It’s unbelievable!

Most small business owners still see content marketing as more of an esoteric term… confusing and irrelevant.

Others keep wondering if content marketing is actually different from blogging.

I won’t blame anyone actually. Because I’ve been there myself.

And to be really honest with you, in their effort to explain the term, most content marketers end up making content marketing look very technical and boring.

And then there’s this aspect of blogging. So you begin to wonder, is there any real difference between content marketing and blogging?

You ask yourself, “what happened to blogging that people are now talking about content marketing”?

Well like I said earlier, I’ve been there too. So I can understand. Trust me it can seem to get overwhelming seriously but here’s something about content marketing you didn’t know…

Content marketing was and still is the reason behind blogging…

Like, the reason you get the stuff you’re looking for whenever you search Google is because someone wants to use that to content to get you to their website. Which is one cardinal of content marketing.

So don’t get confused just yet OK?

Alright that said… Unlike clean blogging which involves even news blogs and what have you, content marketing is a bit more focused. And more result driven.

OK let’s break it down…

Content marketing is the process of CREATING and DISTRIBUTING valuable content to a DEFINED audience so that you can get a SPECIFIC RESULT.

I bet you notice those words typed in upper case right?

Those are the key words that’s involved with content marketing…

I mean these are the things that makes content marketing different from your usual social media updates.

As a content marketer, your duty involves creating and sharing content to a specific audience because you want them to take a particular action.

So why do people engage in content marketing?

As a small business, you’ll want to take on a content marketing campaign because there’s a message you want to pass across to a certain audience so that they can take a specific action.

So you begin with defining this audience, creating the message with the idea of their personality in mind, sharing it across to them with the expectations that as you keep sharing this ideas, over time, they will be moved to take the particular action you had in mind.

You see, content marketing does not start with the audience. It starts with you the creator.

Because whatever outcome you intend for your content is right in your head.

So with this outcome in mind, you go out to find the audience that can help you achieve them.

After finding the audience, you search further to find out details about them. And then what would make them take the action you want them to make

Upon finding this, you can now talk about looking for a way to reach out to them.

As you must know, it’s easier to reach out to your audience right where they are. This is why you’ll want to find out the platform where you can locate them.

From there, you can then go on to decide on strategies that will help you reach out to them in a way that they will respond and carry out the desired outcome you have in mind.

Depending on the kind of content that makes sense to this audience, you can then decide to create audio, video, infographics, text or any other form of content you’re sure is going to appeal to them.

You see content marketing is not an haphazard thing you do because other people are doing it.

Content marketing is something you do intentionally because you want to create a particular result.

You could decide: my content marketing goal for this particular series is to create an Awareness for our new product, or Drive sales or Boost our sign ups.

Whatever the goal is, the most important thing for you as a business owner is that your content marketing must have some goals.

This is because the goal is not only the basis you’re going to use to measure the success of your content marketing effort, you’re going to streamline your content based on the goal.

So for the above reasons, you will want to be able to attach some expectations to each particular content you create else you may as well be wasting your time.

Now going further, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself, what’s the benefits of content marketing right?

We’re going to talk about it. Yes! I’m going to write down the benefits of content marketing in a way that’s very simple and straight forward.

Alright here we go.

Here are the 7 unbelievable Benefits of content marketing.

1. Improves SEO. One of the most important benefits of content marketing is that it drives your SEO. Most marketers will not tell you this.

SEO means search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is part of the processes that helps Google bring out your contents on search engines when people search the internet for stuff related to what your business is all about.

So if what you do is building exceptional websites like we do here at Victor Winners Dot Com, and you create high quality content focused on teaching people how to build websites or why they need a website…

Whenever people search the internet with search strings like “how to create high quality websites” or “how to build websites”, there’s every possibility that your website and the particular content is going to show up in the search results (all things being equal).

Now this would not have been possible if you had a website that was not updated with content.

2. Visibility. Getting visibility is also one of the primary benefits of content marketing.

As your content keeps showing up in search results, your website becomes more and more visible. And more people keep coming in to consume your content.

3. Leads. Remember your website has already gotten more visibility as a result of content marketing?

Now, considering you’ve created a highly valuable and audience targeted content, as people keep coming in to read your content, they become more and more interested in what you’ll want to say.

This arousal of interest makes them more open to buying from you.

4. New Customers. Being that you’ve also put in a good and compelling call to action in place as a way of helping them to take action some of them begin to feel like hey this is the real deal.

So they take action. They buy through your website, becoming your customers in the process.

Like I’ve already said on this blog, content marketing was the strategy that landed me my very first bucks as a freelancer.

No it wasn’t a referral.

A client read my content somewhere and decided to contact me for a service. Even when he had already contacted someone else.

Same thing goes with the biggest contract we’ve ever had on this blog. It came in after the client read my stuff.

So in the real sense of it, bringing in new customers is one of the biggest benefits of content marketing.

5. Content marketing Builds Tribes. On the digital world, tribes are people who believe in you and the things you do.

You can call them your fans, customers, evangelists. Whatever name you choose. These people come to associate with you because they consume your highly valuable content.

They rally around you because they can relate with the things you create.

And for this reason they promote, defend and stand up for you.

They become your foremost ambassadors because you’re providing high and consistent value for them whenever they come to your blog.

Building tribes is one benefit of content marketing that will be very difficult to create with a static website.

6. Awareness. Like I mentioned up there, content marketing creates awareness for your brand. Especially when people share your content on social media.

This is because the psychology behind sharing on the social media is that people want to share stuff that’s beneficial to them and maybe others.

So they can’t really share a static website. That’s where content marketing comes in.

As you create and share valuable and goal driven content, other people get to join you in sharing same because they feel it’s worth being shared and will probably benefit another person.

When this is done, more people get to consume the content and in the process become aware of the brand behind the content-your brand.

7. Positioning. Another major benefits of content marketing is the concept of positioning.

The more good stuff people keep reading from you, the more they keep seeing you as someone very credible in the industry.

Over time, their regard for you based on your contents increases and your audience begin to see you as a go to person and thought leader in the industry.

Before I wrap up this post, I want to really sound this reminder to you…

One of the cardinals of good content marketing is that you have to CREATE and SHARE CONSISTENTLY, a HIGHLY VALUABLE content, TARGETED at a PARTICULAR AUDIENCE at any given time, with a well laid out GOAL in mind.

These are some of the things that will help you enjoy the real benefits of content marketing.

This is where I’ll wrap up our 7 unbelievable benefits of content marketing.

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