I wanted to title this post as “On adjectives and creating content headings” but I changed my mind.

Do you want to know why I changed my mind? Read on.

When it comes to increasing your post views, using relevant adjectives in the title of your content is very important… Especially in determining if your stuff will be read or not.

And why is that so?

Because There’s a terrific explosion in content competing for your readers’ attention.

According to statistics, on a single day, two million blog posts are updated daily. 294 billion emails are sent and over 800 thousand hours of video content are being created.

And that’s not all… 80 percent of your readers don’t read more than the title of your post.

Meaning that only 2 out of every 10 readers you have will ever read the main body of your post in most cases.

Now that’s not encouraging. You can’t expect to spend hours and days creating content only to have people ignore it. That doesn’t make sense. Like… its a complete waste of effort.

To be honest, this is the predicament of so many content creators out there… The need to stand out in the midst of millions of others.

But there’s a way around it.


You know we’ve always said that content is king right?

Personally, I’ve always mentioned that producing great contents is key to standing out in the sea of content producers.

But, away from that a bit… Creating highly successful content demands a lot more.

But let’s talk about helping people realize your stuff is the most important one out there.

OK. So when it comes to content marketing, one major strategy is producing great contents. And the other is getting your readers to know that your content is the best they can get anywhere.

Now I’m not talking about bragging about your content without being able to substantiate your claims.

I’m talking about putting out something really good. And honestly helping your readers decide to read it.

Alright. So considering the stats I listed up there… More people might read the title of your content. But far less people will finally go through it.

So what can you do?

First, get them interested in reading the entire content.

How can you do this?

1. Craft a headline that works! Your headline alone can increase your post views tremendously.

You remember what I told you about the initial title I wanted to use for this write up right?

I loved that headline. It projected the entire idea that was in my head.

But unfortunately. It didn’t project what my reader was actually looking forward to reading.

And if you find out, you’ll realize that a general reader like you is less interested with adjectives and writing compared to increasing your post views by over 1000 percent.

So you see. Instead of using a title that’s more suitable for you, if you really want to increase your post views by over 1000 percent then the first step after producing great stuff is to use the title that’s most relevant to your audience.

And to get an even better result…

You should also consider the location of your audience when writing the title for your content…

Because there are certain adjectives or call it key words that means a lot to group A because they are located in destination X.

And there’s another one that’s relevant to group B because they are based in destination Y.

Understanding these adjectives and the weight they carry for your readers based on their location is a very important factor that will determine whether more people read your content or not.

And using them appropriately is even more important. It’s called targeting local.

Practical Application:

Now this is it:

a post with a title like: “how to make massive income online” will be appreciated by someone reading my blog from the US differently from someone reading it from Nigeria.

And why is that so?

Because of their exposure to the adjective based on their environment and the experience they attach to the adjective.

This is why sometimes really increase your post views, before creating content, you have to enter into and dissect the minds of your audience! Find out word patterns that describes their problems (which you’re writing about).

Let me share an experience with you…

Some days ago, One of the post I made on blogging gathered only 200 views.

I was not comfortable with that…So after a little thinking, I decided to do some research and play around with the adjectives I used on the title of  my post.

I worked on the title of the post then published it again.

Two days later, gboom, the post increased in views to the point we had over to 2,700 views.

Just by changing a few adjective because of the audience I was targeting. Our views increased by over 1,000 percent.

Truth is…

Even when you think having a feel of the right adjective (headline description of your post) is boring, using the right adjective for your content title is still one of those things that will determine your click through rate.

If you’re ever going to take anything away from this post… I want you to take this…

Most times, the adjectives and keywords that’s working for people in the United States may not work for people in Nigeria, India or elsewhere.

So you have to understand your audience a lot and have a good knowledge of the adjectives that matters to them.
based on their location.

And when you do that, use those adjectives.

Now You See why I changed the title of this post right?

I wanted to give you and other readers something you’ll most likely want to click and read.

Oh before I forget, If you’re targeting an audience from different backgrounds and with different cultures and exposure, you’ll have a bit more work to do.

But the good news is, you’ll love it after you’re done.

Yes. The big work is about creating your headline/post titles with those kind of adjectives that’s relevant across your audience despite their background.

How do you do this?

Use your traffic analyzer via your web hosting cpanel, find out your audience and their location.

Then try to find the adjectives that’s applicable to them.

So if it’s me for instance, since I know majority of my audience is located in the US and Nigeria so I will try to use adjectives that someone from Nigeria can relate to as easily as someone from the United States.

That’s a bit of work you know. But you have to use adjectives and keywords that’ important to your audience if you really want to increase your post views as much as you want.

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