21 Content Marketing Tips For Content Marketers

72% of Marketers are using Content Marketing to gain improved visibility, boost sales and drive growth for their businesses yet unfortunately, a good number of businesses are still in search of the right content marketing tips to work with.

Are you part of these businesses?

At some point, I was here so, I understand exactly how tough it can be when you have no idea about how to use content marketing to drive consistent growth for your business while staying ahead of the competition.

But, as I got to realize at some point, there are practical ways to go about content marketing.

In fact, with the right content marketing tips and strategies, you can get to promote and drive sales to your business even if you’re just a beginner.

So, what are these content marketing tips that can improve my business you ask?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn here.

In the following paragraphs below, I’ll be taking you through the important Content Marketing Tips you need to know and how they can help you to improve your business.

Set up your Content Marketing Goal

A lot of content marketers do not have a clear Content Marketing goal.

In fact, based on research, Co-schedule believes 26 percent of Content Marketers do not have a specific goal for their content marketing effort.

This is where everything begins to go south for most people. Because if you do not have a clear idea about what you want to achieve with your content marketing effort then its clear you may not be able to achieve anything.

So, one of the first content marketing tips you need to know is to set up a clear and unambiguous content marketing goal for your business.

With this goal, you should be able to identify where you are at the moment and where you intend to get to over a certain period of time.

To get started, you can begin with asking yourself questions like…’’What do I want to achieve with my content marketing effort?”

Your answer here should help you map out your content marketing goal. And this goal should guide your content marketing effort, including the kind of content you create.

So if you’re a new marketer that is out to get more traffic, this should be part of your content marketing goal. And your content marketing strategy should be aligned to be able to meet those goals.

Create a Content Strategy

Again, even when this is really obvious, a good number of content marketers do not have a consistent content marketing strategy.

How can you write and share posts without having a specific intent for the post?

Having a content marketing strategy is still one of the best content marketing tips out there and one of your surest bet to achieve your goals as a content marketer…

Especially when it comes to writing posts that will take the client all through the journey to the main buying process.

If you’re a realtor for instance, your content marketing strategy should cover areas from contents that introduces the reader to your business, to content that shows them about buildings, right through to other content that focuses on buildings that will appeal to your audience.

Also, your content strategy should be able to spell out ideas on how the content will be created, how it will be promoted and steps you’ll take to ensure that it delivers on your expected outcomes.

Identify your Keywords

What keywords do you want to rank for?

This is a good question to answer if you’re just starting out on Content Marketing.

If you’ve always been there, then you probably have to audit your website keywords. Find the ones that’s been ranking. And check where you can improve on them if necessary.

After that you can work on mapping out a combination of long and short tail Keyword related to the niche you want to rank for.

Then create pages and posts with which you’re going to target these keywords.

SEO Tools like Wordstream, Ubersuggest or Google Keyword tool could help you generate better keywords for your content marketing.

Mapping out your keywords is a very important content marketing tips you need in your marketing arsenal.

Get a Website

This is obvious.

As a serious content marketer, the number one or the most important content marketing tips you need above all is to get a website.

Why is this important?

You’ll need a website to push across your content marketing and client acquisition process.

There’s no argument on that.

At some point, people would probably tell you, you can start pushing out your content marketing effort on a social media platform.

This is not a terrible idea.

But, you can only start with the social media, if you’re not serious about building a formidable brand and platform as a content marketer.

Otherwise, owning a website will help you in building your audience and getting them right over to where you can get their data and control your interactions with them.

And even if you’re on a budget, there are places you can start hosting your first website at a very cheap rate.

Fix your website SEO

You won’t believe that despite how important website SEO has recently become, so many content marketers are getting it all wrong.

To appear in search engine for particular keywords, you need to set up these keywords for certain pages on your website, get back links to those pages and get more people to visit and share them.

Things like this will in the long run improve your web rankings and establish your domain authority, while bringing in the needed boost to your web traffic.

Create Different Content forms

Another important content marketing tip every new content marketer needs to know is to work on creating other content forms beside their main content form.

So, what I mean here is that if your main content form is written content, try to introduce other content forms like audio or video content etc.

This is because of the fact that for you to achieve a faster reach with your content, you need to be able to reach as much people as possible, regardless of the kind of content they prefer.

Also, at some point, trying out different forms of content will add diversity and some fresh new style to your content marketing effort.

So, if you’re posting basically text content, you may want to convert some of your posts to videos or audios and see how your audience reacts to it.

This will give you a feel of your audience’s pulse and a better understanding of what works for them.

Get a Content Calendar

A content calendar will help you get your content organized, giving you a flow of creative ideas to work with while giving your audience a flow of what they should expect of you, at every given point.

A Content Marketing Calendar will also work really well in streamlining your social media marketing.

To create an effective content marketing calendar, you want to work with your content marketing goals and then stream line each content idea to fit in with your goal and expected outcome, for each specific period.

Create Content Consistently

Posting consistently is important to you as part of your content strategy.

If I’m your reader, I should be able to know the days I can come to your website or your social media handles and be able to see fresh content to read.

Consistency builds trust, shows seriousness.

Fix your Headline

In a bid to rush and get stuff published, most content marketers and bloggers usually forget to write a captivating and SEO rich headline.

Thing is, just as you want your headline to be optimized for SEO, you also need to work on creating the kind of headline that will boost your SEO.

And the first step to get this is to start by focusing on creating titles and headlines that will appeal to the need of your target audience.

Without this, it might be difficult to get a decent click through rate even though you have great content.

Also, work on Optimize your content headline for both humans and the search engine. This Also, ensure that your title is well optimized for search engine effect and your target keywords. I had to repeat this, for emphasis sake.

Use your Content to guide your client through a journey that will lead to Marketing

The fact you’ve identified a client doesn’t necessarily mean the client is ready to make a purchase from your blog instantly.

Most times it’s usually a journey.

Sometimes the journey might involve the client getting to Know, Like and Trust you before finally deciding to buy from you.

At other times, it might involve, getting to show the client the need to even consider buying the product…

This is why you’ll have to map your content to guide your buyer throughout the entire buying process until you get to the point they are ready to buy.

Customize each Content

Customizing or personalizing your content marketing is a very important Content Marketing tip you need to know as a Content Marketer.

To do this, you will need an audience persona. Read about how to create one here.

Do not write the first word in your content without having a clear audience persona in mind.

This doesn’t just make writing the content more simplified; it makes the reader feel like you’re actually talking to her.

And when they feel like you’re directly talking to them, they become more interested in what you’re saying.

Publish on other Blogs

Guest posts are still very powerful. Especially in the era of Google’s EAT.

With a good quality guest post, on reputable websites in your niche, you can build high quality backlinks back to your websites.

The more of these backlinks you have, the more improved domain authority and credibility you’re building for your blog.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

It’s true updating your website consistently can yield better rankings for your blog.

But, it’s also true, to get even better visibility, your blog posts have got to be really top notch, detailed and and capable of creating huge value for your readers…

So, even when you want to keep your blog as fresh as possible, be sure to create really high quality posts instead of shallow low quality content.

Create more Re-purposed Content

As you keep creating content, you’ll have more content that needs to be created in other formats.

Instead of posting all your content as text, you can focus on updating them specifically as audios, or videos and sharing them on platforms like YouTube etc.

You can also merge posts to add some depth or chunk down some posts for easier understanding.

Re-purposing and republishing your content in other formats can help in expanding your reach while exposing your content to a new audience.

Update Old Content

Search engine thrives on showing the most relevant up to date and “fresh” content. So, to enjoy improved visibility, you need to keep your content as fresh and up to date as possible.

How to find posts to update?

With your Google analytics, you can find old posts that are doing really well on the search engine.

Update these posts and get them up to date with relevant and latest information.

To know if a piece of content is due for updates, you can start by making searches on Google for keywords related to the particular content. Find recent content on similar topics to read and confirm if there are recent changes.

Where there are recent industry changes, update same on your posts then confirm that all links are working.

Doing this gives you the chance to drive even more traffic to the already existing content.

Use Social Sharing Buttons

Make your posts easily shareable on the social media by adding social share buttons to your website and blog posts.

Beyond that, also encourage your readers to share your blog posts on the social media.

You can do this by including a simple Call to Action that promptly encourages sharing towards the end of your content.

Make your post easy to read and understand

Instead of using technical and complicated words in your content, focus on using simple and straightforward words users can easily understand.

This makes your posts easy to digest and more interesting to read.

Even when you’ll want to sound both professional and personable in your content, you don’t want to use words that are too difficult for your audience.

Understand Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics is one of the most important Content Marketing Tips that will help your business.

A good understanding of Google analytics will help you in getting data backed feedbacks from your content marketing effort.

So, from getting an idea on popular posts, to popular links etc., Google Analytics will help you understand where to focus more effort and other areas where you’ll have to re-strategize your content marketing effort.

A good knowledge of Google Analytics can also guide you on the best posting hours, the kind of content your audience prefer and contents that are performing well on Google.

Fix your website Page Speed.

With the recent Google update, page speed is now a major search engine ranking factor.

With this in place, expect it to become more difficult for web pages with slow loading speed to rank well on the SERP.

For this reason, besides your content marketing effort, from time to time, you’ll also want to test your website loading speed and find out if there’s need to boost things up.

Google speed test tool could be really handy here.

Fix Broken Links using Google Search Console

A broken link can lead to a 404 page which will definitely affect your website rankings where it’s completely ignored.

Part of your content marketing effort should include working on and fixing your website broken links.

The Google console will help you understand how your links are working.

Where there’s a broken link, you can set up a 301 redirect to the appropriate page without losing the link juice.

Also, as part of your link building strategy in content marketing, work on checking out in coming links to your website.

Be sure the links are from credible sources. Where the links are not from reputable websites, you may want to disavow such links.

Analyze your web traffic channels

Tools like Google analytics should be able to show you your traffic sources and how they impact on your website and content marketing effort.

With this, you’ll understand which traffic sources is worth focusing more effort. And the ones that are not.

At the end of the day, auditing your traffic sources will get you to generate better result from your marketing effort.

Final Words

There are a handful of other content marketing tips that could help you but here’s the best tips to get started. You can always add the others so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, always remember, Content Marketing is very dynamic. As such it will keep changing form time to time so you have to stay updated with the latest content marketing tips and strategies, if you really want to drive consistent growth for your business.

So the question is, are you ready to use content marketing to give your business the needed boost? Join our content mastery class here.

Now, it’s over to you. Do you have further questions on tips to improve your content marketing campaign? Let’s hear you in the comments section!

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  1. All the points are very helpful for me. but for Keyword using Ubersuggest i kind of tough. they only let you try 5 times each day. Than you for information .

    • Hey Master,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Yeah, Ubersuggest has made some modifications to their operations.

      There are other alternatives like Kparser, Keywordtool.io, Google keyword Planner and other premium alternatives like Semrush, Moz etc.

      You can also use these ones for to analyze your keywords for SEO.

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