how to become a succesful blogger in 2020

Can I shock you?

The thing that makes people read your blog is not the fact that you’re so great at blogging.

There are so many people out there that are really REALLY good bloggers too.

Sometimes, without as much readers as you have. Even when they blog better than you.

In fact, to be honest, people are already overwhelmed with good stuff.

So the question now is more about what makes a blog different more than whether the blogger can write or speak really well.

I’m sure you can see this everyday. Especially with brands like Apple, Samsung etc.

Those two are not just two good tech brands, you can differentiate them easily. That’s why you’ll always choose one over the other.

In today’s episode of 7 tips to become a successful blogger in 2020, I’ll show you how to define your USP, make your blog stand out and become a successful blogger.

Before we go further, a Unique Selling Proposition is a particular characteristics that differentiates one product from the other.

Now, let’s digress a bit…

Why People Read Your Blog

What exactly makes readers keep coming back to read your blog?

Have you ever thought about a question like this?

Well, whether you’ve thought about this before or not, here’s the answer…

What makes your readers keep coming back to read your blog is because you provide huge value for them in a very unique way they can connect with. This makes you different.

Your audience’s perception of your difference could be based on anything actually.

It could be based on the fact that you write in a certain way, offer a certain kind of value or appeal to them in a specific way that makes them connect to you and your blog in a way that always makes them want to come back for more.

And the more they keep coming back to read your blog, the more you stand a better chance to become a really successful blogger…

Because truth be told, each successful blog needs a very wide reach.

Now, take a look at two successful bloggers and influencers like Seth Godin and Gary Vaunerchuk for instance…

Both guys are damn successful but they still have a unique audience they appeal to at all times.

That’s not because one knows how to blog better than the other both have some unique attributes that attracts a certain kind of readers and followers to them.

Alright, I’m sure this point is clear.

Unique Selling Point (USP) Defined

Like I mentioned earlier, your audience keeps coming back because you’re different. This difference is what sets you apart from the crowd of other bloggers out there.

It is what is called your unique selling point.

So as a blogger or content marketer, what exactly is your unique selling point?

A unique selling point or USP is simply a statement or STYLE you embody which shows clearly through your brand (or blog) in a way that people with such leanings can connect with and relate to it.

Let me tell you a story…

When I started blogging, I wanted to be able to inspire newbies to understand that blogging can be done without stress.

So i decided to focus on taking up large concepts and explain them in simple ways to an audience that just started out to blog so they can read and understand without much hassle.

That’s how SIMPLICTY became one of my unique selling point as a blogger..

Again, when I ventured into Website Design and Development, all I really wanted to do was to inspire clients to build businesses. Not just websites.

I wanted to empower them bring their dreams come true.

This mission shaped everything I did, From the clients I targeted to the kind of services I rendered. And even the fees I charged for my web design services.

In a nutshell, your unique selling point will affect everything about your blog or digital business success.

How to Clearly Define your USP and build a Blog around it

The first step to find your unique selling point and become a successful blogger starts with your VISION.

So to fix your vision, you want to ask yourself, why do I want to blog?

What motivates you to wake up and keep punching those keyboards, every single day? And how can you use this to build tribes that can connect with your vision?

When this is fixed, it becomes easier to define the unique selling point that will clearly define you.

Another thing is understanding your audience and how your USP can appeal to them.

So if what motivates you to start blogging is to help mothers understand child upbringing then you’ll understand your target audience.

When this is done, next thing is to find a way you’re going to connect with them in a way that makes you unique.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you’re a blogger with a good sense of humor and your blogging niche is one that demands a lot of boring seriousness in your articles before you can pass across a message to your audience.

Instead of going the usual way everyone else is doing, you can decide to infuse humor into your blogging and still pass across your message in a way they feel happy to read it.

Same thing goes if you’re a business.

For example, if you’re a Graphics designer or Website Designer like I am you could decide to be different…

Where you find out everyone is targeting small businesses you decide to target smaller businesses in a particular niche…

With this you define your brand and go ahead to customize your business, your blogging style and marketing strategies exclusively for this kind of businesses.

One of the core benefits of doing this is that it also gives you lots of leverage.

As a blogger with an already cut out USP, you can innovate as far as creativity can take you, curate from other niches and add your brand, giving your audience a new dimension to an existing concept.

With such consistent innovativeness, there’s no way your audience won’t come back to read from your blog.

As a close, one thing you want to know is that the blogosphere is fed up with regurgitated content. Almost everything has been written.

So users need a whole new dimension to content they read online. And this is where your USP comes in.

At the end of the day, the more your audience can connect to your content, the more their chances of joining your tribe and becoming ambassadors for your brand.

Here’s where we’ll end today. Remember having a USP is very important in helping you define yourself and brand.

You can read earlier episodes on 7 top skills to start a blog and become a successful blogger in 2020 here. and here.

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