful as a blogger.

The reason for this is very simple.

Blogging is serious work.

Depending on your goals and objectives, blogging can demand close to as much time as any serious business you’d want to focus on.

At some point, as a blogger, there will be times you’ll need a lot of days to put in loads of work with little result to show for it before your blog finally hits success.

This usually happens especially when you’re starting the blog newly. And this is not just peculiar to blogging.

See it as the same energy and time investment any entrepreneur would put in building a new business before everyone gets to know and patronize it. Same thing goes for a new blog.

Getting to the point where your blog doesn’t generate much traction, you may feel really discouraged and pressurized to quit, especially during the first 3-6 months and sometimes first year.

This is why I don’t advice you to leave your full time job to start a blog. You can always start blogging by the side and leave your job only when your blog has gained enough traction or generated enough income that can sustain you.

Note this too. To grow a successful blog, you’ll need more than a willingness to go all the way, you’ll need a strong drive to fire through days when you don’t really feel like blogging anymore.

How to increase your will power as a blogger

The following are ways you can improve your will power, commitment and improve your productivity as a blogger.

Have a goal. What’s your goal or plans for your blog? And where do you see it in 3-6 months? Taking time to answer this and get it all written down can go a long way in giving you a guideline and sort of template to measure your growth as you keep blogging.

Set up blogging schedule and stick to it. Find out what’s your best time to write a blog post and share with your audience? Deciding this early enough and getting yourself to stick to the schedule will help you really.

This should also include social media posting schedules. When you stick to it for a longer period it will become an automatic habit with time.

Review your success. It could be weekly or monthly and quarterly, be sure you take out time to review the journey so far and the successes you’ve made with your blog.

Where you didn’t meet up expectations, find out reasons and work on fixing it within.

Stay Committed to becoming better. Commitment is key. Remember the will power is like a muscle, the more it’s used, the better it becomes.

Decide you’ll do more than setting out blogging goals, get committed to fulfilling each of these goals and the more you fulfill them, the more the resolve to fulfill the remaining ones becomes much easier to make.

Don’t focus on the money just yet. Most bloggers start out with the mindset to make money or get fame fast. This is not a bad idea honestly. The bad idea is expecting you’ll get really much money in just a few months into blogging.

Making huge money from blogging doesn’t happen automatically, that’s why most beginners quit blogging so easily. on the contrary, you’ll need put in the work first, gather the audience and then you can work on the others.

Now without much ado, here’s where I’ll pause today’s episode of the 7 blogging tips to become a successful blogger.

The next episode will be posted here. Do watch out.

Got questions or comments? Will be glad to answer.

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