Ready to pitch?

You will be shocked.

Because what you’re about to learn here is different from everything you’ve ever heard.

It’s going to transform how you conduct your business. Reach new clients and even close sales.

I’m supposed to narrow today’s post to writers alone.


What I’m about sharing with you today is not just about your blog, book or whatever. It’s not even about writers, bloggers alone.

It can be applied to anything. I mean you can pitch your business to anybody anywhere within 60 seconds…

Be it a new idea, projects, products or services you’ll ever try to convince anyone to buy from you.

So in this post, you’re going to learn how you can pitch your business to a total stranger and get his attention in just 60 seconds.

OK. Before we delve in further, let’s try something.

Supposing I met this lady at a conference I attended and I want to pitch my business to her in just a few minutes… Let’s see what I can possibly do.

*at the conference venue*

So I walk up to this stranger with a broad smile spread across my lips.

As I walked, I made sure my eye met her gaze then I held it briefly within a couple of seconds.

As soon as I get to her…

Me: Hello good morning. (with my smile on) I noticed your contribution to the seminar, that was really brilliant. (with a more serious look) I mean I read about that somewhere two weeks ago but I couldn’t see it in that perspective.

* With this, I’ve brought in an icebreaker. This will most likely make her open up to either explain (her opinion in the conference) further or accept the compliment.

I’ve also connected the two of us to a common interest.

She: Thank you. This is this about that. I learned about that in so so year. There’s a research going on about that etc.

Me: That’s fantastic. You seem to be really versatile in this area.

She: Oh yeah. I did my PhD on this subject area. And I’ve been working on it ever since.

Me: You don’t mean it. I’ve done just a little research in that area myself. I must say you’re doing really well.

Besides this… What else do you do?

She: I’m the founder of ABC. We just started our operation in XYZ two years ago.

Me: Fantastic. Well, my name’s Victor Winners. I develop websites that helps small businesses connect with their audience in an engaging way, generate more sales and expand their influence… Well, I know this is awkward but here’s my business card (hands out the card). I wouldn’t mind having yours too.


You notice what we just did there?

Made a warm opening. Found a common ground. Told her what I do then Made a request. (a simple request that’s hard to resist.)…

And even if she refused my request, I would have been able to introduce my business and also drop my contacts.

If you noticed in that part where I talked about my services, I listed how my services helps my clients. And possibly how she can be helped too.

Do you think she’d like to do business with me?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. She definitely would if there’s need. And if there’s no need, she would recommend me to s friend.

From research, people do business with folks they like and one of the things that increases likeness with a total stranger is finding a common ground. It creates rare familiarity.

And can I tell you something?

As a smart entrepreneur, you can always find a common ground with majority of your would-be clients if only you’ll know how to fix your stuff.

Now you may be like: oh Victor! Things like this is easier said than done.

Oh well, of course. It’s easier said. And can be done. Yeah. People are doing it.

It starts with a warm smile. A genuine offer for help (if she’s in need of one) or finding something to complement the prospective client about… This opens them up to you.

Doing this, you will be able to connect and draw out their stories then find a way to link up your pitch in a way that fits in with what they can already relate to.

And it won’t cost you more than 60 or a few more seconds.

Bottom line:

To be able to pitch your business successfully in 60 seconds, one of the tools you’ll need is a business card (complimentary card in some places). This is very important…

You’ll look more professional with one just as you’ll find it easier to request for your client’s business card in return after giving out your own.

And if anyone refuses to give you a chance? Just walk away. Don’t take it personal.

Like most people I would have easily said find someone who already has interest in what you do but what if you can’t find any? You cold call.

I’m Looking forward to actually expanding further on this topic so let’s watch out.

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