Why text content is the best content type for new bloggers

If you were to choose between a well written blog post and an amateur video content what would you choose?

This is usually my question to Content developers and Bloggers when I talk about Video Content and Content Marketing. Because so many people have lost it on this issue. Especially beginners.

How can you focus on producing video content when you don’t really have the resources to produce high Quality videos, compared to the people you’re competing with?

The problem i find with this approach is that Running like this can only get you drained of all your motivation if you’re not careful.

This is why I always advice new Bloggers and Content Developers against starting out as video content producers especially where you don’t have a known brand or adequate resources.

I mean, it is not a bad thing to start out as a Vlogger. At any given time, lot of things will always play out to decide if you’re ready to switch to video content.

For instance your industry and the audience you’re targeting with your video content will have a role to play in determining your expenses and the quality that will be expected of each video you produce.

A niche with super high end client that’s used to sophisticated video content for instance will not only see you and your video as amateur especially where they are not up to the industry standard, they will always prefer the established persons in that Industry, to a new entrant.

What a new Blogger can do about Video Content

I was listening to Gary the other day in one of his videos and he kept focusing on documenting Video Content. Attendees raised issues like investment in background setting, Video Camera, Clothing for the video presentation etc.

His reply to most of the observations was that these things don’t really matter.

Yeah i understand his point of view. Especially as a thought leader and established Content Marketer, that doesn’t matter. And it won’t matter if he’s making the video in his bedroom or in his kitchen.

He’s earned his credibility. So he can take many things for granted without people looking down on his brand.

But as a new brand, do you think people really care, if you’re starting out this way?

Now here’s the thing…

As a new Blogger or Content Producer, If you have money to spend in producing high quality stuff, you can start producing Video Content as soon as you launch out your online platform.

If on the other hand you’re producing content on a budget, then here’s an alternative to Video content… Instead of spending your energy producing YouTube videos, use that same energy to produce high quality text content.

3 Reasons blog posts are the best form of content for new bloggers and Content Creators…

The following are the top three reasons why blog post are the preferred content type for new bloggers…

You’ll build authority, back-links and influence even before producing YouTube videos.

With very high quality text content, you can get back links and shares that will help you get ranked much easily.

The higher you’re ranked and the more people keep seeing your content, the more you get better rank and your authority improves.

This goes a long way in building your brand and thought leadership potentials before you start producing your videos.

You can get the audience from your blog over to your YouTube channel as subscribers.

This will help in building up your initial audience so you won’t have to start from the ground up.

You’ll be able to blog from anywhere without the pressure to sound or appear visually appealing.

Truth be told, you can’t take serious advice from someone that sounds amateurish on the internet.

That’s the same thing with the average person in your audience. So, to produce Content people will take seriously, you’ll have to look and sound really compelling yourself.

Now with the high level of competition in YouTube and other online video space right now, it becomes really difficult to sound sophisticated and still survive the grind as a beginner.

Not only will it be more capital intensive for you, it will also require more time investment and other resources. As a start out on a budget, this is not part of the expenses you want to make.

Compared to Video Content, all you need to create exceptional result for your text content, is write high quality content with loads of value. Make it better than any other content in that niche and then promote it better than anyone else.

Doing this is less tasking, financially and physically, compared to creating a video content that is better than that of anyone else.

Also, you can create a text content from anywhere. And with almost any smart phone or laptop but, you can’t create a good video content from just anywhere.

Again, with text content, people only get to read your post. They don’t have to see you in person.

And the good thing here is that you can write your blog post or text content right behind your keyboard, in your pajamas or whatever you choose to wear, without the need to set up any special arrangement.

With a video content, you’d definitely need a certain kind of presentable outfit, professional looking environment, editing of the video and other accessories, to make everything come out great.

At the end of the day, getting these things may give you an additional cost and extra investment in time.

As a Content Developer on a budget, what you want to do is cut cost until you’re able to make profit. This is where producing high quality text content over videos comes into play.

It is sad that today, a lot of influencers keep talking about content marketers moving over to Video Content indiscriminately… Truth is, that’s BS. Everything has context.

In this digital journey, every Content Marketer/Blogger is not at the same level.

So the fact that video content works for a competitor that’s far ahead of you does not mean it will work for you as a beginner.

Producing video content is a good thing to do but your video or text content is not part of what is going to determine if you’ll turn out as a successful content producer or blogger as much as your strategy.

What is important is that you engage yourself in activities that can sustain your inspiration and momentum while gradually building your content and working towards your goals.

Again, for new content marketers, one of my best tips is usually to have goals. And not just that, divide your goals into achievable time line.

So you’ll want to have Short term, Mid-term and Long term goals.

With these, as a beginner, you can factor stuff like Video Content into your medium or long term goal depending on what’s in your plan.

With this in place, you’re working with the resources within your possession at the moment while putting things in place for your long term goals.

Don’t get pressurized by anyone to move into Video Content when you know it’s not yet part of your immediate content marketing priorities. Do it when you’re ready.

So what is the best form of Content for your audience?

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