How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

Based on statistics, you can start a blog and become a successful blogger within your expected timelines but this is definitely not a walk in the park.

A lot of bloggers starting out today are increasingly dropping out because its really hard to keep up. At some point, there are too many blogs blogging about same topics, stiff competition for visibility and increasingly high content quality demands by search engines.

These and many other factors have made it increasingly difficult for new bloggers to break even. But there are still a number of people making it big with blogging even though the number is reducing by the day.

As an aspiring blogger planning to get some big breaks with blogging, one of the things you can do to set yourself apart for success is to find out what other successful bloggers are doing to crush it with their blogs.

But, since it’s not possible for you to get the step by step approach used by each successful blogger to earn their success, as a widely read blogger with more than half a decade of experience, in the next paragraphs, I will be listing out for you the top steps used by most successful bloggers and how you can to get yourself started on the road to successful blogging.

Get a Game Plan

To become a successful blogger, you must distinguish yourself from the other bloggers in your industry. And one of the first steps to get started with this is to create your own game plan.

A game plan is a strategy or plan, worked out in advance for a business. It is a document that tells the planner the What, When, How and Why they have to achieve a specific goal.

Without a game plan, you’ll end up doing a lot of guesswork with your blogging. So, you want to get this in place to serve as your guide throughout your journey.

Your game plan does not have to be anything elaborate. But it must outline things like why you’re blogging, the goals you want to achieve with your blog, as well as how and when you’re going to achieve them.

Eventually, it’ll also include other important elements like your unique selling proposition or the things that sets you apart from other blogs.

Read more about defining your USP here.

Create Content that Matters

As a blogger, one of your biggest chances to reach your audience is through the use of content creation.

You can create a lot of content but if the content does not matter to your audience, then there’s no need creating them because it will not generate results.

So, one of the crucial steps to become a successful blogger is to not just create content but create content that appeals to your audience.

Find out their needs and proffer solutions through your content. Beyond that, look up what they are currently searching on the internet, using important key words.

These are clues to the kind of content they expect from you. As soon as you can identify these, it’s time to go about creating this kind of content to them.

Beyond just creating, be sure that your content contains valuable, entertaining or informational pieces of ideas that adds real value to your audience. Doing this gets them coming over to your blog, again and again.

PS: Do not blog for the fun of it or create content that matters to you alone. Be audience focused with your contents

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Make your Content Using Storytelling

Another great way to become a successful blogger is to use storytelling to create an intimate connection with your audience.

According to hubspot, storytelling connotes using a narrative to communicate an idea or concept to your audience.

The story could be real, fictional or embellished. The main point behind storytelling is to drive home a strong point across to your audience. or make your content more relatable in a way that your audience can connect to it.

As much as you’re going to do a great deal of job creating content that matters, you also want to use storytelling to distinguish your content and make it more relatable.

This does three things for you. First, storytelling as part of your content strategy makes your content more relatable. Secondly, it improves your credibility and lastly, sharing your experiences through storytelling goes a long way in establishing you as an expert in your niche.

Read more about using story telling to create better content here.

Boost Engagement with Images or Videos

One of the easiest ways to get more engagement with your blog posts is by using relevant images or videos in your content.

When it comes to blogging, the old saying, ”a picture is worth a thousand words’‘ Is still very relevant today as it was many years ago.

In fact, according to a research by Social Media Examiner, posts with images accounts for over 70 percent of posts shared on Facebook. But, what does this data tell you?

Images drive engagements. Instead of a string of text, adding relevant images or videos to your posts will give more context to your content.

PS: For images to drive engagement, such image or video must be relevant to the content you’re publishing. And it must also be used to further enrich the content.

Read More about how to create more engagement on your blog with pictures here.

Captivate your Audience with Copywriting

You can’t become a successful blogger without being able to convince and convert your audience from readers to raving fans or high paying clients. And one of the ways to achieve this is by the use of copy writing skills.

As a blogger, a good knowledge of Copywriting will be very useful for you, especially when it comes to creating catchy and more clickable titles for your posts.

Using Images or video as part of your content will boost engagements | Image Credits: nappy/Pexels

It will also be an indispensable tool for you when you’re set to create call to actions, sales page or landing pages, aimed at customer conversions.

Where your copy writing skills are under developed, it can affect your ability to create effective post headlines, catchy titles, opening paragraphs or landing pages that will nudge on a reader.

Considering that, your post titles serves a great deal in deciding whether a potential user will read your blog post, buy a product or patronize your services you want to work more on sharpening your copy writing skills to further make your post more effective in delivering results.

Read more about how to become a more successful blogger with copywriting here.

Engage & Connect with Social Media

A successful blogger is one that knows how to use the social media to engage with fans, build new audiences and get the traffic over to their blog.

As someone aspiring to become a successful blogger, you want to learn how to use the social media to build and engage with your audiences.

Beyond building and engaging, you can also use the social media to connect with other influencers in your niche and build friendships that will extend your credibility.

Social media also presents you with a platform to build influence, thought leaderships and even collaborate with brands within and outside your industry. You can key into this.

PS: You don’t have to be on all the social media platforms to be successful. You can get overwhelmed. Research and choose the top social media platforms with the highest number of your target audience.

Read more about how to become a successful blogger by being social media savvy here

Build Consistency

Focus, consistency and persistence are some of the most common factors behind most success stories.

Even if no one mentions this, you’re going to cultivate a strong sense of focus, consistency and persistence when planning to become a successful blogger.

You’re going to consistently show up when you are expected to, with the right kind of content and all the correct proportion of background work needed to push it.

Day in, day out, you’re going to develop a strong sense of purpose, focus and consistency that will drive your expected outcomes, even if the results are not coming in the first few weeks and months.

Another thing, identify a theme or niche and stay consistent with it. Build a posting calendar and stick with it. Eventually, your audience gets to identify these parts of your brand and commit to it.

Aim to gain Mastery

Successful bloggers are masters in the art of blogging. And to become like them, you have to learn to gain mastery in blogging.

The following are ways you can gain mastery, improve your productivity and become a better and more successful blogger…

Create a Goal

To become a successful blogger, you have to gain mastery of the art. And you can’t gain full mastery without being able to identify the things you want to achieve with your blog.

So, you need a clear goal for your blog. This streamlines your expectations and set timelines for specific achievements.

When this is put in place, you, you become like a traveler that knows their destination, what they plan to achieve and how they plan to achieve it.

Set up a Plan

After creating your goals, set up a plan on how you want to go about to achieve them.

Your plan does not have to be elaborate as things may not really be clear for you from the outset. You want to be sure that you at least have things like your blogging schedule sorted out.

Your blogging themes, niches and possible topics should also be a part of your plan. And finally, your blogging plan should include the necessary and possible growth steps you might have to take.

Review your Success

Successful bloggers are people that hold themselves accountable and responsible for their own success. This is one of the kind of persons you’ll evolve into, if you plan on becoming a successful blogger.

Either bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, be sure you take out time to review your effort, analyze your successes and misses. And identify the steps you can take to improve.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

With a fast paced changing environment like the blogosphere, to set yourself apart and become a successful blogger, you have to commit to continuous personal improvement.

You must work on learning new things, unlearning old ones and staying on top of the changes in your industry or niche. This is one of the ways to beat the system and stay on top of the game.

Don’t focus on the Money

Blogging is a platform that can open a lot of doors and opportunities for you. If you get really good at it, you can experience a lot of successes, apart from making money with your blog.

So, when you’re getting started, do not focus on the money. Focus on building a platform that will add real value to your users.

This should be one of your areas of primary focus. As when you do this, it becomes even more easier to get your blog to earn you real income and much more worthwhile opportunities.

Final Words

In conclusion, anyone can become a successful blogger. But, before that can be possible, there are some very important steps you must take to get there.

In this post, you’ve just learned about the steps you can take to start and build your own successful blog. And i am hoping that you will get right in on that.

And of course to build even more meaningful results with your blog, sign up for Blogging and Content Marketing MasterClass so you can learn the bolts and nuts of blogging, gain premium mentorship and create better results.

Now its your turn! What are your major challenges when it comes to blogging? Drop your comments below.

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    • This is a wonderful piece from my own country man… Another way to become a successful blog is to be consistency and passionate. Those are two rules about blogging

      • Hey Kingsley,

        Thanks for your kind comments.

        Yeah consistency is very important when it comes to blogging. For one to evolve a successful blog, one has to be passionate about blogging and be able to be blogging consistently.

        These two factors are very important and helpful to bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

  1. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your blog posts so that they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is essential for getting your blog noticed by potential readers.

    • That’s correct!

      Search engine optimization is an important strategy that can be very useful in improving a blog’s visibility and by extension, the overall success of the blog.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Unlocking the path to blogging success! This article provides a concise roadmap to becoming a master blogger in just 7 steps. A valuable resource for aspiring writers and content creators. Blogging excellence awaits

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