Your happiest day as a business owner was probably the day you made your biggest sale.

That day was the day that customer finally sealed the deal that helped you put your business back in shape.

So after that sale, you bought yourself a bottle of beer because you deserved it.

Of course that was a job well done.

Yes. That’s the dream of every small business owner… to get more positive response from his clients.

Yes! Because, The “yes” reply is not only heartwarming. It warms our bank accounts too.

But, small Business Owners Don’t Get Warm Email Response all the time?

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t get this ‘yes’ reply with their emails most of the time.

And it’s really sad. Especially considering the amount of time some of us put in preparing those emails, cover letters, prospectus etc.

As a smart business owner and digital marketer, there are certain things that will help you get more positive response from your prospective clients more easily… And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this post, from my own personal experience.

How to get more positive response from prospects 

OK so this is it…

One of the major ways a small business owner gets his clients is by reaching out to leads and people in need of (or who will most likely need) his products or services.

As it is presently, one of the easier way to do this is through emails etc.

Sometimes emails fail.

Unfortunately, sometimes the response rate from emails and SMS is really discouraging.

So when a small business owner send these emails and clients don’t respond, he just forget about it.

At other times, he doesn’t know or won’t even consider sending these emails at the right time or a time that would possibly be convenient for his recipients…

So after typing out the message, boom he sends the mails. Sometimes the email arrives while the supposed clients is already asleep…

At other times it might even arrive when the client is pressed with too much work at the office for which reason she might never get to open the email.

So it goes and two, three days later, the sender waits patiently without getting replies.

On the fourth day, the digital marketer be like, oh maybe she’s not interested in my business. He gives up and moves on…

And then the prospect is lost forever.

What a reader did…

So one of my readers recently did something that really got me thinking… This is a guy that wanted me to link to his post.

He sent an email a week earlier. I read it but didn’t have time to reply. (although I really wanted to send him a reply). So I kept postponing the reply like that.

It wasn’t long… about a week later the same guy sent another email. This time around, a reminder about the email he sent earlier.

As soon as I saw the reminder, I had to quickly reply him that I will read up his post and let him know whether I will link to it or not.

And trust me after reading the post, I decided to give him an affirmative reply. If not for anything, at least for taking time to reach out again.

What most digital marketers will never do

Most people don’t do that. Like I said earlier, most digital marketers will  just email you once. And whether you read it or not, that’s the end of the email.

But that’s not right.

Sometimes people genuinely want to reply your email and SMS, get back to you or keep in touch… But it just skips their mind.

So why not remind them?

You see, as a small business owner, there will be times you’ll have to reach out to people who’ll help you and your business in one way or the other.

So many of us give up too quickly on prospects and people that would actually help our ministry (business) just because we feel if they really wanted to help they would reply or reach back to us immediately at our first attempt.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble. Things don’t happen like that. Sometimes the people you are trying to reach are really eager to help you but are overwhelmed with other things at the time.

Yes. Just like I was. And in fact, just like a lady I reached out to myself recently.

So people are always willing to help most of the time. But due to their current schedule they might forget your email or SMS. This is where sending a sweet reminder comes in.

Same goes with prospects. These ones, some of them will actually need to be convinced before doing business with you.

…So don’t expect they are going to reach out or reply to your email automatically. Take time and build warm relationships with them.

Don’t ever write people off because they didn’t reply to your first, second or even third email. Even when you know they’ve read those emails, a kind reminder might be a game changer just like it did for my friend.

In a nutshell, as a digital business owner, don’t get your ego blown up because one guy somewhere has not replied the email that took you days to get ready… A little reminder might be the whole magic wand you need.

PS: Please note that this is not a call for you to start spamming people with unsolicited emails. Like I noted here, everything must be done with moderation and utmost consideration.

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