Benefits of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

You’re a small business owner and recently, you’ve been worried about the benefit of content marketing for small businesses right?

You’ve been told content marketing is a great marketing tool for your business and lots of small businesses like yours have used it to drive growth but you’re not just convinced about the need to try it out.

Well, trust me you’re not alone in this whole misunderstanding.

A lot of small business owners like you are also asking the same question, what’s the benefit of content marketing for my small business?

And frankly, for any shrewd entrepreneur, asking about the benefit of content marketing to your small business is a good question…

Because, the fact that every one is getting to use a particular strategy does not necessarily mean that strategy is going to work for all businesses.

So, before jumping on any bandwagon effect, it’s only right to ask yourself some salient questions like; Is this very important for my business at this point?

Or, how will this benefit me?

Well, whatever be the case, before we begin to answer your question, I’d like to refresh your mind with what content marketing is all about.

So, what’s Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of CREATING and DISTRIBUTING valuable content to a well DEFINED audience in order to drive a SPECIFIC OUTCOME.

I bet you notice those words typed in upper case right?

Those are the key words that’s involved with content marketing… I mean these are the things that makes content marketing what it is.

Now that we’ve defined content marketing, the following are the unbelievable benefit of content marketing for small businesses….

Improves Search Traffic

One of the most important benefits of content marketing for small businesses is that it drives improved search engine traffic to your website. 

Most marketers will not tell you this but according to research, websites that creates and share content from time to time do generate far more returns on investments, compared to websites that ignore content marketing.

As a small business content creator, the more you continue to create valuable and well optimized content targeted at creating solutions to your specified audience, the more you attract quality traffic to your website.

As you continue doing this consistently, your traffic continues to grow steadily.

Creates Brand Visibility 

Getting brand visibility is one of the primary benefits of content marketing to small businesses.

Most small business brands get into content marketing because they want their brands to be visible to their target audience.

And the good thing about content marketing is that as you continue creating and sharing content for your business, more and more people get to read your content.

As they continue reading and interacting with your content, they become more aware of your brand.

Attracts new Customers

Content Marketing drives leads. It helps people to develop interest in your business.

This is not just one of the most important benefits of content marketing to small businesses, it’s the whole reason some businesses create content-to attract new customers.

While this is not a terrible idea, this is the goal behind some of the content you consume online.

Done well, content marketing attracts high quality traffic (or interested buyers) to your website. And over time, a part of this traffic transitions to become actual paying customers.

Content Marketing Builds Tribes

On the digital world, tribes are people who believe in you and the things you do.

You can call them your fans, customers, brand evangelists etc.

No matter the name you choose, these people come to associate with you because they consume and derive value from your content.

A clear example of this is the fan base of celebrities like the Kim Kardashian, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin etc. The fans rally around these celebrities because they love them and the content they create.

Your fans will rally around you because they can relate with the content you create. And for this reason they promote, defend and stand up for you.

They become your foremost ambassadors because you’re providing high and consistent value for them whenever they come to your blog.

Building tribes is one benefits of content marketing that will be very difficult to create with a static website.

Improves Social Media Reach

The 21st century world is a social media world.

And chances are, a lot of your customers are already socializing on the social media.

What content marketing does for you on the social media is that it gives you the chance to meet these set of customers, right where they are.

This is one of the important benefit of content marketing to small businesses that’s often times ignored by marketers. 

With content marketing, you’re able to interact, engage and create value for your audience right on the social media.

In return, this expands your reach on the platform as more and more people get to consume your content.

Drives Website Shares

Like I mentioned up there, content marketing creates awareness for your brand. Especially when people share your content on social media.

This is because the psychology behind sharing on the social media is that people want to share stuff that’s valuable to them and probably others.

While they can’t really share a static website, they will easily share a piece of content that’s added value to them.

As you create and share valuable and goal driven content, other people get to join you in sharing your content because they feel it’s worth being shared and will probably benefit another person.

When this is done, more people get to consume the content and in the process become aware of your brand.

Improves Brand Credibility

Another major benefits of content marketing for small businesses is that it builds your credibility as a brand. 

The more you create highly valuable content for your target audience, the more they get to recognize your expertise in the industry.

Over time, their respect for your brand based on your contents increases and your audience begins to see you as a go to person and thought leader in the industry.


Now, that you know about the benefits of content marketing to you as a small business owner, you might be asking yourself, is it really possible to enjy these benefits with your business?

Well, as an entrepreneur and content marketer personally, I’ve not only enjoyed the benefit of content marketing, using content marketing as a leading strategy, I have been able to build my business for over half a decade now.

You can also create the same experience for you and your business…

But as a small business, to enjoy the benefits of content marketing, you have to learn the cardinals of content marketing which is to create and share consistently, a highly valuable content targeted at a specific audience, in order to create a particular result.

Doing this consistently will not only drive improved profit for your business, it will expand your audience while creating real visibility for your brand. 

But; the question is, are you ready to embark on this journey today?

If you’re ready, then the world is your canvas!

And not only are we ready to work with you all the way, at our Smart Content College, we have all the tools to help you become a better content marketer and reap the fruits of content marketing for your business.

Now that you’ve learned about how content marketing benefits your small business, I’d like to know, what’s your biggest fears when it comes to content marketing?

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