how to create more content in less time

One of the biggest needs of every Content Marketer is to create More Content in less time.

If you’re running a collection of websites or blogging on part time basis, the need to create more content, faster and in less time becomes even more important.

But then, producing more content in less time is not easy. It takes work and effort.

With the increasing competition online, the need to produce online content in different format and the desire to share and promote content across other platforms, Content Producers are increasingly having more content marketing activities to do with far less time to produce content.

And this is not about to change.

But, there are still strategies people are using to produce more content, at a faster rate.

This is what you’re about to learn in this post. And thankfully, this is the most undiluted post you’ll see online in this topic.

So if you’ve been asking yourself, what can I do as a single content producer that can help me create more content at a reduced time?

How to Create Content Faster in 7 Ways

The following tips are not conventional. They are tasted content marketing tips that will help you create content faster.

Using these tips will help you speed up your content creation process as you work on publishing more content in less time.

Understand there’s writer’s block

Having an idea on what to write about is one of the biggest limitations of most content writers. Especially the new ones

An old adage says to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Putting it in the context of marketing, as a Content Creator, you have to understand that great Content Marketing thrives on great ideas and that there are days you’ll have scarcity of ideas that can really fly.

Most times this is not about you. There is always a combination of factors that leads to Writer’s block and scarcity of ideas which can reduce the amount of content you create.

But, when you know that such times like this exists you can begin to prepare for it in advance. Doing this can lead you to putting up a Content Calendar that reflects your Content Marketing Goals.

Alternatively, you can also work on keeping ideas or a content board where you put down relevant content ideas that may pop up at anytime.

With this, you’ll have a variety of streamlined Content ideas that will guide you through your content creation process on days you experience writer’s block.

Simplify your Content Creation Process

Another tip to create more content with less time is to simplify your writing process.

Here’s why…

So many times, the reason it looks like you’re having a writer’s block is because you’re feeling all overwhelmed.

You sit down to consider the process of writing a blog post which would include finding the right keywords, researching the keywords, creating the content, checking up suitable pictures (if it’s text content) etc.

These tasks can be overwhelming if you don’t have enough time or adequate motivation.

So to simplify things, you’ll want to reduce your content creation process by cutting off some unnecessary activities in some posts during content ideation.

You don’t have to research keywords or write a very lengthy post at all times. For some posts, you can focus on doing a brief research and then start writing right away.

Or you can put down the idea as it comes, create your content then work on your research to flesh up the content much later. This allows your creative flow while simplifying the process.

Write the way you speak

If someone asked you about a tip on how to create more content with less time, I’m sure you’ll not tell the person to wait so you can check Google before you answer the question.

You’ll most likely answer them instantly, with the idea in your head.

So why do you have to wait to carry out hours of research before writing some blog posts?

There are times you don’t really need this. Because doing this will cause unnecessary delay when you don’t really want that.

Your focus is to produce more content at less time so you’ll need to have a mix of processes for your content creation.

Sometimes you’ll have to go ahead write the blog post just the same way you’d talk to your kid sis if she asked you about how to write more blog posts at less time.

Here you don’t try to sound bombastic or too much of an authority. You let out the real authentic content as it is in your head.

Remember sometimes people even prefer these kinds of content.

Don’t try to sound like an expert be the expert

Trying to sound like an expert or some super authority will demand you put in more work, hours and days to research the content, back it up with data and fact, make videos, add pictures and all other embellishment that will make it look really great.

Doing all these demands more time.

When you write a blog post like you’re writing to your friend you get straight to the point with the important information they need to know.  

With this, you lose the need to sound over the top or embellish your posts with unnecessary facts.

This in turn helps your brain see how simple the stuff actually is. This, gets you fired up to work and you produce more content at less time.

A lot of successful content producers like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and many others are doing this successfully well.

Although you obviously do not command such authority like the thought leaders i mentioned here so there will be times you’ll still need to carry out a robust research to make your content come out more authentic…

When ever you really want to do this, remember, you really don’t want to stretch your self thin by adding up unnecessary information that may not add real value to the content or your audience.

Have a Content Calendar

This is about one of the simplest ways to produce enormous content with less time.

To effectively create content faster, as a content marketer you need a Content Calendar. Your Content Calendar will go a long way in helping you fulfill your content marketing goals.

Beyond that, It will also help you fix the issue of writer’s block because at all times you’ll already have pre written topics which you need to develop and work with thus keeping a sustained pace of content creation.

This can go a long way in helping you create content fast without hurting the quality of your content.

Document your Content

One of the easiest ways to have enough content created at a faster rate is to document your content creation.

Documenting entails producing the content as it happens without necessarily having pre-recorded scripts.

One of the biggest proponents of Documenting content is Gary Vaynerchuk.

According to him, documenting is one of the core Content Marketing strategies he used in building his multimillion dollar wine business on YouTube.

Documenting is more like telling the story about your business or whatever you’re marketing exactly as it happens. It works a lot for selected kinds of content.

With this, you don’t have the need to embellish the post in a certain way. Or look for things to write about. Instead, you focus on what’s happening around the business and putting it up in a way your audience can get value from it.

For Gary, documenting meant coming up daily on YouTube to talk about his wine business for years.Then much later it meant reaching out and answering questions from his audience via his social media handles, documenting his speaking gigs, conferences and even content creation processes.

This worked a lot in helping him build a robust audience in the end.

Of course documenting does not imply talking about irrelevant things. It still bothers on creating huge value for your audience and in most cases it comes out more practical as whatever you’re documenting will most likely be based on your hands on experience with the business.

Use speech to text tool over typing

Sometimes talking is far easier and more effortless than writing. This is why in order to save time, most content creators record their content or speak to a text-to-speech device which translates their recorded conversations into written text.

This works in helping you create even more content with far less time.

Personally, I’ve found out that recording your content before typing or developing them further really helps a lot in saving time and enriching the content.

Because whenever you come back to listen to the recorded audio, there’s always a fresh perspective or a new idea to add to it.

There you have it. How to write content better and faster in 7 ways.

These tips will help you as you work on increasing your efficiency in creating faster and more effective content for your audience.

Always remember, there’s an increasing need to create more content at less time. And you can always work on getting better with that.

Over to you! As a content marketer with very limited time, how do you create more content?

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