When i was a bit new in the digital world, i used to really ask myself, why do people write on the internet?

Like why do we even have to search for something on Google and find it free of charge?

Who pays those guys that write for Google?

It took me a long time to get to understand this. And the simple reason was so mind blowing. That any person that hears about it will just be amazed.

So this is what it is. You see all those answers you have on the internet when you search google?

90 percent of those stuff are there because someone wants to stimulate your interest about their stuff.

From blogging to vlogging and writing on the internet, we call it different names but the thing is, this is content marketing.

Now, before we proceed, i want to tell you something important…

People don’t like to be sold to. Yes. I don’t like it when you bombard me with messages about your latest stuff which i might not even be interested in. You don’t like it either. So what’s the need for marketing then?

As in, how do i tell people about my product or services without actually trying to inspire them to buy from me?

Because humans really don’t like to be sold to, people had to devise a means to sell their stuff without sounding salesy. That’s where content marketing comes in.

So when you ask what is content marketing, you evoke an answer which goes like this…

Content marketing is the art of writing quality, useful and consistent content on the internet in such a way that the content will benefit both the marketer and the reader.

So how does content marketing benefit the writer and readers?

This is it…

If you search for the term, “what is content marketing ” on the internet… Google brings out this post in the search results page and then you click and read it.

After reading it, you see links to other related posts and you read them if it interests you.

During the process, You noticed that my blog is all about content marketing. And the next time you need anything on that topic, you come to victor winners.

Over time, you subscribe to my email newsletter. Through out this period, you keep reading my content and because the stuff i post continuously solves your problem, you begin to see me as a credible person.

After a while, your friend needs stuff that’s related to what I’m doing say WordPress website design for instance.

He tells you about it and immediately you’re like, OK i got this guy that can help you. His name’s Victor Winners. This is his contact.

Now your friend hooks up with me and probably i help him out. He purchases my services and I get paid.

You see with my content marketing, i end up giving you great value for free. You feel excited and share the stuff with friends.

In the long run, this value i give to you projects my brand as an expert in the field.

And based on how we interact, your familiarity with me makes you to give me preference over other folks doing my kind of stuff because you trust me. With this trust, selling my stuff to you becomes easier. Because I’m not just real, you now have enough reasons to buy from me.

You see the online world is full of stuff. I mean there are millions of digital marketers competing to get our attention at the same time.

So instead of telling the guy that wants to buy a baby toy for instance,”come and buy from me, the smart content marketer gives him great contents on “5 best baby toys in 2017” for instance.

The guy reads the post and gets inspired. At the end of the post, he sees an option like place an order and he quickly gives it a try without hesitating.

Because he’s seen what he wants and his interest has been stimulated. He contacts you for a sell…

Truth is, content marketing promotes engagement and encourages conversions. And the main objective of content marketing is to meet the need of the audience you’re trying to reach.

Now there are several other things about content marketing and how to go about it. But, that’s where we’ll pause for today.

I hope this post made loads of sense to you… If so, please share it with your friends.

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