Self-Publishing in Nigeria

Writing and self-publishing a best selling book online is a bit different from publishing a best seller offline.

This is because of things like the publishing platform you’ll use, your target audience, marketing strategy, etc.

Unlike an offline platform where things like keywords may not be of primary importance to you, when it comes to selling your book offline, getting the right keyword is very important when it comes to self-publishing online.

And you must get it right even before you think about selling your book really well.

So what are the important strategies that can help you self-publish a best selling book online?

In this post, I’ll be discussing the important strategies that will help you sell your book online as a self published author below…

Book Title

Truth is, you have less than 5 seconds to attract the attention of your potential buyer. And one of the most important elements that plays a role during this 5 seconds is your book’s title.

Not only do you have to get the right title for your book, to get a book that sells exceptionally well, you have to get a title that sells. This is very important.

Besides helping your books to sell online, your book title can also get your potential reader to understand what they want and what the book is all about. All these plays an important role in helping the reader make a final buying decision on your book.

How to Write a Book Title that Sells

Most times, an author’s choice for a book title will have to depend on their own peculiar situation.

Take for instance, if you’re a new author, you’ll be more concerned about getting people to discover your book through the search engine…

For this reason, you’ll be more inclined to choose a book title that is in line with phrases that your potential buyer will use while searching for content related to your book online.

On the other hand, a more established author with a decent audience may be more concerned about creating a title that will intrigue the audience or create controversy etc.

Notwithstanding these differences, there are certain important elements you’ll clearly notice in most online best selling books. These includes factors like.

The title is Compelling

One of the top qualities of most best selling books is the fact that these book titles are usually very compelling. Always making you want to find out what the book is really all about.

In a way, after coming across the title, you’ll feel fascinated, to know more about the book. This is one of the most important quality of any potential best seller.

One of the ways to create an online best seller, is to get a title that is very catchy and compelling for your book.

How do you know if a title is catchy?

It should be able to draw the attention of any potential buyer within a few seconds.

It solves a Clear Need

Together with your sub title, your book title should be able to identify clearly the need for reading your book.

If your book is about Blogging for instance, with your book title, i should be able to see the need i have in which your book will be able to solve, if i get to read it.

With this in mind, if your book title were to be something like, “Blogging Manual” for instance, your sub title should say something like, strategies on how to become a successful blogger etc.

With this, a potential reader will be able to understand what the book is all about. And whether they have need to buy the book or not.

It is Informative

Your book title should contain important phrases that will define the key concept or ideas about the book.

These factors are very important when it comes to creating a book title that will connect with your audience.

Above all, you want to make your book title to be short, catchy and straight to the point.


Packaging is about your book cover design and every other visual part of your book that will be seen by a buyer before they get to buy the book.

Packaging is very important when it comes to book sales. For instance, your book cover goes a long way in determining whether a potential buyer will buy the book or not.

I have seen some book covers where the author puts out a design without paying much attention to the color combination, content, and even the target audience.

These things cannot be ignored. They are very important elements that can help you create a great cover design.

So they cannot be ignored if you’re really planning on creating a compelling book cover that will attract the right audience.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why should I even pay attention to my book cover when my content is extremely good?

Thing is, your book cover is the first thing everyone sees before your book content.

If your book cover is not attractive enough, a potential buyer may not even have the chance to scan through your content, not to talk about buying your book.

And besides, there are also a handful of authors whose book cover alone has attracted them more sales than the content of their book.

How to Design a great Book Cover

If you’re planning on designing an exceptional book cover, then you’ll definitely have to get some things in place.

And the following are elements of compelling book cover designs you should consider if you really want to design a book cover that stands out.


When it comes to creating an outstanding book cover design, your book content plays a very big role here.

For instance, your content is supposed to set the tone for your book cover. So beyond influencing the overall design, your content will also affect your color selection, the ambience of the design and the major effect the design should have on your audience.

Audience, Picture and Imagery

Another key cover design elements that will affect your cover design is your target audience demographics.

A lot of authors have missed out on this. If you’re writing a book that’s completely targeting a male audience for instance, there are some color combinations you’ll not want to use.

Also, if you’re designing a book cover that’s targeted at a specific religious denomination or sect, there are some kind of pictures, images, symbols etc that should not be used in your books.

I still remember one book by a popular author, targeted at a female audience.

Taking a look at that book, the cover page contained the picture of an almost bare woman, sitting on a slab.

Although the woman was not completely nude, the book title made the cover look so obscene that a lot of ladies will always have to hide or cover up the book in a different coverage whenever they go out with it in public.

At a point, for the book to be sold in some countries, the book cover had to be changed by publishers in those countries so it can be acceptable there.

Things like this are what you should avoid by all means. Especially as a new author. Because in your own case, you may not even have the chance to have the books make waves.

So you need to have a background knowledge of your audience and find out what will work for them before setting out to design your book cover.

Color Combination

A lot of people are not good at choosing the right color combination that will suit their book design. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you’re not good at that.

Of course as an author, you don’t always have to be the one to design your book cover. You can get people to do that for you if you can afford it.

On the contrary, where you have to design the book cover by yourself, you have to find a way to design multiple colors and then choose from those design, the best color combination that will capture the idea behind your book, alongside your targeted audience.

Like i said earlier, designing a stunning book cover will to a large extent influence your book sales.

And these elements are very critical to your successful design of an exceptional book cover.


After your book cover, another important element that will decide whether your book will sell or not is your keywords.

Unlike traditional publishing, keywords play a very important role when it comes to online publishing.

For instance, the keywords you use for your books are going to determine whether potential buyers will find your books when they search for it online.

Where you’re not using the right keywords, your books may not be found easily and this might get to effect your sales in the long run.

The following are the things you should consider before choosing the keywords for your book.

Relevancy to book Content

Is this keyword relevant to the content of my book?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself before choosing a keyword for your book. Especially if you’re publishing on a platform like Amazon.

You need to be sure that your keyword is in line with the content of your book. You can’t afford to have a keyword that’s different from the idea behind your book.

Relevancy to Audience

Another thing you need to consider is to ask yourself, is this keyword relevant to my audience.

Is it part of the kind of phrases they will type into the search engine, when they are searching for things related to the content of my book?

Again, it is very important you get this right, if you really want to publish a book that sells online.

Platforms like Amazon and Google Search engine for instance can help you in getting the right kind of search keywords that will work for you.

In whatever you’re doing, be sure that your keywords are not just a collection of words relevant to your book alone but key phrases that will be relevant to what your potential buyer will search for it they wanted to buy something that’s related to your book.

Marketing Strategy

Do you want to write a book that sells online? Get the right marketing strategy in place.

That’s one thing any publisher would say to anyone planning to sell their book successfully. As you’d imagine, your marketing strategy plays an important role in the overall success of your book

But then, what’s the right marketing strategy. You’ll also want to ask this question right?

The right marketing strategy is the strategy that will help you sell your books online.

It is a combination of strategies that will help you get your published books, in front of potential buyers. Without this in place, you’ll not make a lot of sales with your books.

While I will still discuss extensively about promoting your book in a different post, the following are the important strategies that will help you promote your book online.

Promote on Amazon itself.
Promote on Social Media.
Promote on your website.

These are the three promotional strategies I’m going to focus on in this post. Like i mentioned earlier, I’ll write on the remaining ones in details, in a separate post.

Now let’s discuss these three in details.

Promote on Amazon

Amazon has a way of helping authors/publishers to promote their books online.

There are both free and paid promotional strategies you can use to promote your books on Amazon. This includes the Amazon KDP select among others.

Talking about the Amazon KDP select, this program allows your book to be promoted by Amazon to it’s subscribed readers, free.

With the KDP select, your books get promoted by Amazon and you get paid some token based on the number of times your book is read.

One thing you should note is that enrolling your book on the KDP select program bars your book from getting published on other platforms, during the pendency of it’s enrollment.

Besides KDP select, there are other ways you can also promote your books on Amazon like through periodic discounts, pre-sales, etc.

There are also paid promotions. All these are not strategies you should use indiscriminately.

You want to test each of these strategies to see the ones that best delivers on your goals then focus on using that one.

Promote on Social Media

As a marketing strategy, you can also promote your book on the social media.

Your social media promotion can be done either as paid promotions via ads or organic promotion through posts and shares.

As usual, you will need to run some split testing to find out what strategies delivers best results for you either on organic promotion or with paid advertisements.

Promote on your Website

Besides promoting your book on the social media, you can also get to promote it on your website.

As usual, this can be done organically, through content marketing, guest blogging etc or through promoted google ads.

You can also promote your amazon links button directly on your website or make it possible for people to buy your book online via your website.

You may not necessarily have to use all these strategies at the same time. You’ll have to test the strategies and then focus on using the ones that will give you the optimum results.

Publishing Platforms

Your publishing platform will also play an important role in determining whether your books will sell online or not.

So, before getting started with publishing online, you have to think it out critically; does your target audience have access to the platform you want to publish your book?

A lot of authors will automatically look at publishing on the popular online publishing platforms like Amazon, Smashwords, Okadabooks etc but, in some cases, these platforms may not work for everyone. Especially, if you’re writing non-fiction books.

So, where your target audience is not on this platforms, it might get difficult to sell your books right there.

For you to get to know what platform will work for your audience, you have to first of all sell on these platform, promote the book effectively on these platforms and then test your results.

With this results, you’ll be able to see what platform is giving you the best result and then focus on aligning your strategies with those platforms.

Here’s how far we’ll go on how to write and sell your book effectively, online. At Win Media Africa, we help you publish your book online, effortlessly. Get in touch.

So, do you have questions that bother on online publishing? Let’s hear you!

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