How to Make Money as an Influencer

Ever thought about practical strategies you can use to monetize your engagement and make money as an Influencer?

I did too. At some point.

In fact, a lot of influencers today have had to think about how to monetize their influence at some point.

So, you’re not alone.

But, thing is, sometimes it’s not a straight forward thing.

To get to the point where you can monetize your influence and actually make money as an Influencer, you’ll need to map out and use a handful of very practical strategies.

And often times, some of your strategies might work. While some of them will not.

But, most often, you really can’t remove the steps that’ll work from the ones that cannot work until you try them out.

And this can be time consuming.

That’s why in this post, I am going to take you through the practical strategies that have been used by other influencers.

After reading through this post, you’ll realize that you don’t have to try out some of these strategies yourself.

Because they have already been tested and proven through years of usage.

But, before I show you the steps you can use to make money as an Influencer, I’ll like to take you through the four things you have to put in place before you can monetize your influence online…

Four Things to Put in Place Before you can Make Money as an Influencer.

Setup a Platform

This is a no brainer.

Before you can make money online as an Influencer, you need a platform.

It can be a blog, a social media page on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook etc.

Your Platform is where you’ll host your followers, share your content and create engagement.

Without these two things in place, we can’t even start the conversation about making money as an Influencer.

Create Content

One of the important factors that will get you followers, keep them engaged and coming back to your platform is content.

Without content, you won’t have followers or engagement.

And without followers, you’re definitely not an Influencer.

So, before you can influence anyone, you’ll need to be able to create the kind of content that will attract them to your platform.

And keep them coming back repeatedly.

Get Engagement

One of the most important factors that identifies an Influencer is engagement.

Engagement can be anything like comments, likes, shares etc.

They are part of the indicators which shows anyone interested in partnering with you that you are worth the investment.

Reason being that if your audience do not like, comment and engage in your post then it means they are not interested in your content.

And by extension, they may not be interested in any other paid partnership content shared on your page.

For this reason, you have to keep posting interesting and valuable content that is relevant to your audience so you can keep up the engagement levels.

Have followers

Now, the fourth thing you need to put in place before you can make money as an Influencer is followers.

Like I already mentioned above, you need a sizeable number of followers as an Influencer before you can monetize your platform.

This is very important.

Without followers you can hardly partner with any promoter.

That’s why everything you’re doing on your platform will have to be done with the end goal of achieving increased followers and engagement.

This is what drives your ascension as an Influencer and your ability to monetize your platform profitably well.

Now that you’ve known about the four things you need to put in place before becoming an Influencer…

The following are the important strategies you can use to monetize your platform and make money as an Influencer.

Partner with Brands

The number one way to make money as an Influencer is to partner with brands.

And this is applicable to influencers everywhere.

Whether you’re an Influencer in Nigeria, USA, India, anywhere, you can make money as an Influencer through brand partnership.

This can involve acting as a brand ambassador for a specific brand, in return for a certain fees.

Usually, this is one of the popular ways to make money as a public figure.

A lot of your favorite celebrities are already doing this.

With a large following and a good number of engagement, you can use this as a good first option to monetize your platform and make money online.

The cons here is that brand partnership can span over a long period of time.

And some clients might have very specific needs which might get to limit you as an Influencer.

But frankly, like I usually tell my students, it’s your platform, you can always set the rules.

Create your Digital Product

As an Influencer with a good number of followers, instead of partnering with others, you can create your own products and sell them right there on your platform.

This will save you the stress of having to work with some certain kind of brands whose products may not be in line with your brand values.

For this to work though, you’ll need to have a specialized skill on the particular topic or niche which you want to create the product.

Alternatively, you can get another expert to create a specific digital product for you, at a fee.

With this, you can still sell your own digital product on your platform without having to be the one to create it.

Learn how to create a digital product here.

Write Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are posts written by you and posted on your platform, un behalf of another brand.

It can also be written by another brand and sent to you to post on your platform at a fee.

The idea behind sponsored post is that since you already have the audience, you can use a one off post to promote a particular brand at a specific time or over a certain period of time.

In return, the brand will pay you a certain amount as fees, while also furnishing you with other important items as may be demanded by you.

Good thing is that unlike brand partnership which may have to last over a certain period of time, sponsored posts are most often a one off arrangement.

And since it’s easier to come by, you can target as much sponsored posts as possible.

Sell Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are products created by other brands which you can sell on your platform, in exchange for a commission.

They can be physical or digital products.

You can use affiliate marketing as a strategy to make money on your platform.

Most often than not, this strategy is popular with influencers on platforms like blogs, websites, YouTube etc.

And less popular on social media platforms.

Although that doesn’t mean you can’t use affiliate marketing if your platform is a social media based.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that the product is all set, including your earnings and the rules of engagement where available.

So, you can easily shop for products that aligns with your brand, promote them on your platforms and get your earnings, based on predetermined arrangements.

There are a handful of platform which you can register on and get a list of affiliate products.

Setup your eCommerce Store

Besides selling digital products, you can also create your own ecommerce store and sell your physical products.

A lot of influencers are already doing this. Especially on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube etc.

You can also use this as a strategy to make money as an Influencer.

Some of the popular products sold on these ecommerce platforms include skin care products, clothes, shoes, make up kits, underwear materials etc.

You can analyze your audience to find a product that works with them.

With that you can get started selling your products.

Sell your Posts

If you have a wildly large audience on platforms like Instagram, you can get paid to make a post.

Sounds unbelievable?

Well, rumor has it that big celebrities like Beyonce, Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner etc. are paid for each post they make on Instagram. Don’t tell anyone. Lol.

Ok. I understand you’re not a Beyonce or Ronaldo, but; you can still get paid for your posts on some social media platforms.

How it works?

Instead of paying you to make sponsored posts, brands can pay you to have them, their links or handles mentioned in your posts.

This is more common with brands who do not want to include the “sponsored” or “paid partnership” tag in their posts.

Although it’s less common when compared to sponsored posts, you can also this as a strategy to make money as an Influencer.

Product Partnership

You can also partner with brands to create a physical product, training, or digital product using your brand name or other existing brands.

This has worked for top celebrities and others who have used their brands to create a product that aligns with the interest of their audience.

Final words.

It’s very possible to make money as an Influencer.

But before you think of getting started, you need a sizeable audience and a platform among other things.

When this is put in place, you can then work on using these strategies to monetize and earn from your platform.

Remember, you don’t have to use all of these strategies at same time.

You can use a few of them or a combination of these strategies to see what works for you.

So, this brings us to the end of this post.

But before we conclude, do you need further help on how to monetize your platform and make money as an Influencer? You can talk to us here.

Now, it’s your turn. What’s the best step you took to monetize your platform and how did it turn out?

I want to read your comments.

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