Why your new blog is not making money

One of the reasons your blog is not making money despite your traffic is because you’re getting the wrong traffic to the blog.

Most of your traffic is coming from all the wrong places.

From a country that is not a part of your target audience to a particular demographic that does not have the money to buy your products or service, there are so many reasons why your blog isn’t making money.

So for this reason you don’t just need traffic for your blog, you need high quality traffic before the traffic can generate income for your blog.

Now, let’s get this cleared out first…

It is one thing to have a Blog, another thing to have traffic and yet another thing to have a traffic that is converting into clients.

With some decent traffic and the right strategies, you can always make money with your blog.

But, to get the kind of traffic that can help you make money with your new blog, you have to focus on getting high quality and targeted traffic that can actually become paying customers.

Now let’s digress a bit…

One of the main reasons most blogs do not make money is because most bloggers focus on getting traffic to their blogs without considering the kind of traffic that can actually make money for them.

This is why to avoid this mistake as a blogger, besides focusing on getting traffic to your blog, it is also important you focus on getting the kind of traffic that can actually convert…

If you’re not doing this then you may be wasting your time.

How to Get High Quality and Targeted Traffic for Your Blog

The following are easy steps that can help you generate targeted traffic that will help you make money with your new blog…

Research and Target the right audience

You can’t make money with your blog if you don’t figure out the exact audience that can buy your product or services and then be able to target them properly

This is why it is very important for you to do your research before starting out blogging.

By research I mean getting to know why you want to blog in the first place, understanding your audience and their unique problems, figuring out how to solve the problem with your content. And then getting out a strategy that will help you achieve your blogging goals.

Doing your research helps you understand the process and steps you can take to achieve your goal.

In the process of doing your research, you’ll get to know the topics that will work for you and the blogging themes that will help you rank for your targeted keywords.

So when you put all these things in place you’ll be able to get started the right way. You’ll be able to know the right marketing strategy to use for your blog.

Decide the average length of your Blog Posts and posting intervals

Now when you’re done with setting up your blogging goals and blogging strategy etc, the next thing for you to do is to decide how long your post is going to be.

So deciding on the kind of posts that will be needed on your blog, the posting intervals, and the length of the posts will give you a clear idea on how you’re going to get the traffic over to your blog.

For instance, to get a better result, you could be working on posting a mix of long  and short content forms.

So if you’re posting long form content of about 3000 words and above, that could help you target long tail keywords which will help you rank better on Google Search.

On the other hand with a shorter content of around 700- 1000 words, you could keep getting fresh content at shorter intervals and these will also help your blog rank even better.

A combination of these two content styles will help you garner a decent number of consistent traffic.

Set up a Content Strategy and optimize for the Search Engine

Like i mentioned earlier, one of the reason most bloggers are not making money with their blogs is because their content is not properly optimized and they don’t have any real Content Strategy.

Before we proceed, let me quickly add this. To be able to get realistic results, your Content Strategy has to be in sync with your blogging goals at any specific time. This will help you measure your success easily.

Coming back, after deciding on your post length and blog posting intervals, the next thing for you to do is to focus on preparing your blog post for both your audience and the search engine.

For your blog post, you could settle for text content, audio or video content. Decide on the format that suits your audience.

Be sure that you get your post optimized for the search engines with all necessary keywords before publishing it.

Choose a Social Media Platform with Your Target Audience

After optimizing your post, the next thing you want to do is to focus on the particular platforms that has your targeted audience so you can get quality traffic to your blog.

Besides getting organic traffic from Google the social media and a few other platforms can help you get optimized traffic back to your blog.

But you can’t focus on all the social media platforms if you want to get a really targeted audience to your blog so you’ll have to choose where to focus your social media marketing in order to generate adequate results

If you are looking for an audience that can pay for a particular service, decide to focus on specific sub groups on the social media or a particular social media platform with that kind of audience you want.

Where you are also looking for a specific niched traffic you can decide to partner with other successful blogs in that particular niche and get the traffic back to your site.

On the other hand, you can guest blog on their popular websites with your targeted audience or have your post shared to their audience via social media etc.

Done well, such partnerships can help you make a headway with your blog.

Now, another thing that stops most bloggers from making money with their blogs is the platform they share their Content.

The platform you share your content is very crucial to your success especially when it comes to targeting the right audience.

Do not go about sharing your blog posts on forums or social media platform that do not have the kind of audience you want…

Besides the fact you can get a handful of traffic from such platforms, converting such traffic can get really difficult.

To successfully get targeted traffic to your blog, you want to work on knowing the exact kind of audience that will be interested in your product, get their data, understand the problems your product can solve for them, create content that can solve those problems and then find out matching platforms to target this audience with your content.

This is the easiest way to find a warm audience you can convince to buy from you.

Understand your Priority

Finally, you’ll also have to understand the three basic goals of every blogger… To get traffic, to get popular or make money fast.

Understand which of this is of priority to you.

If your priority is to make money fast blogging then you’ll have to get the kind of audience that can convert real fast.

If you want to get popular or just get good traffic then know that the strategies will be slightly different.

Here you can focus on getting just any kind of traffic thus you can you can partner with or share your posts on any kind of platforms.

I’m sure you learned why your blog isn’t getting the right traffic after all your effort? So, how will you fix this? Let’s talk.

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