why content marketing is important for small businesses

Content Marketing is important for small businesses because it helps in attracting the right audience, building trust, driving conversions and generating sales.

But how is this true you ask?

Because Personally, Content Marketing has been central to our marketing strategy in the past 5 years. In fact, for more than half a decade now, 60 percent of our marketing strategy has been driven by Content Marketing.

No, we’re not the only business reaping off the benefits of content marketing. As at 2021, a whooping 82 percent of small businesses like yours were actively investing in content marketing to drive sales.

Still, that’s not all. There are many other reasons why content marketing is important for small business growth.

And in this guide, I’m going to share with you some other reasons why content marketing matters for your small business growth and why you should invest in it, starting today…

Content Marketing Builds Trust

Content Marketing is important to small businesses because it builds trust.

As a small business owner, one of your most important goal is to get your target prospects to know, like and trust your business. And one of the biggest tools to achieve this outcome is through content marketing.

It starts with a focus on creating and delivering high value content to your target audience, based on their needs.

The moment you begin to do this consistently, your target audience gets to know about your brand.

Over time, if the content continues to be valuable and engaging in a way that meets their needs, they begin to like, trust you and come back for more.

As you continue to deliver high value content to them, their perception of your brand changes from just knowing, to trusting you, based on the consistent results you’ve been creating. 

And then just the same way your content solves their problems, they begin to perceive your business as being capable of providing paid solutions for them.

Content Marketing builds trust

Creating great content can go a long way in helping you to shape your consumer’s opinion about your brand. It’s one of the easiest ways to build the Know, Like, Trust factor for your brand, regardless of when it comes to marketing.

With time, as you continue publishing consistent and valuable content across different platforms, your consumers don’t only come to regard you as a leading brand, they trust your expertise. And will easily refer someone to you or buy from you when the time comes.

Valuable Content Drives Conversions

Another reason why content marketing is important for small businesses is because valuable content drives conversions.

Wondering why this is so?

Now, according to a research by content marketing institute, Content Marketing brings in six times more customers compared to traditional marketing.

Another report by @Impactbnd and @JuliaEMcCoy indicates that 61 percent of consumers in United States have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

Again, according to a recent research in the US conducted by ABG Essentials, Content marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods.

OK. Coming down home a bit; over here, many years ago after we first started as a digital agency, we made our very first sales through content marketing.

And it didn’t just stop there, a few months after that I got a call to send in proposal for my biggest web development contract as at then, after a client read one of my content.

Do you still need more convincing on why content marketing is important for your small business?

Truth is, providing consistent and high quality content can help you improve sales. This is because besides building trust, content marketing provide your clients with the information they need in making purchasing decisions.

Drives Search Engine Visibility

Content Marketing is important because it drives search visibility for your small business.

According to a report by Tech Client, businesses that update
their blogs regularly have 435 percent more pages indexed on their websites, compared to businesses without a blog.

Personally, I usually tell my clients, one of the easiest way to build long lasting and organic traffic to your online business is through content marketing.

Updating your website with good content and proper keyword gets your brand better visibility on the search engine as well as increased traffic.

Content Marketing helps in Search Visibility

When your content is well written and optimized to rank well organically, you get free exposure in the search results page.

In turn, this leads to improved brand awareness, drives engagement for your business and helps set more people on the pathway to profitable customer actions.

Cheaper way to Attract new Clients

Another crucial reason why content marketing is important for small businesses is that content marketing provides a cheaper means to attract new clients.

Compared to advertising, you won’t spend as much money creating highly valuable and result driven content but you will get even better results in your marketing effort.

In fact, according to industry statistics, although content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional marketing strategies, it can bring in as much as 3 times as more potential clients.

And one thing that makes content marketing very attractive for small businesses is that it’s very affordable.

As a small business with little to zero marketing budget to throw around, instead of spending huge amount on ads, you can spend your time creating great content, promoting it across various platforms, driving sales and moving on.

Content Marketing Builds Thought Leadership

As a marketing strategy, content marketing allows you to showcase your expertise in your niche. It gives you the leverage to write on diverse subject areas in your niche.

As you keep doing this consistently, it goes further to cement your expertise as a thought leader in that industry. This is especially good for beginners.

Unlike traditional marketing, where you’d need a decent budget to launder your brand reputation, one major reason why content marketing matters for small businesses is the fact that you can begin to build your brand reputation even if you’re just starting today.

Even if you’re starting out newly in a particular niche without much experience, when you start creating valuable content for your audience, you begin to demonstrate your expertise in that niche.

With time, people begin to see your improvement and their perception of your brand gets to improve.

The more you create content that answers their questions and solves their problems consistently, the more their trust in your expertise grows.

Over time, they begin to feel you’re the go-to-person in that niche. Thus positioning you as their preferred expert.

Now, this is the kind of results that’ll be probably impossible or take a long while to build if you’re to depend on traditional marketing. So, tell me, won’t you like to invest in content marketing right away?


As you can see, content marketing is not just important for small businesses, it is the engine room for small business sales and brand growth.

From building relationships to creating trust and improving brand reputation, content marketing has been helping small businesses to drive growth and deliver on their outcomes.

And you can also plug into content marketing to grow your business right now. But the question is, are you ready to take this big leap for your business growth, using content marketing?

To learn more about growth opportunities in content marketing, turnkey marketing strategies and how you can use content marketing to turn around your business, register to attend our content marketing MasterClass right here.

Now it’s over to you. Are you still skeptical about the importance of content marketing or are struggling with getting your content marketing strategies right? Send in your questions in the comments section!

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