7 tips to become a successful blogger in 2020. Learn Copywriting

Learn Copywriting!

If I were to start and end today’s episode of 7 skills to become a better blogger in 2020 with the two phrases above. I’m sure that is apt enough.

Because the success of the article you write on your blog including it’s ability to convince your client to even take you serious revolves around your copy writing skills and your ability to use it well.

Ok. This is what I mean…

Copywriting is the art of using text to convince people to pay attention to what you’re saying.

I bet you’re surprised. But that is what it is.

Copywriting is about writing to inspire people to take action. And this is the whole job of a blogger isn’t it? To inspire people to read her post… And from there, take necessary action that follows.

Right from where your blog post shows up on the search engine, it is your copywriting skills that will make your post look relevant to the searcher.

From there, as soon as a searcher clicks the link in the search engine page to your blog, your copywritng skills convinces them that the blog post is worth reading…

As they read through your blog post, the same skill convinces them you’re worth listening to…

And finally, it is still your copywriting skills that will inspire a user of your blog to take action after reading your post.

So you see the importance of having reasonable copywriting skills if you want to become a successful blogger?

Truth be told. Everything you do online revolves around copywriting!

It is what communicates your competence, trustworthiness and ability to connect with your audience.

This is why having reasonable copywriting skills is very important. If not for everything, for the fact you’re aspiring to become a successful blogger.

4 Copywriting tips that can Enrich your Blog posts

The following are the top copywriting skills that will be very useful for your blog posts…

Make your Heading Compelling

The heading of your post does a lot in attracting people to read your post or click away.

For instance a user searching for ways to become a better blogger would more easily be persuaded click on a post with the heading 5 easy ways to become a better blogger in 2020 than another post with heading like what it takes to become a successful blogger in 2020.

This is because the former heading persuades the searcher that it’s not only possible to be successful as a blogger, there are just 5 easy ways to do that.

The second post on the other hand is vague when compared to first one.

Now, which of the two headings do you think the reader would click first? Of course, the answer is obvious.

So before writing the heading for any post, be sure your content heading is persuasive enough and capable of attracting readers to click through and read your post.

Write for real human readers first

With the advent of SEO, it’s possible to be tempted to focus on optimizing your blog article strictly for the search engine.

Thing is, while it’s a good idea to optimize your post for the search engine, it’s even a better idea to make your blog post persuasive to humans as well.

Focusing on optimizing your blog posts for enjoyable reading by human readers helps you put the right words in the proper perspective.

When this is done, you can later focus on optimizing them for the search engine while editing your post.

Another thing to keep in mind while writing your blog post is the fact that stuffing your blog articles with keywords could earn you Google penalties…

So at the end of the day, optimizing your blog post for humans first is not just the way to go, it’s still the best way stay out of penalties and still retain your readers while getting even better SEO results.

Write now. Edit later.

Waiting for the best words to drop before writing a sentence has been one big preoccupation of many bloggers.

Almost all successful writers will confirm this.

One of the most distinguishing thing about copy writing is editing.

Because a copy does not always cone out right the very first time.

A copywriter will have to keep editing their work until they get a satisfactory copy.

As a blogger, you don’t wait until you have the right words before you start writing your next copy.

If you wait, you could as well wait forever which is not what successful bloggers do.

So to get past writer’s block and write a daring copy as a blogger, you need to start writing the very first words that comes to you.

Ignore that initial urge to edit things up. Continue writing until you’re satisfied.

When you get to a certain point you can then drop the post then come back later for further editing.

Doing this will refresh your creativity while giving you a fresh perspective on ways to make your copy even better.

Know your audience Clearly

One of the easiest ways to persuade people is to understand them very well.

As a blogger you’ll hardly persuade, convince or convert your audience until you understand them really well and the things that appeal to them.

Having a good understanding of your audience’s aspirations and the things that appeal to them will help you use the proper phrases that will capture these interests in your blog posts.

So for instance, if your target audience is a wealthy upper middle class with inclinations towards flashy and expensive things, for your blog copy to work better, you’ll use phrases that inspire these interests.

This is why with such a wealthy audience in mind, a copy like ” how to buy cheap wrist watch” may not be as effective compared to a copy like; “7 classy wrist watch that will make you look like a boss”.

Same thing goes for audiences like lower middle class, university students, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc.

Each audience will respond to your post based on how it appeals to their aspirations.

So you need to understand these aspirations.

Here’s where we’ll wrap up today’s post.

Remember, as blogger there’ll be times your copy writing skills will come in handy especially when you need to write promotional emails, some blog posts, advertorials etc for advertisement purposes.

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