7 tips to become a better blogger in 2020-Engage with pictures

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

Remember that old saying?

That old saying is quite as valid today as it was, 100years ago.

To a blogger in 2020, a picture doesn’t just speak a thousand words; a picture speaks louder than words.

That’s why I’ll be writing about benefits of using pictures in today’s episode of 7 tips to become a successful blogger in 2020

Top reasons why pictures matter to a blog post?

Pictures connect us with our feelings, emotions and aspirations. Pictures tell stories.

Don’t take my words for it…

According to this post here, pictures account for over 70 percent of shared posts on Facebook.

A blog post with the right picture gets far more engagement than few lines of text. And engagement is the hallmark of successful blogging. It gets you the shares, exposure and backlinks.

Again, a picture like an inforgaphic saves you the need for unnecessary explanations in a blog post.

So if you’re a serious blogger wanting to have a successful blog, you don’t just have to post pictures, you have to post the right pictures to garner more engagement for your blog posts.


Now, when it comes to pictures, one skill that comes to mind usually is GRAPHICS DESIGN.

As a blogger, graphics design skills are not just important to for you; it comes in very handy when you share posts on your blog and social media.

Although you don’t have to be an expert in Corel draw or graphics design to be a successful blogger.

With the very basic design skills and apps like Canva etc, you could edit and design graphics that could make for good pictures with your blog posts.

Where to get Free Stock Photos for a blog

For social media and personal branding purposes, it’s always preferable to use your own personal pictures. It helps in boosting your brand.

Where you’re promoting a corporate brand or you don’t want to use pictures of you in your blog posts, you can either buy or get free pictures online.

Personally, I started out with sourcing stock photos from free picture sharing platforms like Pixabay, Pexel, Unsplash etc.

With those platforms you can use their pictures with or without attribution.

Where the pictures don’t meet your exact needs, you can always opt for paid stock photos online.

How to Design Graphics for your blog posts

Sometimes stock photos may not meet your needs completely.

For instance, sharing on a platform like Pinterest might need visually descriptive pictures that work with your blog headline. This is where the need for infographic or descriptive pictures comes in…

For this, platforms like Canva can get your graphics designed free. There are both paid and free options there.

On Canva you don’t need a superior graphic design skill. With a basic skill, you can get things done quite easily in a few minutes.

Besides Canva there are also a few other platforms you can use to design Infographics and descriptive pictures for your blog posts.

Overall as you move on to building a more successful and better blog in 2020, one thing you should keep in mind is the fact that images grab a more compelling attention when compared to text.

Of course it’s not necessarily compulsory to have pictures in all blog posts. Or all blogging platform. But it is good practice…

And as blogs keep evolving, the more relevant pictures you share on a blog posts, the more likely it is to have the post generate better engagement.

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