Important benefits of content marketing

Although millions of companies are already using online marketing to close ground breaking sales, most entrepreneurs are not even aware of the benefits of content marketing for small businesses.

Apart from struggling to grasp the importance of content in driving visibility and client acquisition, a large number businesses are sitting on a gold mine of over 5 billion internet users, without even realizing it.

As a Growth Marketing expert who has used online marketing to drive visibility, improved growth and sales running into multiple figures, I can assure you, content marketing works.

And in this post, I’ll be showing you the top benefits of content marketing for businesses like yours and why you should use it as your next growth tool.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of CREATING and DISTRIBUTING valuable content to a well DEFINED audience in order to drive a SPECIFIC OUTCOME.

It is a result driven digital marketing strategy targeted at delivering very clear outcomes, both for the creator and the user. The following are some of the core benefits of content marketing for businesses…

Creating and sharing quality and valuable content is a great way tool used by brands to demonstrate expertise and knowledge in a specific field.

By consistently sharing great content with build credibility for your brand while demonstrating a level of expertise that can always be associated with your brand.

This is one of the important benefit of content marketing to small businesses that’s often times ignored not so popular with marketers. 

As a brand looking to build thought leadership and credibility in any specific niche, you want to establish your self as a thought leader by creating solution driven content that will meet your audience at the point of need, without fail.

One of the most rated benefits of content marketing for small businesses is that it drives improved search engine traffic to your website. 

Importance of Content marketing for companies
Content marketing is a great tool that can be used to boost search engine driven traffic | Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Most marketers will not tell you this but according to research, websites that creates and share content from time to time do generate far more returns on investments, compared to websites that ignore content marketing completely.

As a creator, the more you continue to create valuable and well optimized content targeted at creating solutions to your specified audience, the more you attract quality and very specific traffic to your website.

Doing this consistently increases your chances of getting new clients, making more sales and ultimately, driving business growth.

Getting brand visibility is another one of the primary benefits of content marketing to small businesses.

Most B2B brands get into content marketing because they want their brands to be visible to their target audience.

And the good thing about content marketing is that as you continue creating and sharing content for your business, more and more people get to read your content.

As they continue reading and interacting with your content, they become more aware of your brand to the extent that they get to know, like and trust your brand eventually.

As a brand seeking to improve your KLT and all round credibility with your audience, content marketing is one of the go to strategy you want to use.

Content Marketing drives organic leads. It attracts people to your website and by extension, gets them to know about your business.

This is not just one of the most crucial benefits of content marketing to small businesses, it’s one of the key reasons why some businesses create content.

While using content marketing to attract new clients is not a terrible idea, most users are not aware that this is one of the goals behind most content they consume online.

Done well, content marketing attracts high quality traffic (or interested buyers) to your business website. And over time, a part of this traffic transitions to become actual paying clients.

Content marketing provides a great resource for businesses to build, grow and nurture their tribes (audiences and fans).

In the digital world, tribes are people who believe in you and the things you do. You can call them your fans, customers, brand evangelists etc.

No matter the name you choose, these people come to associate with you because they consume and derive value from your content.

A clear example of this is the fan base of celebrities like the Kim Kardashian, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin etc. The fans rally around these celebrities because they love them and the content they create.

Your fans will rally around you because they can relate with the content you create. And for this reason they will promote, defend and stand up for you.

They become your foremost ambassadors because you’re providing high and consistent value for them whenever they come to your blog.

Building and nurturing tribes is one of the important benefits of content marketing that has inspired most brands to get into content marketing.

Social media thrives on content. The more valuable content you create and share with your audiences, the more impact you get to make.

This is a key aspect of the benefits of content marketing for small businesses that keeps most companies coming over to create content again and again.

Considering that a large number of your potential customers are already using social media in one way or the other.

With content marketing, you can plug into this audiences by creating content that appeals to them and sharing it right where they are.

Additionally, with content marketing, you’re able to interact, engage and create value for your audience right on the social media.

Benefits of content marketing for businesses
Content marketing is a great tool to drive sales online | Photos by Pexels

In return, this expands your reach on the platform as more and more people get to consume your content, learn about your brand, trust you and potentially grow a likeness for your brand.

Creating and sharing top quality post is a great way to increase the search engine ranking for your website.

This is one of the popular benefits of content marketing for small businesses. And it has been widely used by marketers to optimize websites for visibility.

As a business owner, content marketing provides you an opportunity to build a more resilient and long term leaning search engine optimization strategy that will deliver consistent ROIs for your business.

You can use it as a launch pad to create a long term visibility for your websites while using other strategies to build short bubble results.

Final Words

As you’ve noticed, the benefits of content marketing for small businesses is mind blowing. In fact, most businesses are sitting on a goldmine of possibilities without even realizing it.

Of course it’s very possible to also enjoy the same benefits of content marketing for your own business but to get started, you must take a step to learn and start using content marketing to benefit you.

And you can start doing this today by signing up for our content marketing course where we train and mentor you to become adept at creating result driven content marketing campaigns that will deliver your ROIs.

But, if you’d rather prefer a one on one content marketing session with me, reach out to our team here.

Now that you’ve learned about how content marketing benefits your small business, I’d like to know, what’s your biggest fear when it comes to content marketing? Drop your comment below.

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