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Have you ever thought about becoming a published author but you suddenly become discouraged after thinking about the daunting task of writing and publishing your book from the scratch? What if I told you there’s a way to publish a book on Amazon without writing a word?

I know about a handful of people who’ve become published authors today without writing a single word, phrase or paragraph yet their books are read around the world.

As someone who understands what it means to have powerful stories, ideas and thoughts to share with the world without being able to do that due to one’s very tight schedule, in this article I’ll be sharing with you some of the key steps you can use to publish your book on Amazon KDP without having to write anything from the scratch.

The first step to publish a book on Amazon without writing is to identify the idea of what you want to write about.

Considering there are many different genres of books you can publish online, you want to find ideas in genres or topical areas you’re most cool with, depending on your motives.

But, before choosing your preferred area you have to identify your goal. Find out what you want to achieve with your book. Is it to make money, become an established thought leader or boost the status of your brand?

Whatever it is, your goal is going to be one of the most defining items that should shape your choice of writing genres, topics or niche.

As soon as you’ve identified your goal, the next thing you want to consider is your expertise, hobbies, experiences etc. if you’re writing a non-fictional work, these will be very useful for you in enriching your work.

If on the other hand you’re opting for a fictional work, your background, interests, hobbies, market demand etc. could be helpful in getting you to decide your preferred kind of story or how you’ll shape it.

There are a handful of options to choose from while getting to publish on Amazon without writing. For example, you can decide to hire a ghost writer to write your book, create and publish a low content book or publish a public domain work.

While either of these options have their own pros and cons, before getting to choose any of the options, you want to identify your goal clearly and then pick an option that aligns with your goals.

For example, if your goal for writing without writing is to propel your brand, your best option is to hire a ghost writer to write and publish your own work with your name instead of using either of the two options.

On the other hand, where your purpose of publishing online is just to make money without a lot of stress, you can go with either of the other top choices.

As someone opting to publish a book on Amazon KDP without writing, researching and outlining your ide gives you some sort of control over the final outcome of your work, especially where you’re going to hire a ghost writer to do the writing.

On the other hand, researching gets you to understand the nuances and audience expectations about the work while outlining the ideas gets you to set the tone for the work before getting it out to the writer.

While at this stage, you want to get the book outline structured into chapters and possibly sub chapters or sub themes at every angle, outlining the storyline based on how you want it to flow or just giving out as much details as you’d prefer for every section.

Where you don’t have as much time to give a detailed outline for this part, you can do a skeletal outline that will get your writer some ideas on exactly what you want.

Assuming you’ve opted to publish on Amazon without writing by using a ghost writer, here’s where you get to choose your preferred writer.

A Ghost Writer is a professional writer who can transform your ideas into books, just the way you would have done it. Before getting to choose one, keep in mind that you must use a writer that is well versed in your preferred genre and one with a pedigree that can deliver your book, just exactly the way you’d want it.

You can opt to get paid ghost writing services on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer or choose a preferred writer of your choice.

That said, most authors prefer to give their hired writers an outline of their stories to flesh it up while others would rather grant an interview or a summarized version of their stories for the writers to develop it into a book.

writing without writing
You can work with a ghostwriter to publish your book without writing a single word | Photos by Canva Studio

Whatever option you opt to use, be prepared to use an option that gets your writer to understand your story inside out so they can deliver it exactly the way you have it in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind while hiring ghost writer is to ensure they maintain or keep to your voice. Find a way to get them to understand you, your tone of voice and personality so they can easily replicate that in your work.

As soon as the ghost writer has completed the job and everything’s actually met your expectations, it’s now time to edit and revise your work to get it ready for final publishing.

Since you’re opting to publish on Amazon without writing, to get this done successfully, you’ll need the services of a professional editor where you’ll partner with them to edit the work to meet the final publishing stage.

At this point, you’ll work with your editor to edit the book to perfection by incorporating all necessary revisions be it grammatically or otherwise, to ensure the book is up to par.

Where you’re not ready to hire an editor, you can also use the editing stage to revise the work by yourself. Doing this also ensures you fine tune the book to meet up with the idea or storyline, crossing all the “t”s and dotting the “I”s exactly as it is in your head.

Whether you’re planning to publish a book on Amazon without writing or not, creating a captivating book cover is very crucial if you plan to get the attention of your audience very easily.

So at this stage, you want to pay attention to your book cover. And one of the best ways to do this is to check out book covers of the top selling books in your niche.

Find out, what are they like and what can you learn from them to use with your cover design?

When you’re all set to create your own book cover whether you’re designing the cover yourself or hiring a professional for that purpose, be sure you’re designing a cover that aligns with the essence of your book. And of course, make it compelling enough to draw in curious readers without effort.

If you’re going for Public Domain work, you may not necessarily have to create a re-design for the cover but where you want to, be sure it stands out.

Remember you’re competing with a handful of people out there. And regardless of your niche or preferred genre, your cover design is one of the easiest ways to make your book stand out.

After your manuscript is well edited and your cover design is completed, it’s now time to format your book and get it ready for publishing on Amazon.

As you get to this stage on your journey to publish on Amazon without writing, you want to pay attention to using specific KDP guidelines for formatting on Amazon.

Where you opted to publish a fiction or no fiction book with an intention to use publish both the ebook and paperback versions of your work, you must use the Amazon standard formatting options for your preferred book option so both books can be compatible for either Paperback printing or Kindle reader.

Of course you can use your Laptop to format your book to meet up with KDP requirements. You can also use the Kindle Create Application, for the ebook version of your work or you can hire a professional KDP expert to upload and publish your book on Amazon.

As soon as your account is created and set up properly, you can now fill in the details for your book, set the listing price and get to publish. Here’s a guide on how to format your book for Amazon KDP.

The journey to publish a book on Amazon without writing does not start and end the moment your book gets live on Amazon. That’s actually the end of the first phase.

The second phase is where you get the book out to potential buyers and your target audience. And you have to start this phase as soon as you’re all published.

Now, there are many ways to promote your book on Amazon KDP. For example enrolling your ebook in KDP select, using the Kindle Countdown Deals, Free book promotion among other options.

There are also paid promotional options you can use to get the words out for your book like leveraging Amazon Advertising, Social Media Advertising, 3rd party advertising, among many other options.

Pay attention to ensure that your preferred option of advertising and promoting your book actually aligns with your goals and resources. And of course, get the words out about your books as soon as it goes live so you can earn the benefits of early sales and reviews.

Final Words

With what you just learned today, you can see that with your own determination, creativity and resources, you can go out there to become a published author on Amazon without writing but I must tell you, to get to this point; you have to put in the initiative.

Beyond dreaming and hoping to get out of your busy schedule and get published one day, today you have found the secret strategy to write without writing and to publish a book on Amazon without writing the book. But, as always, it’s going to be up to you to decide to use this guide and get your books out there for the world today.

To get started, you can do this yourself or make use of third parties or hire professionals to get your books written and ready for publishing, where you feel this is a tough call for you. And of course, you can also reach out to us here.

Now it’s your turn. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to writing without writing? Drop your comments below.

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