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There are 7 copywriting tips that can single handedly transform your blog posts from a bland array of texts to a powerfully stimulating piece of content that gets any reader to take specific action.

Only a few successful bloggers are aware of and have used these tips to piece together some of the greatest pieces of blog posts.

As someone that’s used the power of effective copywriting to create results driven blog posts, I will be sharing with you, some of the single most powerful copywriting tips that’s given a punch to my content.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll also learn how to use these copywriting tips to effectively create a more better and result driven blog posts.

Identify your Audience

Copywriting thrives on sentiments. Without knowing the audience you’re writing for, you cannot grab their attention.

And when you can’t command their attention, you’ve lost them.

So, one of the first copywriting tips to create an effective blog post is to identify your audience clearly and then, find out the things that matter to them.

When you know your audience and things that matter to them, you can now learn to use the proper phrases that will capture their interests in your blog posts.

So for instance, if your target audience is a wealthy upper middle class with inclinations towards flashy and expensive things, for your blog copy to work better, you’ll use phrases that inspire these interests.

This is why with such a wealthy audience in mind, a copy like ” how to buy cheap wrist watch” may not be as effective compared to a copy like; “7 classy wrist watch that will make you look like a boss”.

As soon as you find out what matters to your target audience, go ahead and find ways create content that will appeal to their sentiments based on this knowledge.

Create Attention Grabbing Headline

One of the most important copywriting tips you can glean from any successful blogger today is the power of an effective headline.

Your headline is so powerful that in some cases, it is the actual deal breaker. It is what decides whether a reader will read your post or not.

For example, an amateur blogger searching for content about “ways to become a better blogger” would more easily be persuaded click on a post with the heading The 5 easy Steps to become a Successful blogger without experience than another post with a heading like “what it takes to become a blogger“, even when both headlines are about similar topic.

Regardless of the value you put into every piece of blog post, no one is interested in reading past your headline if the headline is not commanding enough attention.

So, you must pay extra attention to creating a headline that drags your reader right into reading your content.

To achieve this, you need 3 things viz: Identifying your readers clearly, understanding the content that matters to them and being able to use the right adjectives and power words that will get their attention.

Make a Powerful Opening

You would have thought that creating an attention grabbing headline is enough but that’s not true.

Creating a compelling headline is only one part. While you might need that to capture the attention of your reader, you need a powerful opening paragraph to draw them in to continue reading your post.

This is one of the most effective copywriting tips used by writers to reduce their bound rates and increase the time spent by readers on their blog.

PS: Beyond the first paragraph, make an effort to keep the other paragraphs as interesting as or close to the first.

Engage with Persuasion

The use of persuasion is one of the most used copywriting tips employed by successful bloggers to get their readers to take actions.

To get started, you must realize that what you’re creating is not about you. It’s about your reader and you must make every effort to have them realize this through every piece of content you create.

Since you already know your audience and what matters to them, it’s time to go through every possible length to share analogies, examples and illustrations that makes you sound very convincing.

Use data where necessary. Also, create scarcity and a sense of compelling urgency that will encourage them to take specific action, based on your blog posts.

Employ Storytelling

Over the years, story telling has become one of the unique copywriting tips used by brands to build trust, improve on credibility and likeability.

As a blogger and content creator, storytelling affords you the chance to do this and even more.

Think about sharing your own personal experiences through your content, using your own unique case studies and sharing exciting opinions based on your subject matter.

Use images to create an effect | Image credit: Pexels/Alexandre Fourier

What this does for you is that it makes your content more real. It positions you as someone that can authoritatively write on the subject matter because you’ve lived through it.

Using storytelling as part of your copywriting does not merely boost your content, it will improve your credibility as well as your perception as a thought leader.

Use Images to Create Effect

The use of Images, including videos and Infographics is also one of the most important copywriting tips you can use to boost your blog posts.

There are two important ways to use an image as part of your copywriting strategies.

The first is to use it as a concept where you use adjective, power words and key phrases to create powerful imageries in the mind of your readers.

The second step is to use actual images, videos and infographics to give an actual effect to your copy.

Remember, picture speaks a thousand words? So, the human mind is wired to pay attention to images that grab attention.

Throughout your content, be sure to use images or videos that capture the effect you want to create with the content.

Infographics on the other hand uses data to create a more compelling effect. Be sure you include this in your blog posts where necessary. This is one of the easiest ways to leave a mark on your readers.

Create a Call to Action

A compelling call to action is a great way to get your audience to take a step after reading your blog posts.

As an amateur blogger, I did not understand the power of call to action and the effect they can have on a blog post until many years later, after I’d missed out on what would have been some of my best clients.

One of my biggest blog posts then was steadily generating a lot of traffic and visibility without any clients. Not until I added a call to action to the blog post, did i start getting my first set of clients.

As a blogger, one thing you must keep in mind is that creating an effective call to action could be one of the single most powerful copywriting tips that can actually lead you to landing more clients

Final Words

In conclusion, copywriting is one of the single best kept secret used by successful bloggers to grab their audience and get them to take actions that drives specific outcomes.

If you’re set to join these league of bloggers then your first step is to jump on these tips and start using them with your blog posts, starting from today.

To create a better outcome for your blog, be sure to optimize for SEO. While doing that, ensure you’re writing a blog post that captures the needs of your target audience.

And finally, to create a more consistent and impressive result, sign up for our Smart Content College, where you learn the secrets that will deliver consistent results for your blogging.

Now, it’s your turn! What are your biggest challenges when it comes to using copywriting to create effective blog posts? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Your headline is the first thing people will see, so it’s important to make it count. Make sure your headline is clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. Thanks for sharing this!

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