How to publish a best selling book online

One of the biggest dreams of every successful writer is to write and publish a book that will sell beyond their family and friend’s circles.

This is probably one of the reasons why you’re reading this. You want to write a book that will sell online, to a global audience that’s beyond your family and friends…

That is what we all want too. But beyond wanting to write a bestselling book, we have to be very intentional about making our books a best seller. That is what it is.

Now, before we proceed with this tutorial, I want to let you know that it’s very possible to write a book that will sell online. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a self-published author or you’re published traditionally, your books will definitely sell, provided everything is rightfully in place.

So what are the things that make books to sell online?

Whether online or offline, Best Selling books are not just selling well because they are the best books, there are certain elements and strategies that come together to make them best sellers.

Over the years, a handful of smart writers have consistently used these elements to write books that have sold out, excellently well.

In the following sub headings, I will be listing down each of these elements in no particular order…

These strategies will work best for you if you’re yet to actually publish your book online. You can use it as a guide to write and format your book before getting it published online in Nigeria or wherever you are.

If you’ve already written your book completely, you can still use the guide to format your book before getting it finally published online. Here are the strategies below…

Choose the right Niche

One of the most important elements that determine whether your book will sell or not is the niche you’re writing the book. Now, a niche is the subset of a market in which a particular product or service is focused.

In the publishing industry, a niche can be regarded as a topical area where a particular book can be categorized into.

Take for instance, a book could be written about a religious niche, educational niche, business niche etc. Most times, these niches will also have a sub niche or sub niches. All these are ways of getting to categorize books and topical areas compartmentally.

That said, over the years, one of the biggest mistakes I have noticed with a lot of self-published author is that most of the time, they publish a book because they feel they have an idea they want to share with the world.

Majority of self-published authors are not interested in researching about the niche they want to write about or getting to know whether there are a handful of potential readers with interest in topics that relates to that niche.

This is very wrong because, when it comes to books that sell online, all niches are not the same. That is the truth most publishing gurus will never tell you.

So many times, there are a lot of over saturated niches with too many established experts out there writing about closely related topics in that niche.

As a newbie, writing a book that will hit the best seller mark in such niche can be as difficult as having a camel pass through the needle.

That is why, in order to get through this hassle and write a book that sells online, you will have to research your targeted niche very thoroughly.

Dig out some data on the audience size, number of established authors, number and length of best-selling books in the niche and their titles.

Getting such data in place will help you to decide whether to still go ahead with the intended niche or not. And where you have to go ahead, you will have a better idea on how to make your book stand out and more compelling. These are some of the things a lot of online publishers will not inform you in time.

Understand your target Audience

Now that you finally got around to choose the right niche, the next thing that determines whether your book will sell online or not is your ability to understand and target your audience in a way that makes you and your book completely irresistible.

To get to this point, there are some key factors that will play an important role in your ability to target your audience right. These factors include the following and to make impact with your book, you must understand them clearly…

Who is my target audience?

Although it is not compulsory you have a complete knowledge of your audience’s demographics, it is a good idea you have some fair knowledge about who they are, their geographic location, age range etc., if you really want your book to sell online.

This is because having this knowledge will shape your content. It will define your writing style to a great deal, the phrases you’ll use, shared experiences and anecdotes etc. And in the long run, it will influence your ability to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

What do they want?

One of the key things about knowing your audience involves knowing what they want.

With your research from the data you get from huge publishing platforms like Amazon, Smashowrds, Lulu and Keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner etc., you should be able to understand your audience thoroughly.

Through the search keywords, you should be able to know about what matters to them. And with sales data from the publishing platforms, you should get to understand the books your audience will buy and then work on creating for your book, content that will fit in with this existing demand. Do not work with assumptions.

What is in the Market?

The next thing you need to understand about your audience is getting to know about what is in the market.

A quick search on amazon on particular topic categories for instance can give you an idea on what the majority of your audience is interested in buying.

Armed with this data, you need to find a way to design content that meets their needs.

 What are you bringing to the table?

The last but not the least, beyond having an idea about what is currently in the market, you have to find a way to provide a solution that is very unique to you, something that offers a slightly different value and can be distinguished from other books in the market.

This is going to be your unique selling point and it’s very important you get it right if you’re ready to get into the list of best-selling authors online.

The reason behind this is because there are most likely, a handful of other authors in your niche. And there’s a big possibility that most of your potential audience have read or got to know about the information published on most existing books either online or elsewhere.

In order to make them interested in reading your own book; you have to come out unique. You have to create a whole new perspective in the topical area and then work on expanding the conversation from that angle.

Get your Book Title Right

Getting the right title for your book is one of the biggest factors that will determine whether your book will sell or not.

According to popular reports, it is your title that will determine whether a potential reader will buy your book or not. So having the right title is not something you should joke with.

In the course of working with self-published authors over the years, I have realized that most first time published authors do not attach a lot of importance to their book title.

For this reason, they can come up with any idea from anywhere and use same as a book title without finding out if the particular title will appeal to their audience or not. This is very wrong.

Personally, I’d fallen into this trap with my first published book. The idea for the book title was completely my idea. I didn’t do any single research or checks to find out what will work with my audience.

I just felt the title I came up with was catchy enough to be compelling to my audience. But I was wrong.

Your book title is one of the first things any potential reader will see about your book. It is one of the biggest factors that will influence a reader’s decision, whether to buy your book or forget about it completely.

So, while choosing your book title, you have to put a lot of things into consideration. For instance, you have to consider the main idea about your book, the content, your audience and the message you’re trying to pass across and then work on choosing a title that will fit into this.

How to choose a book title that sells

When it comes to choosing a book title that sells, you will have to consider catchy and meaningful keywords that will capture the idea behind your book in a way that appeals to your audience’s interests.

Now, choosing a book title is not rocket science and at the same time it shouldn’t be a guess work. With the research tools I mentioned earlier, you can find out keywords that matter to your audience and the search volume within your target geographic region.

Combined with the data you generated from the top ebook publishing platforms, you can then work on creating a catchy and unique book title that will captivate your audience.

Now, here’s something you should note. You don’t have to come up with just one single idea. Write down the book title idea as they come to you until it gets exhausted. After this, find a way to test these ideas before settling for the one that will be best fit as your book title.

Get Subtitles that work

Getting a subtitle is very important for books these days. Beyond a book title, a sub titles goes ahead to explain what a book is all about clearly. This can work for you especially when it comes to creating a more compelling message.

It is not compulsory that you add a subtitle to your book. But in the online publishing industry, a subtitle is very beneficial for your book. It can work very well in creating a compelling message that further captures the essence of your book.

It can also work for search engine optimization purposes. For these reasons, even when it is not necessarily compulsory for you, having a subtitle that works is something you want to do for your book.

Get the right Keywords

When it comes to publishing books that sells online, keywords are very important tools that will help people get to find your books in the online bookstores.

With the right keywords, your book can easily show up in searches when a potential buyer looks for keywords related to your content.

For online publishing platforms like Amazon, most of the time, keywords within your main book content will also get to show up during searches. With such scenario, you have to get the right keywords for you’re the main bod of your book, before hitting the publish buttons.

How to Choose the right Keywords for your book

Keywords are phrases used by internet users to search for things on the search engines.

Usually, when potential readers are searching for items they want to buy from your niche, there are particular key phrases they use in searching for these items.

While researching your niche, you have to focus on targeting these keywords. You can do this with either the search engines in your preferred publishing platform or with a keyword planner.

When this is done, you can go ahead and work on using as much of these keywords within the content of your book and other key areas within the book like sub headings and then your book description.

Create valuable Content

Content is the hallmark of good writing. To have your book selling very fast online, not only are you going to need to write great content, your content will have to be really of exceptional value to your audience.

As it stands now, the continuous widespread penetration of the internet around the world has created a stiff competition in the online world. As a self-published author, your books will be competing with millions of other indie authors, bloggers and free information in the public domain.

There’s hardly anything you can do about this except to up your game and create a better content that will distinguish your book from any other similar content that exists in the public domain.

Otherwise, if your audience can get better or similar content to what you have in your book, free from blogs and other online platforms, then there might not be any need to still buy your books online.

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of the times, many new authors are way too excited with the idea about selling their books online and making money without thinking about creating content that is valuable to their audience.

This is completely wrong.. Anyone can manage to update incredibly low quality content, create bombastic packaging and sell them online but such shabby strategy can only take you that far.

It will boomerang in a big way. So to avoid this, you have to deliver content that is worth the price tag to your audience.

Now, here’s the end of this tutorial on how to write a book that sells online. I hope you learned a lot from this?

Now, it’s over to you. Which of these strategies are you going to start with as you get set to write your book?

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