How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

Whether you’re about to get started today, tomorrow or next year, you can make money blogging in Nigeria, and most parts of Africa, just like you would, in any other country.

No, I’m not kidding you!

A lot of Nigerians and other Africans like you are already making it as bloggers so, it’s not like you’re about to get on an unchartered course or start something entirely new.

But before you can get to really make money as a blogger in Nigeria, you need to understand how blogging works in Nigeria and what you can really do to achieve that goal.

And that’s exactly why you’re reading this guide.

Is it Possible to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria?

With over 150 million internet users as at 2021, Nigeria is home to the highest number of internet users across Africa.

The implication of this is that there are already a large number of Nigerians using the web to make searches, look up information and find out other things that will benefit them.

So in a nutshell, there is an existing market for your blog. And if there’s truly a market, then someone has to go out there to meet the needs of this market. So, this is where you come in.

Top Lucrative Blogging Niches in Nigeria

While it’s possible to make money in Nigeria as a blogger, all blogging niches are not the same. There are some niches that you can easily make money as a blogger and there are still others that it’ll take you much longer time to earn a decent income.

Some of the most popular niches are as follows:

  • News & Entertainment: This is by far one of the most popular blogging niches in Nigeria. It boasts of some of the most prominent and rich bloggers in Nigeria as well. And it is also one of the most competitive niches for beginners with a lean budget.
  • Celebrity Gossip: This is another top blogging niche. Sometimes submerged under entertainment, celebrity gossip is one of the popular blogging niches in Nigeria that is very prominent both on Instagram.
  • Information Marketing: This is another important blogging niche in Nigeria. Although it’s less popular than the former, it has some of the most evergreen content and opportunities for making money selling skills and products.
  • Others: Alongside these three are other lucrative blogging niches like; Politics, Food, Tech and health among others. To make a dent in Nigeria’s blogosphere, you can always start with one of these niches.

Realistic Avenues to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

There are different guides on how to make money blogging in Nigeria and Africa generally but, one thing that stands out with this guide is the fact that this is tailor made for an African audience.

That said, the following are the most practical avenues you can use to make money as a blogger in Nigeria.

Google AdSense

Launched in 2003, Google AdSense is an advertising network that connects content creators with advertisers.

It is by far one of the most popular avenues to make money blogging in Nigeria. it is also one of the top used strategy for the Majority of the blogs and popular websites with its popularity cutting across different niches.

For a beginner wanting to make money blogging in Nigeria, Google AdSense is a good place to start. However before you get started, you must apply for Google AdSense on your blog and have it approved by Google before you can run it.

Sometimes, getting through the approval process can be rigorous. At other times it can be stress free. But as soon as you get approved on Google AdSense, it becomes plug and play and you can then start earning based on the number of clicks or impressions.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are image-based ad content, placed at strategic locations on a blog. It is a popular form of online advertising whose main purpose is to get visibility for the advertising brand or get visitors from one website to the other.

Banner Advertising is another top marketing strategy you can use to make money blogging in Nigeria. It’s the next most used income making strategy used by popular blogs in Nigeria, especially news and entertainment blogs, among many others.

The entirety of banner advertising involves getting paid by brands to place strategic Banner of different sizes, at specific locations on your blog.

Unlike Adsense, it puts you in charge of ad design and customizations, while allowing you to set your advertising rates at your own discretion, depending on your audience and popularity.

Combined with Google AdSense, these two are some of the most prominent avenues to make money as a blogger in Nigeria.

Sponsored Posts

Next on the list of strategies to make money blogging in Nigeria is sponsored post, press release and paid guest post.

A sponsored post is a blog post published by brands or businesses seeking to get their products or services across to a targeted audience.

This is another lucrative money making strategy for bloggers across Africa. With a sponsored post, you get to publish a blog post un behalf of other brands on your blog.

Depending on options you prefer, a sponsored post can involve a link to the client’s website or a plain post. You can also decide to write the content for the client or get them to provide you with the content to be published.

Usually, sponsored posts are less expensive when compared to banner ads. And depending on preferences, you can have a sponsored post pinned on your blog or you can publish it just like any other posts on your blog after making all necessary disclosure.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where bloggers earn a commission by promoting products or services from other companies, on their blog.

It is a top source of passive income for African bloggers and a large number of Nigerian bloggers are using it. The good thing about Affiliate marketing is that it is commission based. Also, there are a lot of affiliate products to choose from, both locally and internationally. And in most cases, it is very straight forward to set up.

The con with Affiliate Marketing is that a certain number of top performing Affiliate Companies do not patronize blogs from Africa. So, your choices can be limited.

But then, there are also a number of local and international affiliate programs that cater for African and Nigerian audience. You can get to join these ones.

Offering Services & Digital Products

Apart from advertising for other people, you can also make money blogging in Nigeria by creating and offering your own product or services for sales, right there on your blog.

For example, If you’re well versed in a providing particular on-demand services like Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization, Software Development etc, you can get to offer these services for sales to your audience.

Beyond services, you can also create digital products like information products, web or mobile applications, eBooks etc and get them hosted for sales on your website.

The pros about offering digital services or products are that you keep all the earnings and at the same time, you don’t get to pay commissions to anyone.

Also, you don’t have to be the one creating these products. You can hire others to create the products for you while you host and sell them using your blog.

The cons on the other hand is that if it’s not handled effectively, you might get distracted or you might have need to employ others to get a bulk of the work off your shoulders.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a handful of lucrative ways to make money as a blogger in Nigeria. But one thing you have to keep in mind at all times is that blogging thrives on traffic and good content.

You need to have a decent number of high quality traffic if you plan to make some good money off blogging. So, while starting out, instead of focusing on money, put your energy into creating great content that will get you the traffic.

Distinguish your blog from the other blogs by creating the kind of content that meets the needs of your target audience in a way no one else is doing. Also, be intentional about promoting your blog across board.

As much as possible, show up consistently, put up the work, do everything within your power to drive quality traffic to your website and then watch monetizing your blog become a cakewalk.

So, there you have the most powerful strategies to make money as a blogger in Nigeria. Want to learn how to create consistent success that will distinguish you as a blogger? Signup for our blogging Masterclass here.

Now, its over to you! What’s the hardest step for you when it comes to blogging in Nigeria? I want to read your comments.

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