Of course it’s cliche.

Even a monkey (pun intended) knows a thought leader is someone whose expertise is recognized in a particular field.

Every monkey also knows that opinion of thought leaders are oftentimes rewarded.

Now if you’re one of these thought leaders then there’s even some more good news for you…

And the good news is that besides being a thought leader, you can be also making some money from your expertise.

But how can I make some side income as a thought leader? You ask!

As a way of answering this question, I’ll be sharing with you, 10 ways every thought leader can make money with a website.

Of course what I’m about to share doesn’t just work for celebrity thought leaders.

If you’re someone with some widespread influence be it that you’re a , writer, entrepreneur or anything in-between then I’m sure you’re an expert in something by your own right… Alright!

So from here i will be going straight to the point.

Right-away, I’m listing out ways you can make money from your website as a thought leader below.

Consulting. This is the business of giving expert advice to people in a particular topic area.

Unlike the brick and mortar world, The online world is not quite a place where people can get to know you personally or physically.

So to set up an online consulting service, you must have already displayed some expertise in the area you want to set out with.

You will also have to build rapport, trust and a good number of following.

If you’re not yet an expert already, it’s not too difficult to set up yourself to become one by conscious effort.

Now, when you garner some expertise and every one has come to know you for something, you can go ahead and set up a website, Link the platform to your social media accounts. Publish quality posts there on your blog and share it to your profile.

Keep at it and keep learning until you’re very comfortable with what you’re doing.

Write quality post on other blogs in your niche, and bring back their readers to your blog.

Set up a free consulting service and broadcast it to as many people as you can.

Put up your best in training those folks. At the end, ask them for testimonial or maybe feedback. Then create a far better premium service for them.

Public Speaking. If public speaking is your forte then you’re in for a good one.

Follow the steps i listed under Consulting. You can start by gathering people around you in your local community, school, church.

Speak to them free. Dish out high quality life changing ideas to them. Take pictures. Grab testimonials. Share it on your blog and social media platform.

When you’ve gathered enough experience in your belt, let’s get started hosting web seminars. Now this takes us to…

Seminars. With social media apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Google hangout and the likes, online seminars (also called webinars) can be done without much stress.

Start with taking the steps i mentioned above. Get people’s contact from your blog and social media platform if you’re using  Whatsapp.

Get their Skype ID if you’re going for for Skype webinars then get started.

Workshops and training. Much like seminars and those ones i listed earlier. This works really well if as a thought leader, you have some special skills people can pay to learn.

With this in place, you can start sharing your special skills on your social media handles. Create a page or join a like-minded group and start there.

Over time, you go ahead and create your platform where these people who are already eager to learn from you will pay to get your expertise.

Sell Books. If you don’t have ideas to get started with a book, your most valuable contents could be collected into eBooks and sold right on your blog there.

Or a third party platform like Amazon. Of course everyone can’t come to your blog so you can serve it where they are.

Even the seminar topics, participants’ answered questions and all other seminar valuables could be collected into a book or video. I think I’ve said enough already.

Write and get paid. This is like the simplest one.

Here you set up a free blog. Put up your profile and everything. Move over to job listing sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr and so on then link your blog’s portfolio page to those sites.

Caveat: Nice paying gigs ain’t much on those sites except you’re extremely good.

You can also hunt for gigs from better paying platforms independently using google. Or even Use your blog as platform to write for your local newspaper.

Sell people’s product or even your own. You love singing right? Why not set up a blog, get lyrics of your favorite songs and write some cool reviews?

Tell folks how it affects you and all stuff like that. Link up to the affiliate sites and get your fans to check it out? If they buy, you get your commission.

Same thing with book warm folks. Your favorite fiction, non fiction whatever. You can sell all those things people can buy through your blog.

Donate button. Some free platforms allow people to use the donate button and get supporters for their cause to donate to them.

If you’re using your free blog to promote a cause, tell others about it. Ask them to donate and support you. They will support you if it’s a worthy cause. I’ve seen established bloggers use this.

Write sponsored posts. When you have a good traffic and engaged users, you can use your website to promote other people or their activities and get paid for it.

It could be a brief sponsored post, a course you endorse or even a startup you’re supporting.

Promote your work. Here is a wrap up of everything I’ve been saying. If you’re an author, freelance creative artist, designer, anything…

You can promote them on your free blog and link back to your social media without spamming your social media timeline.

Yeah. that’s where I’ll run off here for now. Remember you can contact me for any assistance or hire me to help you with more strategies or building a professional Website.

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