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As a writer, sometimes when you need a little push to unlock creativity, generate ideas and create a better content, one of the top options is to get the top AI writing tools for writers, just like yourself.

Outside offering a lot of creative relief from creative struggles, from creating ideas to finishing up drafts, these tools have leveraged artificial intelligence to make the writing process more enjoyable for writers and their audiences.

For some reasons, not all of these AI writing tools are very useful to all writers. And getting to sit down to pick what’s going to be useful to you or not can be quite difficult.

So in this guide, I’ve done all the research and lifting. And in this article, I’m going to share the top AI writing tools you can use at every stage of your writing journey and what to expect from them, based on my own personal experiences with these tools.

Grammarly is one of the most popular AI writing tools for writers. It has a freemium option, meaning you can have both the free and paid version of the software, with the free version coming with some limitations while the paid version gives you more options.

It is a popular AI writing tool that you most likely would have come across, via their numerous ads. This application assists writers in improving their usage of grammar, punctuation and style, using auto suggestions and corrections to ensure that your writing is as error free as possible.

Grammarly is rated by Contentllect as having the gold standard when it comes to spell checking tools for writers.

Of course the application does more than spell-checks however it is not perfect. It still gets to check mark certain non-English words however; it is one of the most well recognized AI tools for writers out there if you’re looking to enhance your writing.

Hemingway Editor is another one of the top AI writing tools for writers. It is rated as an AI writing tool that focuses on clarity and simplicity.

It helps in writing by highlighting complex sentences, passive voice and adverbs so writers can create clear and concise articles.

Based on reviews, most writers believe that as an AI writing tool, the Hemingway editor is a more powerful tool in improving paraphrasing and concision compared to the other writing tools.

AI content generators for writers
Hemingway editor is a powerful writing tool that can create great outcomes for your writing

Hemingway comes in two versions, the free option which is perfect for editing shorter pieces and the paid version which has more advanced features for users.

And of course if you’re looking for a free tool to use in writing shorter pieces of content, the free version of Hemingway Editor could be a great option.

ProWritingAid is an industry leading AI Writing tool for writers keen on creating excellent writing that suits the writer’s mood, complexity or general casualness of the intended writing.

As a writer, ProWritingAid can help to improve your writing skills, offer a more accurate grammar and readability recommendations, align your writing style to suit with audience preferences, fix clumsy and clunky sentences while making the quality of your writing well suited to meet the reading expectations of your audience.

One outstanding thing about the writing assistant is that it integrates with most other writing applications like MS Word, Google Doc etc.

Although the app can be clunky based on most reviews and its free version allows for just about 500 words, it has quite a decent rating on most platforms as a top AI assisted writing application.

AI Writer is an AI-powered content writing tool, programmed to create full draft content for users. It is one of the well-known AI writing tools used by writers to generate full length article drafts and writing templates.

AI Writer claims to be able to create citations for its sources. It is also famed to have the capacity to be SEO focused in its writing however some users believe it still makes it easy for readers to realize the content is AI generated, if you get to publish its work directly without any edits.

Overall, AI Writer is a valuable resource for writers and there are many things any writer could achieve with this writing assistant.

For example, as an AI generative writing tool, AI Writer could give users head start on the writing journey, create draft articles that could be made into actual content while making the whole search optimization process far easier, compared to the other writing platforms.

Copy AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools for writers, marketers and other creatives seeking to create a robust writing solution for their audience or businesses.

It uses cutting edge generative technology to allow writers and marketers create all kinds of writing and marketing content tailored to meet their purposes.

The outstanding thing about Copy AI is that it is not just merely optimized for writing. As a marketer, you can use this tool to create powerful copy content optimized to meet the needs of your target audience.

You can also use this AI assisted writing tool to generate content ideas however with its free version, you can only generate up to 2000 words articles per month, free.

The paid version can be quite pricey for some writers however with a decent 4.5 ratings from more than 60 reviews on Capterra, Copy Ai has proved to be quite a useful writing tool to quite a number of users out there.

PS: Copy AI is a freemium writing application and to get the most of it, you’ll be better off with the paid version.

Rytr is a popular AI writing tool for writers that can generate different kinds of content for purposes including blog post articles, marketing content and sales copy.

It is very easy to use for beginners, offering a good value for money (for paid users) with decent content outcomes.

It has a decent review on Trustpilot, about 4.9 out of a possible 5. It also offers an intuitive and easy to use interface, with a free version to match. While one of its cons is that cannot necessarily replace a writer it’s great for content outlines.

And, taking a look at the content it generates, my conclusion is that Rytr is quite a very helpful tool that can make content writing quite easier for writers.

Rytr AI tool can be used for different kind of writings including job description, testimonials, SEO meta descriptions, landing page copy, emails etc. It also comes with a Plagiarism checker while the free version allows you to write up to 5,000 words every month.

Simplified is an AI assisted writing platform that offers a set of content creation opportunities for writers.

As an AI writing tool for writers, simplified is a user friendly platform that allows users from experts to beginners to create content, using commands, prompts and key words.

As its name implies, Simplified is super easy to use whether for business writing needs, blog posts, articles and other kinds of content for a diverse range of audiences especially for small teams.

With its free forever plan and affordable entry plans, Simplified offers an opportunity for writers and creators to bring their ideas to life using 80+ templates and different design options.

Final Words

There are quite a number of AI writing tools for writers but based on reviews from my own personal experience and that of other users online, these are some of the top AI writing assistant that could boost your productivity as a writer.

While these tools can be very helpful in getting you to create better content, they are not necessarily meant to replace you as the writer. So, you must pay attention to using them basically as a writing assistant.

Also, using these tools to generate blog post entirely is not necessarily a good idea from search engine perspective as most of the content generated from AI writing tools can easily be spotted by the search engines as AI generated content.

At the end of the day whether you’re writing books, creating articles or online content, one thing you want to keep in mind is to use the AI writing tools only as a writing assistant, to improve your writing, create better and more content.

Do not rely on these tools solely to create your content.

Of course to become a better writer, sign up for our content writing masterclass where you’ll learn everything about writing and get certified as a content writing expert. Sign up here.

Now, it’s over to you. Which of these writing tools would you like to try out, now that you’ve learned about them? Drop your comments below.

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