The 7 Social Media Strategy that drives conversions

With a massive traffic of more than 4 billion users, social media has continued to assert itself as a powerhouse for brand awareness, engagement and conversion yet, most brands are still grappling with the actual social media strategy that converts.

While a handful of brands are netting huge profits from their social media activities, for most brands, driving conversions from the social media is a far cry from reality.

As new economic realities bite harder, most businesses are being pressed to define alternate measures to generate income.

With this post, you’re going to find new ways to generate online conversions as you will learn about the top social media strategies that converts and how you can make these strategies work for your brand.

Set Clear Goals

One of the foremost social media strategy that converts is to set clear goals and hit the ground running right from the get go.

A large number of businesses and brands today are using the social media without any set goal.

They show up and post on days they feel like. Whenever they do, they can post any kind of content they deem fit and then move on without thinking about the effect of these content.

The others that manage to have a social media goal don’t get to stick to it.

Truth is, you can’t achieve a decent and consistent success with social media marketing without actually having a clear goal about the things you want to achieve on the platform.

So, to start getting conversions from social media, start getting your goals sorted. Set your conversion goals.

Write down the number of conversions or customers you plan to have over a certain period of time. This gets you started.

Get a Plan

After sorting out your goals, the next social media strategy that converts is getting a concrete plan on how you’re going to achieve those goals you listed out.

I concede. You don’t necessarily need an elaborate plan on how to go about using social media in a way that will lead to the achievement of your listed goals. But, you do need some sort of plan.

So, go ahead. List out the steps you’re going to take to achieve your goals. This must be included in your plan.

As part of your plans, find out the number of times you plan to make a post, the kind of posts you plan to share, the brand voice etc.

Each part or aspects of your planning has to be in line with your laid down goals. And most importantly, your plans have to lean towards delivering on those goals.

Create High Value Content

Content remains at the heart of every social media strategy that converts. It is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage to reach your target audience and drive expected outcomes.

But, to make a dent on the social media, you don’t need just about any kind of content. Leverage analytics tools and trends to understand the content that works for your audience and then create that.

Beyond creating content, be sure your content meets the needs of your audience. Yes, social media marketing that converts will always demand a tailor made content created for a specific audience in order to deliver on a specified outcome – conversion.

Anything short of this could as well amount to a clear waste of time.

So, with the end goal of conversion in mind, study and understand your niche, audience and the content that matter to them.

Social media strategies that converts
Content remains at the heart of every successful social media strategy | Image credits: Charlotte May/Pexels

After wards, create this kind of content and post them consistently. Doing this and going all the way out to promote your content massively can lead to massive results in views and traffic.

Leverage Videos and Visual Content

Over the years, video content has continues to dominate the social media platforms.

From short form videos like we have on TikTok and Reels to longer video formats on popular platforms like YouTube etc., creating and posting video content is a crucial social media strategy that converts.

Outside creating different content options for your audience, engaging and informative video content can captivate your audience leading to a higher conversion rates.

Again, in recent times, social media algorithm tends to favor video content over other content formats, in terms of driving increased visibility. To plug into this extended reach, you want to put on your camera and get your video content ready for your audience.

PS: Even where video content is preferred by the audience in most cases, to get a better reach, you must create a very useful, educational, entertaining or informative video to get it working. Also, promotion can get you an edge.

Gain Insights from Analytics & Trends

Social media strategies that converts are not necessarily exceptional however they are strategies that are audience driven.

They are the kind of strategies that sees through the audience right from the content they are actively searching for, the ones they consume and the kind of content they won’t stop talking about.

Using the analytics tools on your social media platform, you will have acess to key insights on the data as regards the average results on each content you create.

The analytics tool will show you the content that did get the most engagement, the ones that didn’t perform well and the other ones that were not too bad.

With this, you should work on adjusting your content, posting hours, topics or what ever you think will lead to an improvement based on the data.

Another thing to pay attention to, in addition to your analytics is trends.

Find a way to key into trending topics in your niche, trending hashtags etc., spin your own narrative and create a content that will appeal to your audience, based on that.

Engage with Storytelling

One unique thing about the social media is that it is a platform where people go to connect and engage with other users in ways that fulfil them.

No one necessarily goes to the social media to buy or get sold to.

With this in mind, you must understand that one of the top social media strategies that converts is storytelling.

People love stories. Especially inspiring real life stories that are relatable.

As a brand seeking social media relevance in terms of profits, you can work with this desire for good storytelling to capture and tell powerful stories that revolves around your brand and audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to sell a product, service or you’re just a brand seeking relevance. Good storytelling can create real connections that will turn your audience from ordinary followers to raving fans.

Build a Community

Social media is about community, friendship and conversions. As a brand that wants to grow on that platform, consider building and growing such community around your brand.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or selling, this is one of the key social media strategies that converts complete strangers to diehard fans.

Using your content, build a community that shares the same values as your brand. Create, share content and engage with this community at intervals.

From time to time, show them that you’re human. That you care and that your brand is totally concerned about what matters to this community.

This is one of the killer ways to build a loyal team of fans.

Final Words

You’ve probably read a lot of things about social media strategy that converts but this right here is not theory. These are the top 7 proven social media strategy that will certainly drive conversions for your brand if you stick with them.

Doesn’t matter where you are or whatever platform you’re building on, using these strategies can tremendously transform your social media experience.

And of course, to drive even better results, sign up for our social media trainings here. Let’s get you by the hand as we work with you to create a robust social media experience that will grow your brand.

So, it’s your turn now! What are your biggest challenges when it comes to social media marketing? Drop your comments below.

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