Top 7 high demand digital skills 2023

As a job seeker that plans to stay relevant in the coming years, one of the first steps you can take to boost your employability skills is to identify and learn about the high demand digital skills that will shape the job market of the future.

Although a steady rise in technology has increased the need for digital skills, naturally; all digital skills are not the same. Some skills have a higher demand than the others, while some have a higher supply of experts than the rest.

As someone poised to position themselves for the best opportunities in the job market, your top job is to identify the top selling digital skills with high demand, learn these skills and get prepared to earn from them.

Considering that taking out time to identify these skills can be a daunting task, in the following paragraphs, I’ll be listing out some of the top high demand skills you’ll need to stay ahead and how you leverage them to start earning a decent income for yourself…

Web Design & Development

A steady rise in internet penetration around the world has pushed a lot of businesses previously offline, to build a digital presence so they can be reached online.

This situation has driven an increase in demand for web developers thus making web design and development one of the key in demand digital skill in the job market today.

The good thing about web design and development is that it is not just a high demand digital skill in Nigeria alone; it is a top digital in demand across the world; meaning that with this skill, you can position yourself to work from and at anywhere both locally and internationally.

Another thing is that web development is not always all about coding. You can learn web development without coding if that’s what you prefer, just the same way you can learn with coding.

Also, depending on the kind of web design training you’re going for, you can gain substantial skills within 6-12 weeks of intensive learning or even less, if you’re a fast learner. You can register for our professional web design training here.

As someone with a web design skill there are a lot of opportunities for you to make money and earn with your skills either directly or indirectly.

For example, you can position yourself as a freelance web developer building website for businesses. You can also start out as a web consultant or a website technician in an established firm, besides setting up your own digital firm.

Content Development & Copywriting

Copy writing and content development is another high demand digital skill in Nigeria and other parts of the world. This is made so by the increase in demand for online content by businesses on web platforms.

As a content writer, you can develop content for businesses of all kinds or choose a specific niche where you’ll develop your expertise. You can also get employed as an in house content writer, analyst or strategist. And you can also start your own content marketing firm.

Although content development is one of the digital skills with a high number of supply, there’s still a steady demand for content creators, both for online and offline businesses due to the need for increasing content creation and management online.

Also, in spite of the high number of content writers, in most niches finding high quality content writer can be very difficult. Thus there’s still a chance to carve a niche for yourself as a high value content creator.

One notable thing about content development is that it transcends different niches and industries so you can always choose a specific niche you want to focus on. With this you can abandon niches with a higher supply of creators to focus on those with lower supplies.

Also, as a content creator, you can choose to work for a business either on their social media, website & blogs or offline. Alternatively, you can combine all three, thus expanding your scope of offer and value as an employee or entrepreneur.

You can get certified in content development by joining our content marketing training here.

Social Media Management

The need for social media presence has made Social Media Management a top high demand digital skill with extensive demand by businesses and individuals around the world.

Unlike what it was years ago, today; more and more businesses are creating social media platforms to drive business expansion and engage with their customers.

Considering that not all businesses have what it takes to manage their social media accounts or possess the expertise that can lead them to achieve their expected outcomes on social media, some businesses will rely on social media managers.

As a social media manager, you possess the skills and experience that can help a client achieve their social media marketing goals. And you can employ these skills to service by learning the required fundamentals and positioning yourself accordingly in order to attract the right kind of clients.

One good thing with social media management is that beyond working with a firm, you can work as an independent contractor and you can manage as much as 3-5 social media platforms at a go thus opening you up for opportunities to earn more.

Video Editing

With the evolution of video content, short skits, vlogging and video focused social platforms like Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram; Video Editing has eventually become a top high demand digital skill.

With a large number of video editing tools available online, it might seem like there’s no need to learn video editing as a skill but learning video editing is even more important today unlike years back.

Creating high quality video content is very tasking, time consuming and demanding. With the need for large turnout of video content, content creators are undergoing production pressure that’s pushing a surge in demand for video editors.

Apart from assisting content editors, the growing influence of social media has increased the need for a social media focused kind of video content. This is where you can come in as a video production and editing expert, positioning yourself to create solutions for businesses.

Learn, get certified and start your video editing journey join our video editing training here.

Software & Mobile App Development

With more businesses opting to use mobile application with or without websites, mobile app development is fast becoming a very high demand digital skill in Nigeria, including many parts of Africa and the developing world.

Regardless of the increasing number of mobile app developers around the world, Nigeria in particular and Africa generally is still lagging behind in the number of app developers compared to other parts of the world like Asia, America and Europe.

You can take advantage of this situation by positioning yourself to learn this skill, become an expert, start building applications for companies and earning both locally and internationally.

Although learning how to build mobile apps can seem daunting for beginners, it is not as tasking as it seems. And when you’re well positioned as an expert, the earnings from this skill will definitely compensate for the time spent in learning and grooming yourself.

Graphics Design

This is one of the most important high demand digital skills that have been in a great demand for businesses of all kinds, both online and offline.

In most cases, even though a business may not need a website, social media account or mobile application, to reach their customers or showcase their products the business will need a banner or flyer to be designed by a Graphics Designer.

The need for Graphics Design skills has been on a steady rise before and during the rise in other tech skills.

And in spite of other basic design tools like Canva and others, businesses are still in need of experienced graphics designers to achieve their goals. This is where you come in as a graphics design expert.

With the right skills set, you can position yourself either as a freelance graphics designer working for both online and offline businesses. You can also work with an establishment as an in house designer or you start your own graphics design business.

Regardless of the steps you may take to position yourself as a graphics designer, there’s enough market demand to keep you busy as long as you know your onions and how to go about things.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not just a high demand digital skill; it is a skill that encapsulates a number of other in demand digital skills.

For example, it encompasses search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing etc.

While it is important to have a good understanding of the important digital marketing skills, if you want to build a solid level of relevance with digital skills; choose one or two of these skills, learn deeply about them and establish your expertise there.

Naturally, two of the top leading digital marketing skills in the Nigerian market are search engine optimization and social media advertising. But unfortunately, there’s not enough local experts in this niche, especially search engine marketing.

Notwithstanding, more local businesses are utilizing the web to drive growth and make sales. Some of these businesses are using search engine marketing as their primary means to gain improved visibility while others are using digital advertising.

This development has created a demand for more local experts. And you can leverage this to learn about these skills, gain mastery and position yourself as an expert, providing these services to businesses within the Nigerian market.


In conclusion, these skills are not just top demand skills in your local region, they are skills you can learn and use to work with businesses of all kinds, regardless of where you learned the skills.

Also, apart from the leading skills listed here, there is a number of other high demand-digital skills like data analytics, cyber security, block chain technology, cloud computing etc. which you can also consider.

While the latter skills may not be high demand digital skills in Nigeria at the moment, they are in serious demand elsewhere. And should you plan to become one of the leading local experts while others get set to play catch up, you can get to start with them.

Alternatively, if you have interest in these other skills, you can still learn, get certified and position yourself for the international market, irrespective of whether you’re going to work locally, remotely or travel abroad.

Regardless of how many international experts there are, the important thing is that there’s still a need for experts that can being local solutions to unique local problems. This is where you come in.

Also, even though some of these niches already have a high supply of experts, as always, you can choose a niche and distinguish yourself right in there.

To learn more about the top in demand digital skills you can get started with, reach out to us here.

Now, it’s your turn! What are the preferred top demand skills you’d like to learn? Drop your comments below.

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