How to make 2024 a better year

Regardless of your outcomes in previous years, one of your most crucial goals for this year is to crush it, double up your achievements and make 2024 a more successful year, against all odds.

Like you, the New Year presents a great opportunity for most people to recalibrate their lives, re-start their goals, consolidate on their successes or create something new.

Unfortunately, most people never get to achieve their new year goals, even after having them all set out with fan fare. In fact according to research, only 8 percent of people ever really keep their new year resolutions.

To get out of this cycle and really make 2024 your year of remarkable success, you must get out of the usual new year resolution ritual and take a different approach to get your life in sync with your goals.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing with you in the following paragraphs, some of the crucial steps you can take today, to really double your achievements and make this a more successful year, regardless of your goals, location or status.

Irrespective of who you are, your goals or your priorities, make this year a more better year, one of the first steps you want to take is to analyze and evaluate the outgone year.

Find out, what exactly where your goals for that year? How did you perform overall? What were the things you excelled and the ones you failed at?

Get a piece of paper, draw out a line and identify possible factors responsible for the successes you experienced as well as the losses you suffered.

Doing this gives you an idea about your priorities for the past year. Why these things were important to you, and what led to your successes or failures as you navigated each of them.

With this data, you get better equipped on things to avoid in the current year, the best steps to take based on prior experiences and the things to look out for.

If you’d already written down some great goals for last year without achieving them, you may be wondering, why do I have to set new goals when the other ones were not even successful?

Thing is, you don’t always have to set new goals. To make 2024 a more successful year, after reviewing your previous year, you now have actual data to decide whether to set a new goal or continue with an old one.

For most people, yearly goals are a continuous part of a long term goal, if you fall within this category, you may not necessarily have to set a new goal.

Instead of that, review your previous goals and find areas you can make adjustments be it in terms of implementation, approach or your available resources expended on the goals.

If you didn’t have any previous goal(s) or your former goals are not serving your overall realities anymore, then you must set new goals at this stage.

This is crucial because goal setting gets you the tools to set the tone for the year. With your goals, you can accurately measure your success at specific intervals, make necessary adjustments or plan accordingly.

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, when you get your goals right, you get equipped with the necessary details to create an actual plan that will get you to achieve those goals.

This is one of the most realistic ways to achieve your goals in any given year.

Learn a New Skill

One of the most impressive things about 21st century is that technology has brought about a lot of very fast and unprecedented changes in almost every industry.

Due to these changes, a lot of skills that were not important 10 to 20 years ago are becoming very popular and in top demand today.

A very popular example is “Social Media Management”.

20-25 years ago, there was no need for the position of social media manager in most companies but today, social media management is a top in demand skills and companies are paying a good sum to hire social media managers.

Same thing goes for jobs like Virtual Assistance, Programming, Data analysis etc.

These jobs were barely in existence, 20-25 years ago. And their skill set were not in demand. But today, the demand for these skills are increasingly getting higher.

On the other hand, a number of other skills that were high in demand, 15-20 years ago are also losing relevance, with the job and opportunities that comes with them.

For this reason, to make 2024 a more successful year, you need to position yourself to learn relevant skills that will define the future of work.

Make 2024 a better year
To make this a better year, don’t just set goals, set realistic goals | Photos by RDNE Stock project

Also, instead of learning just any skill, learn a new skill that can complement whatever marketable skill you have at the moment.  

To put into context, if you’re a Graphics Designer for example, you can learn about Content Marketing, Video Editing or Social Media Marketing etc. and get certifications for it.

If you’re a Content writer, you can also learn about Copywriting or Social Media Marketing or simply join a tech school like Win Media Academy and choose from an array of high demand skills.

Start a Side Hustle

Another way to make 2024 a more successful year is to get a side income that can support your main income.

To do this successfully, you can consider starting a new business by the side or work on developing your hobby into a money generating business, while keeping your main job.

For a good side hustle business, you can start an online business or work up something that can still run without needing your physical presence most times.

If you’re already running an online business, you can work on including things that can generate passive income for you. This could include things like publishing a book, running affiliate programs etc. as part of your new or side business for the year.

On the other hand if you’re not a fan of starting a business, you can work on developing your hobby.

It doesn’t matter whether your hobby is writing, singing, painting etc. Whatever it is, work on becoming so good at it.

Decide to make this year the year you’re going to put in effort to use any extra time you have to develop your hobby so much so that you become the reference point at some level In that industry/niche.

It doesn’t matter what it is, your hobby can be playing the guitar at your local church or anything. Work on making it better and become the best right there.

You never can tell but there are chances that hobby can possibly get you a big break or set you up as the next Oprah or Zuckerberg or Megan Duckett of whatever industry you’re in.

Start a Saving Plan

Saving is inevitable if you must become better financially. In fact, beyond saving, to make 2024 a better year, find suitable ventures to invest your spare income.

Work on spending far less than you earn. Budget your expenses accordingly and stick to your budget.

Of course I agree it’s easier said than done most times. But, you can decide to put a cap on your expenses on daily basis.

It makes you responsible. Helps you plan your life, expenses and keeps some money back for you in case of emergency situations.

With a globally struggling economy, you can’t afford to spend all your money without a budget and expect that this is going to be a better year. Things don’t work that way.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a yearly or quarterly budget and take care of your business first, before personal expenses and then get your savings fixed.

Pay attention. There are some events you’ll have to cut off, to save on expenses. If you want to make 2024 a better year, cut them off.

There are some parties you’ll say a big NO to and some fancy things you’ll have to postpone for your own good and your finances.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to budget for business and personal growth first because if you don’t you’ll definitely crash out of business.

And most importantly, you’re going to have prioritize your need. Save and focus on spending on the most important things first.

Get a Certification

Today, it’s far cheaper to get some professional certifications than it was 10-20 years ago.

Right now, with as little as 50 US Dollars or more, you can learn a skill, get online certifications, badges etc. and use them on your CV.

You don’t have to wait to get thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of Naira before you get certifications from credible institutions. You can start with a token from your savings.

There are also free certificate courses from trustworthy organizations like Google etc. You don’t have to pay anything to acquire some of these certifications. There are lots of them out there.

Decide to get at least one or two of these in this year, to enrich your CV and broaden your knowledge.

Volunteer your Skills & Expertise

In recent times, volunteering has become not just a way of giving back to the society but a way of spreading your brand name and getting your brand known for some good cause(s).

For personal brands, volunteering has also become a tool to get certifications or public notice and win some bragging rights that may come in handy at some future time.

As an entrepreneur, volunteering could serve as an opportunity to promote your business and inspire your potential clients to choose your brand.

It could also be a tool you can use to demonstrate your expertise or grow your portfolio, especially if you’re just starting out.

So, to make 2024 a better year, decide to include volunteering as part of your goals this year.

Make 2024 more successful
Having a saving plan is a great way to prepare for the proverbial rainy days | Photo by maitree rimthong

Find volunteering opportunities in areas you have the expertise, go out and make a difference in an exceptional way then tell the world about it.

Work Smart

If you plan on making 2024 a more successful year for you, your business and your personal life, then working you don’t just want to work hard, you have to work smart.

You can’t help it. It’s logical you have to put in better effort than you did last year if you’re planning to see better results than you did in the past.

But, instead of working just hard; plan on working smart. Working smart involves getting your goals right, planning and using every available technology and strategy to get the job done, faster and better.

To save time and get more productive in your business, find out if it’s possible to outsource some tasks. If it is, outsource them. You’ll get some more time left.

If it’s possible to use smart tools or other alternative means to get some jobs done at a faster rate, do just that. Don’t wait to sweat it all out just to demonstrate you’re working hard.

Automate the part of your job that needs to be automated as you focus on increasing your efficiency and improving your productivity. This is very important.

Live your life fully

Finally, to make 2024 a more successful than the past years, you have to live your life fully and all out.

Identify your goals. Get your plans mapped out and then go full out to work with the plan in achieving your best for the year.

Do the things you’ve always wanted to do to make your life better, happier and more meaningful. Take those steps you’ve always wanted to take.

Don’t wait for a better year or time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do not wait for another year to get better. In everything you’re doing, do them as if this is your best chance.

In this year, decide to give everything you do the best of you. And if it doesn’t deserve your best then don’t do it.

Decide to start living the memorable life you’ve always wanted. Start creating the impact you’ve been waiting for. Don’t postpone it.

Manage your time effectively and decide to prioritize and put things in their proper perspectives and you’ll see how you’ll create for yourself, a far more rewarding year.

Final Words

As you wind down into the new year, keep in mind that making this a more successful year is entirely your responsibility.

Yes! After all the prayers, New Year resolutions, goal setting and planning, everything all falls back on you. So, you have to take the steps to shape this year and make this your best year yet.

While at it, do not forget to re-invent yourself, dream new dreams and to live your life full out.

Like I mentioned earlier, learning some top demand digital skills could be one of the most practical steps you will take to make get started with this year. And you can take that step by signing up for the Win Media Academy here.

So, now it’s over to you! What was your biggest challenge last year? Drop your comments below…

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  1. These tips are not only helpful for creasing our achievements and making 2023 a more successful year, but they’re also great for building habits of success that can benefit us in all areas of life. Thank you!

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