Marketing strategies to promote your business on social media

You’ve heard that it’s possible to promote your business on social media but you’re wondering can this really work for me?

Of course! As someone that started out, using the social media to drive sales and boost growth for my business I can assure you this strategy works.

You can actually use social media marketing to drive visibility and attract new clients to your business.

But here’s a catch…

There’s now a ton of competition out there and so many businesses are looking for social media attention just like you.

So, to make a decent mark in the social space as a small business, you have to be very strategic about it.

And in the following paragraphs, I’ll be sharing with you some of the top kept secret strategies that’s worked for my business and many others. And how you can use these strategies to push your own business.

Choose a Social Media Platform

While you can use social media marketing to drive sales for your business, for many reasons, you really can’t be on all social media platforms at the same time.

It’s also nearly impossible to create exactly the same result from all social media platforms.

So, if you want to practically promote your business on social media, your first step is to choose one or just a few social media platforms you want to use.

Of course! You can’t choose a social media platform, based on guess work.

Before choosing your preferred social media, you want to have a survey of your target audience, find out the particular platforms they go to.

As soon as this is done, head over to figure out the platform with the highest number of the target audience.

This could be just one or two or three of the platforms.

While it’s possible to get on all platforms you really don’t have to do that. So, to be more accurate, you can work on finding out the platform with the highest returns on investment for you.

To figure this, you can get to open a page on each of those major platforms you identified above.

After that, create and post content on each of them then get over to monitor your engagement on those platforms depending on the kind of content you post.

The data you realize from this analysis will guide reveal to you the platform that will most likely get you the best returns on investment.

Evolve a Content Strategy

Now that you already know your preferred social media platform, the next step to promote your business on social media is to create a content strategy.

A content strategy is simply a collection of ideas and approaches you’ll use in creating and promoting your content.

Usually, a content strategy is inspired by your goals as a brand, what you want to achieve which gives birth to the reason behind each content you create.

So before you start promoting your content using social media, identify your goals and priorities. And then go ahead to create your content based on that.

Alongside this, you’ll also need a marketing strategy which includes the keywords, hash tags and other platforms specifics you’ll use.

As part of your content strategy, you’ll have to create a posting Calendar.

What this does for you is that it streamlines your work. Making it more realistic and predictable to your audience.

It also gives you ideas on expected posts to make at specific intervals, based on your goals as well as enables you to be consistent with your social media updates.

Create Diverse Content Forms

Another way you can promote your business on social media is by using diverse forms of content.

It’s possible you’re creating one specific form of content already, based on the preferences of majority of your audience.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create other forms of content. From time to time, try your hands on other forms of content so to reach out to a wider reach of audience.

If you’re more comfortable with written content for example, you can get to try your hands on video or audio content.

Same thing goes if you’re creating mostly video or other content forms.

Whatever it is you’re doing, you want to create a diversity with your content in such a way that you can easily attract a widespread audience with different content preferences.

Post in Sub groups

Usually the number one place to post content on social media is your timeline.

But, to promote your business on social media in order to get wider visibility, you don’t want to stay limited to posting on your social media timeline alone.

For that reason, you want to reach out to social media groups and platforms with similar interests.

Post and promote your links and content on these platforms in such a way that you can get more users from these groups to follow your page or head over to your website.

While promoting your content on sub groups, be sure you’re giving out value to your target audience.

Also, do not focus on excessive self promotion. Engage with and interact with other people’s posts in the group.

Use Competitions to boost Engagement

As parts of your strategies to promote your business on social media, consider using social media competitions.

Doing this can be very helpful in giving you the needed boost and increasing your engagement levels.

The reason behind this is not far fetched. When you set up competitions, people take up specific actions as requested by you in order to win the competition.

As usual, only a handful of people will actually win the competition but the campaign will definitely draw in a lot of people to take actions thus increasing visibility for your brand.

As a brand seeking to promote your business on social media, you can leverage on this strategy to drive your outcomes.

Build Thought Leadership

As a brand, one of your most important objective is to become a thought leader or the reference point in your industry.

I understand this is because thought leadership positions you as an authority on a particular niche, topic, or subject matter.

And when you become a thought leader, people want to listen to you, identify with you or even buy from you.

Because they believe you are real, authentic and genuine, in a world of many fakes.

For this reason, you have to covet thought leadership.

Regardless of your niche, industry, level of experience, work hard to build yourself into a thought leader if you really want to promote your business on social media.

Anything less than this, you may have to put in a lot more effort than necessary.

As soon as you embark on using social media to promote your business, go ahead, take pragmatic steps to build a brand that sets you apart as the leader in your niche.

Write books, hold conferences, network with other thought leaders and put in measures that will project you as the rallying point in that niche.

Doing this will fast track your rise to leadership in your preferred niche.

Use Paid Promotion

Baring any unforseen circumstances, using paid promotion is one of the easiest ways to promote your business on social media.

Unlike organic promotion, it is faster because it’s more targeted, reaches a wider audience depending on your budget and can also get across to specific audiences in specific regions with much more ease.

As one of your top strategies, you can work on using paid promotions to promote your business on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Besides using paid promotion as a stand alone strategy, you can also use it alongside the other social media marketing strategies listed here, to boost your results.

While using paid promotions however, you have to pay attention to your analytics, your audience’s reactions and the deliverables you realize from each campaign.

Use each of these data to edit and reorganise your campaign so you can come up with an even better outcome.

Final Words

As you’ll notice, it’s not only possible to promote your business and drive sales using the social media…

With these strategies listed here, you can actually use the social media to double your outcomes and drive sustainable growth for your business.

And that’s not all. The good part about all of these strategies is that you can choose to run them concurrently or individually.

Beyond these strategies, get to be opinionated on social media. Get your opinion out there and stand by it.

By all means, share your brand story. And tell the world about your accolades when you have them.

Do not be afraid to court attention or be strategically controversial when you have to. But in whatever you’re doing, always consider the possible outcomes before taking any strategic step as listed above.

So right now, it’s time for you to head over and use these strategies to market your business on the social media and beyond.

Should you need further help on how to use the social media to reposition your business, reach out to our team here let’s walk you through the process of building a realistic strategy that will work for you.

Now it’s over to you. What’s your worse challenges when it comes to using the social media to promote your business? Let’s hear you!

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