Content writing hacks for beginners

You must be familiar with stories about how content writing has empowered millions of people to build powerful brands, create successful businesses and become celebrated icons in different fields.

But, did you know that you can also use content writing to transform your business, if only you know the right content writing hacks to use?

Of course you can. Take that from someone whose life and business has been transformed 360 degrees, using the power of words, storytelling and content writing.

I believe knowing the right content hacks, you can create the same result I did with my business some years back. And right here in the following paragraphs, I’m going to share these content writing tips with you below…

Have a Goal

So, what would you have content do for you?

What would you want to achieve as a content writer? This is one of the first content writing hacks you need in your toolkit. Gone are the days people used to dabble into content writing merely to express themselves.

Today content writing has changed. From a few lines of text shared with friends and family on social media, content writing is becoming a strategic tool to build relationships, grow businesses and transform lives.

Today, people are engaging in content writing to do a lot of things including pushing for an agenda, promoting an idea or selling a brand.

So, whether you’re writing your content on the social media a blog or website, from the get go, you have to identify what you want to achieve with content writing.

What this does for you is that it gets you to create a structure and a strategy that’ll help you to achieve those goals. Without this strategy, it might be easy to get lost with your content in the sea of billions of content online.

Know your Audience

Remember I mentioned that content writing is now a strategic approach to attain certain pre-determined results? Yes!

As a beginner, knowing your audience is one of the top content writing hacks that can turn your business around, 180 degrees.

You need to know the people that will consume your content so you can create the kind of content they actually want from you. Anything outside this, you might be wasting your time.

The reason is because unlike years ago where we didn’t have to bother about our audience, before creating content, today the competition is intense.

More content writers like you are realizing the powerful effect of content writing in marketing and they are all doing everything within their power to outdo you and every other competitor.

So, you don’t have to waste time creating content for everyone. You need to identify your audience, the people who will be most likely interested in your content and focus on them.

Doesn’t matter if you become the biggest fish in a pond after doing this, what matters is that your content is seen and read by the right people who are interested in it.

After identifying your audience, your next hack is to go about creating the kind of content that matters to them.

Doing this makes it easy for you to create faster results with your content writing effort.

Choose a Platform

Where would you like to share your content?

Ordinarily this shouldn’t be one of the top content marketing hacks but it is. Because you need a platform to write and share your content.

Sometimes, getting to identify the right platform for your content is not always straight forward. And for the fact you want to double your outcomes using content writing, you can’t afford to publish on just about any platform.

To identify the best platform for your content, the simple and straight forward thing to do is to go back to step two above.

Supposing you were able to identify your audience in that step, you can now use their demographics data to identify the platforms where this audience can be found.

As soon as you identify the particular online platform where your target audience is based, you can take steps to start creating and sharing your content right there.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not always straightforward. Your audience might be based on a platform like Facebook or Instagram for example. If that’s the case naturally, you’ll have to create and share content on that platform.

But here’s the twist. Beyond that platform, you still need a platform of yours where you can display your content. So, you’ll need to create your own website and or blog, in addition to this platform.

With this, you can make your own platform (the website or blog) to host your long form content while creating and sharing shorter content on the other platform.

Write Good Content Consistently

Now that you know your audience and you have your platform all sorted out, the next top content marketing hacks is to write content.

Yes! And when you get started, do not stop. Write good content consistently. This is the easiest way to stamp your name on the minds of your audience.

You might assume that writing content means creating any kind of content that comes to mind. No. That’s not it.

To write content that gets you the kind of results you want, you must be able to know the kind of content your audience wants and then give them that kind of content consistently. This is very important.

Don’t just be good. Be exceptionally good that they will leave other competitors for you. Be good consistently. Create content and share them consistently.

Promote your Content

Regardless of how good and consistent you are, if you really want to double your outcomes using content writing then you have to learn how to promote your content day in, day out.

The reason is simple. Unless you are within the one percent of the one percent celebrities with extremely large following, without promoting your content, a lot of people will never get to see it.

So, after writing great content, the next top content marketing hacks you can use is to put in your effort in promoting it across board so your target audience both new and old can get to see it.

For social media content creators, you can start this by using like hashtags, geo locations, groups and social media forums, etc. to promote your content for a better reach.

If you’re creating a web content you can engage in strategies like improving your search engine optimization, Guest Blogging, Link building etcetera, to promote your content.

As a content writer your ultimate goal while promoting your content is to get a wider exposure for your content. So you have to prioritize promoting your content on platforms with the largest number of your target audience.

Final Words

Just like so many other entrepreneurs and thought leaders are doing, you can use content writing to amplify your voice, reach a better audience and achieve your goals more easily but the most important thing is that you must be intentional about it.

Starting from your goal, take out time to think about and identify the outcomes you want to achieve as a content writer. Identify the audience that can help you to achieve that. And the fill out the strategies you can use to reach out to them.

In whatever you’re doing as a content writer, keep in mind you can use storytelling to create trust and amplify your outcomes. Let this be a part of your goal.

And do not forget the need to create an audience, build thought leadership and carve a niche for yourself within your industry. This is one of the easiest ways to use content writing to transform your life.

Now that you know, do you want to learn more about how to use content writing to transform your life and business? Attend our Content Masterclass here.

It’s your turn now! What’s your biggest challenges when it comes to content marketing? Let’s hear you.

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