This is a rant!

I have a deep burden to share with our entrepreneurs, freelancers and everyone…

It’s too sad!

But you can’t blame God after putting his hard earned money in the wrong business. And losing everything altogether.

Two days ago I was having a one on one discussion with one man I respect a lot…

He was like, Victor, if only I realized this is how it’s going to turn out, I wouldn’t have invested that money 7 months ago.

I was surprised!. Couldn’t help feeling shocked… Because this is the same man that I was actually advising against making this particular investment when he first approached me with the idea.

Seriously, sometimes it can get difficult to consult for some clients. They will always tell you they know what they want, even when it’s so obvious they are almost completely ignorant but for what they’ve been sold.

At the time he approached me, a mere look at the prospect of the biz , you’d see it wouldn’t fly. But he was so overwhelmed with the sweet talks from “fine” marketers.

Did my best to stop him but it didn’t work.

And then 7 months later he was here wishing he could get back his more than six figure investment… An amount he’ll only recover with luck. If he ever does.

You see, I’m tired of people telling me Victor I see opportunity here and there…

I want to do this, that and that. And then you give them guideline/models, they turn around to do what feels right to them and still expects to see results you both painted together.

Things don’t work that way. As an individual looking out for a specific result, there are principles you adopt, adapt and use based on what’s worked before. There are stats that must be involved.

And you don’t just use a certain model because it worked for someone else.

There are times you must use your head. Sift through opportunities. There are also times you need to use statistics to have a feel of what you’re doing.

Everything is not about sentiments and lame excuses. And yes, I’m not some faithless guy. I got faith. In fact, great faith.

So stop telling me how God said he’s gonna bless the work of your hands. Even God operates with principles. And he respects those principles a lot.

To harvest orange fruits for instance, you have to sow it. And you don’t just sow it and begin to pray it grows, you sow the kind of seeds that can grow. Nurture it to growth.

So why would you just start up a business because you’re so excited about the prospect? And the excitement won’t even let you check out if it has the capacity to survive, thrive or scale?

Don’t waste time riding on a dead horse 

I’m writing to you all, Freelancers and bootstrappers, you’ve got a lot to do with funds so you shouldn’t waste time riding on a dead horse. You don’t have those resources.

Nothing’s going to happen when you’re using your hands to do unprofitable stuff. You’ll only waste your time.

To y’all my deeply pious brothers and sisters, it’s too sad but you can’t blame God after putting your hard earned money in an unprofitable business and losing everything altogether.

God will always be God.

You can’t start praying for website visits instead of updating and sharing value added content on your blog. It won’t work.

Principles don’t respect religion. Principles doesn’t know sinners or righteous people.

Just like the sun shines on everyone’s roofs, principles works for everyone who follows it dictates, regardless of whether they are Black, White, Yellow, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jews.

As I round up I want to really charge everyone. Stop blaming God when you fail to take the right or smart course of action for your business.

God’s not going to come write that blog post for you. He’s not going to make that video and share it with your friends. That’s your job. Do it.

Let’s tell ourselves the home truth. It’s very easy and face saving to pass the buck when we fall flat… It gives us some relief passing the blame on others.

But the truth is, no matter how you pass the blame, nothing is going to change anything unless you decide to learn and improve.

It’s unfortunate but this is your call to make.

And because everyone else have theirs, You gotta get up and invest your money and time in a way it’ll work for you.

I’m wishing you a fantastic Sunday.

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