How to boost your small business productivity and improve

Are you trying to boost your small business productivity, improve your reach and get better outcomes for your business?

As an entrepreneur, knowing the exact steps to take towards improving the outcomes for your small business can be quite tricky some times.

Especially where you don’t have adequate business experience to start with.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of new entrepreneurs focus on using the trial and error method, where they try random strategies in the hope that one will stick through in the end.

For some part of my over 6 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through some of these trials and error pattern with my business so, I know how it feels to get started on a business journey without adequate experience…

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that no one really has to go through the stress of trying and failing before getting to learn important business lessons.

And yes, as powerful as life experiences can be, smart entrepreneurs do not have adequate time or the willingness to wait, in order to experience every single part of the lessons they need to learn in life.

There are always pioneers to learn from. And for this reason, in order to move ahead in life, you can always learn from others who have had experiences, take up the part that can work for you and apply to your own business.

In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing with you below, 5 of the important strategies that can help you to improve your small business productivity…

Identify what you want to achieve

One of the first steps to boost your small business productivity is to identify the things you want to achieve with your business within a specific period, say one month interval for instance.

The reason behind this is that having a clear idea about your goals makes it easier for those goals to be achieved.

Now, to get this done easily, you can start with taking a look at your overall goal for the year…

If it turns out that you were not able to break down your yearly goals into monthly or periodic achievement levels, you can begin to do that at this point.

Figure out, what part of your yearly goal for the year can you achieve in this month and how much impact will this have towards your overall goal for the year?

As soon as you have sorted this out, the next thing you want to do is to move over to the next step of strategic planning.

Set up Strategic Planning

Ordinarily, planning is very important if you really want to boost your business productivity.

Alright. So, one of the key factors that will help you in building a successful business is to have a strategic plan that will get you through the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

To be more specific, planning helps you in setting out the tone for the achievement of your goals…

So, to have boost your business productivity as a small business owner, after setting out your goal for the month, you have to strategically plan out the steps you want to take to achieve those goals.

If you’re a web developer and your goal is to make an XYZ amount of money in the month for instance, you need to ask yourself questions like; how many clients will I need to have within this period so I can make this amount of money?

As soon as you’re able to sort this, you need to follow up with the next question; how will I be able to get in touch with them? How much will I charge my clients per service (or product) in order to achieve the targeted goal. And how many hours will I have to work in order to meet up with this target?

You see, setting up a plan like this makes the achievement of your goal more realistic…

Because, with a strategic plan and the right data, you are not just going to make guess work of what you can achieve, you’ll be able to see the possibilities before you and the possible short coming you need to avoid if you want to achieve your set goals.

Same thing goes if you’re a content creator for instance…

Knowing the number of posts you want to create per week for example, the platform you want to target and the possible result you’ll get in return will help you in taking the right steps that will yield your desired outcomes.


Whether you want to get a more productive month, year or build a more successful business, implementation is very important.

After setting out your goals and creating a systematic plan, the next thing you want to do is to implement the plan.

Remember, you can have the best goals, wonderful ideas and well thought out plans but, without implementing them, nothing is ever going to change.

I have seen a lot of promising small businesses get stuck at the implementation stage, due to one reason or the other…

Beyond financial restraint, a lot of things combine to account for the causes of lack of implementation of business ideas.

Some of these factors includes things like the feeling of not knowing exactly where to start, how to take that first step, getting overwhelmed or simply feeling disappointed after a new realization.

In order to avoid these set backs and improve your business productivity, you want to go back to your business plan, find out areas you can break down.

Go ahead and break it down, from the most difficult to the most basic, create effective steps in the plan and then link everything up together, as a string of steps.

Afterwards, pick up the most basic and effective step in your business plan and begin to implement them.

Here’s an example below…

If your goal is to set up a new small business for instance, instead of starting with building a website, you can start with creating your logo… Getting your brand together, getting on social media and then building a website.

Starting with the easiest step in your business plan simplifies the whole process.

It also helps you in building positive momentum as you get to make the tiny little successes with each step you take.

Do not wait to start with the biggest step in your business plan. This is one of the easiest ways to get overwhelmed.

Measure your outcomes

How to boost your small business Productivity

After you begin to implement your business ideas, in order to know if the steps will actually lead you to boost your small business productivity, you need to measure your outcomes.

By measuring your outcomes I mean reviewing the things you have been able to achieve so far, based on the steps you have taken.

Now, too many businesses do not review or measure their outcomes in any part of their businesses. And this is really bad.

You need to pay attention to the things you have been able to achieve with your business. And to do this, you have to go on a review at different intervals.

With the review, you want to measure the results you have achieved so far at least within a 2 weeks interval since your goal is to boost your productivity within a month.

Find out; which of the strategies stood out? Which of them flopped and what was responsible for both results?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, content creator, designer or freelancer, having a complete idea about what worked or didn’t work will help you to re-strategize.

When you find out the true situation of things, you will be able to make some adjustments that will improve your outcomes.

Re-strategize and re-launch

As part of business growth, there are always going to be times where we need to sit back, re-map our strategies or try out ways to create a better results for our businesses.

Doing this or working on re-strategizing your plans doesn’t always mean that the plans did not fall through.

It could also mean that you are making a decent progress with your current strategies but at the same time, you want to have a better result hence you need to analyze what’s working and then find out ways to improve on them.

Final Words

While working on analyzing your strategy, always remember that a particular period under review may be too short to give you adequate data that will afford you a clear understanding of factors that led to an improvement or decrease in your results.

You want to be able to have a more holistic view of your business growth patterns and then draw up better conclusions based on that.

After your conclusions have been drawn, in order to get more productive as a small business, you need to figure out ways to improve on your strategy for better results.

Now, there you have it. Some of the most important strategies that will help you to improve your business productivity. So, which of these strategies made the most sense to you?

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