Why blogging is the best type of content for beginners

As a content marketing beginner, choosing the best kind of content for your digital marketing campaign can be quite demanding.

The moment you choose the wrong kind of content, you lose your audience and ROI. But as soon as you choose the right form of content for your campaign, you increase your chances of getting a massive returns on investments.

Although recently, video content have been making waves as the best form of content to go for if you want to net in the right audience, visibility and traffic for content marketing effort.

But, that’s not the case for every content marketer. Apart from the fact that a lot of content creators do not have the forte or the resources to consistently create high quality video content for their audience, a number of reasons have given blog posts an advantage over video content for some content creators.

In this posts, I will be sharing with you these advantages and some of the reasons why blog posts might actually be the best type of content for your content marketing endeavors, in the following paragraphs…

Easy to Start

Compared to video or vlogging, one of the main reasons blog posts is the best type of content for beginners is the fact that it is easier to start.

As a beginner with a budget for example, blogging gives you a cheaper way to start your content marketing campaign since it’ll cost you far less to get a domain name, web hosting and build your own blog.

Compared to blogging, creation of top notch video content will demand you invest a lot more money in purchasing high end camera and other video creation equipment.

Although you can of course use a smart phone to create you videos, you’ll still have to consider the professional angle and the impression that such videos will give your brand.

Blogging on the other hand does not put your brand through unnecessary scrutiny as no one gets to really know whether you’re blogging from a smart phone or a personal computer.

Builds Long Term Credibility

Another reason you want to choose blogging as the best type of content for beginners is that as a blogger, you can get to build your credibility far more easily, compared to vlogging.

With blogging, you get a website to showcase your work, garner raving reviews, build backlinks and gain long lasting credibility online with a platform you own, even before producing YouTube videos.

Vlogging on the other hand does not exactly give you all these benefits because even after you start creating video content, you will be posting it on other people’s platforms like social media websites, YouTube etc.

Even though you have a handle on these platforms, the platforms are not entirely yours. Should you run foul of their policies, your pages can be suspended or deleted and you have to start all over again.

Having a blog on the other hand gives you a more control of your content and brand credibility. It also gives you a more permanent back up and central platform where your audience can go to view your work and gain access to you.

With very high quality blog content, you can get back links and garner shares that will improve your ranking far easily, when compared to video content.

Gives you a Headstart

One of the reason blog posts is the best type of content for beginners is that unlike other forms of content creation, blogging gives you a headstart.

With blogging, the sky is literally your limit as you can get to add up as much different types of content as you get to garner more experience with content marketing.

Of course the idea about starting out with blog posts does not necessarily mean you’ll not get to add up video content a part of your content offerings.

On the contrary, you’re choosing blog posts as the best type of content for your marketing because it’s easier to build an audience here and later add up video content, rather than building an audience with video content only, only to add up blog posts much later.

So, when you start building a decent audience from your blog posts, it gets easier to get the audience from your blog over to your YouTube channel as subscribers.

With this arrangement, whenever you are set to start creating video content, you won’t have to start from the ground up with zero viewers, as you would already have garnered a number of subscribers for your channels.

Best for Introverts

Naturally, introverts are very good at creativity yet they are also some of the most camera phobic or camera shy persons.

As someone that’s camera phobic, blogging is the best type of content that can get you started on your journey as a content creator.

Blogging offers you the chance to stay somewhat anonymous or outside the camera while building your muscles, competence and credibility until you feel confident enough to stand before the camera.

Also, if you don’t really want to get your face out there while creating your brand, blogging is the best type of content that can give you such privacy while you build your brand until you’re ready to go public.

Finally, creating blog posts on your own blog gives you an alternative platform to build your brand, share your videos for more views and garner even more subscribers in the process.

Great for Personal Branding

As a content marketer at the beginner stages, one of your goal is to evolve a strong brand that can be recognized across the industry and one of the best ways to get started on this journey is by choosing blogging as the best type of content.

The reason for this is simple. When you own a blog, it comes with a custom domain name and other functions that allows you to build a more permanent platform where you can showcase your work and expertise more permanently.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to link to all your social media handles from a central platform, making it easy for you to be reached easily.

At the same time, should you decide to share your videos from YouTube, you can easily post it on your YouTube handles and still embed it on your posts.

Again, you can transform your written blog posts into other different content formats including video, ebooks, audio etc. using the same content or topics.


It’s true that a lot of digital marketing experts today will definitely nominate video content as the best type of content but then, even though video is great for content marketing, told, video content is not the best type of content for every content marketer because every content marketer is not at the same level.

So the fact that video content works for a competitor that’s far ahead of you does not mean it will work for you as a beginner.

Producing video content is a good thing to do but your video or text content is not part of what is going to determine if you’ll turn out as a successful content producer or blogger as much as your strategy.

What is most important is that you engage yourself in activities that can sustain your content marketing effort at your own budget or resources level, keep your content marketing effort going, while you you gradually build your brand as you keep working towards your goals.

So, do not get pressurized by anyone to move into Video Content when you know it’s not yet part of your immediate content marketing priorities. Do it when you’re ready.

And of course, if you’re still bothered about the best type of content for your audience, you can reach out to our experts here. Let’s guide you through your content marketing journey, as you get to build the best content form that works for your audience.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your preferred form of content as a beginner? Drop your comments below!

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