Ok. So you learned about the most important elements that will define the success or failure of your content marketing in our earlier post.

In today’s tutorial we’ll be focusing on how to write content that people want to read again and again.

And I’ll be sharing very important tips you can also use if you’re a Vlogger, Youtuber, Podcaster or even if you’re writing your next book etc.

Alright. Here we go…

We’re in 1800 right now.

You’re a missionary sent to an interior Village in Africa. And you really don’t have an idea about what goes on there or not..

The day for departure comes. You leave Europe to Africa with mixed feelings, aboard a sea vessel with finished products heading to the West African coast.

You’ve arrived Africa and have been shown around the Church and missionary building…

Not too long afterwards as soon as you stepped out of the missionary house, you see them little naked boys and girls peeping at you while clinging behind their mother’s skirt.

You feel different, ignorant and out of sync with this new environment. But something is bothering your mind already.

You’re yet to settle down and unpack your baggages still questions are popping up your head.

You’re beginning to ask yourself questions about the place. About the people. And their way of life.

In your mind You’re wondering…

Are they barbaric? Is it true that they are savages practising black magic? Are these little children witches and wizards like their parents?

You’re eager to understand your new environment. Their culture. Their challenges and the community values.

You want to get assimilated. Become a part of them. In fact, you want to learn how to speak their language so you can talk to them easily.

But you’re a bit confused so you go about seeking answers. Looking for interpreters, asking questions from other older missionaries.

Now that’s exactly the same thing that happens to you as a beginner writer.

You’re just a new comer. You don’t have thorough understanding of your audience…

You don’t roll with them and you hardly know a thing about them. But you really want to connect with them in a way they’ll listen to you.

So you begin with asking questions.

Unlike the missionary (in the illustration) you’re not so lucky to have people who’ll give you ready made answers on how to write content that people want to read again and again so you’ll RESEARCH them yourself.

How do you go about this?

1. Research on Google: Researching your audience is one of the easiest way you’ll be able to write content that people want to read again and again.

Why this is so?

Most of the time, there are already established voices or a handful of people in your niche (writing about the same topics like you)… Now this makes it easier

So you can do a google research. find out what these guys with the same audience like yours are writing about.

Find out…

What’s their tone of voice and writing style?

Does it resonate with the audience?

What’s the response from the audience?

2. Connect with experts: Find out experts in your niche. Follow these guys. Ask them questions.

Note their interactions with their audience. Glean out the things you can learn and input in your strategy.

Another thing to note if you really want to write content that people want to read is this…

After finding out those established content creators in your niche, find out, are there areas you can improve on what they are doing, so you can create an even better experience for your audience?

3. Ask individual opinion: Now this might not give you a complete idea about what you want to know since you may not be able to get the opinion of your entire audience.

But, taking on a survey or asking a set group of individuals among your audience what they expect from you or feedback on your writing will go a long way in helping you write content that people want read.

You’ve heard about entrepreneurs going out on market research right? This is what you’re trying to simulate.

The idea about surveys and getting feedback is not just for the benefit of entrepreneurs… It can also help you have a feel of what your readers really want.

So If you want to write a story that cannot be ignored, then you must know your audience and create content they want to read

Alright! So now you’ve learned How to write content that people want to read…

In my next post, I will show you how to speak the language of your audience.

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