7 Easy ways to create Content Faster

Whether you’re creating content for a Blog, YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok, learning how to create content fast you can triple your productivity, double your outcomes and grow your platforms.

The reason for this is not far fetched. Content drives platform growth. To a large extent, your success as a content creator depends on the quantity and quality of content you can create.

The more you create great content, the better your chances of getting search engine visibility, better organic traffic and more web visits to your page.

But unfortunately, it turns out that the more we have need to research and create quality content, the lesser the time we have at hand to create them.

With such reality, it becomes almost impossible to keep the pace of creating a large number of content on one hand and maintaining high quality standard on the other hand.

And for this reason, a lot of content creators like you are looking for better ways to create high quality content in the fastest possible time.

In the following paragraphs, I will be sharing with you the 7 proven strategies you can use to create content fast, even if you’re just a learner.

These are strategies I’ve shared with my students from all works of life. And they’ve been gleaned from almost a decade of experience as content creator…

Create a Calendar

A content calendar is one of the very first things to put in place, if you really want to to create content fast.

Although you’ll find it very handy as a social media content creator, generally, a content calendar is very useful in getting you ideas on how to plan and organize your content, regardless of where you’re posting them.

How it works

Instead of waiting to create content ideas when there is need for one, with a content calendar, you can plan and organize your content ahead of time.

For example, your content calendar can be divided into days, weeks, etc. Sometimes, it can span a period of 6 months to 1 year, depending on the specific goal you want to achieve with your platform over that period.

Like most creators; from ideas, to strategy and design, building a content calendar has simplified my own content creation process. It can work for you too.

So, to create content faster, you can work on setting up a content calendar for your platform, based on the specific goal you want to achieve within a specified period.

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website for instance, you can work on creating a content strategy around that goal and then channeling your content towards creating that result.

Your content strategy could extend for as long as months or a quarter or half a year, depending on your goal.

With a content calendar in place, you already have specific content ideas to work with whenever you need one.

Get your thoughts together

A content map is like a mind map or a collection of your ideas on a particular subject matter.

Supposing you already have a content calendar in place… After picking up a topic from the calendar, think through and research the idea then work on dividing it into sub headings, based on the main idea ( or topic).

Dividing up your topic like this makes it easier for you to create the content. With the main ideas broken down into sub heads, it becomes easier to fill up the sub head with the right content without losing focus on the main idea.

At the same time, this can also ease up assimilation of your content by the end user, after you’re done writing it.

To get started on this, all you need do is break up your topic into sub sections or sub topics and then begin to write them in bits.

Here’s an example below…

Instead of lumping together, a long detailed post on how to become a content writer for instance without sub headings, you can come up with something like “steps to become a content writer.

With this, you can now break down the information for the reader, starting from the first step, right to the last step.

While doing this will help the reader to understand and assimilate your content from the beginning to the end, as a content creator, it guides your content creation process, ensuring you have the needed flow of ideas that will guide you through.

Repurpose your Content

If you’re used to creating long and lengthy pieces of content, sometimes you may want to create concise and shorter posts.

Apart from helping you to create content fast, creating diversity in your content length can also be helpful for some of your audience.

Aside from creating shorter content as part of your strategy, you can also take up a longer piece of content and break them down into shorter and snackable content.

Doing this helps you and your audience especially those who are interested in getting only a certain part of the content while also keeping up the quantity of content you create without reducing the quality.

At the same time, you can also consider repurposing your content and creating content in other content formats.

So, if you’re basically creating video content, you can consider translating the videos directly into written content and posting it on your blog. Save for just a few editing you don’t have a lot to edit with this.

PS: Remember, the goal of repurposing content is not to reduce the quality of your content rather to make it available to people who’d prefer the same content in other format thus increasing visibility while reducing time spent in creating new content.

Write the way you talk

One of the biggest issues faced by most content creators is the inability to create content that sounds really natural. And this can be a draw back for anyone planning to create content fast.

A lot of the time you might want to go overboard by sounding or presenting your content in a certain way, because you want to create a particular impression with your audience.

Most times, this is not necessary.

Normally, depending on your target audience; it is always best to sound as natural as possible, if you really want to create a connection with your audience using your content.

So, if this is the case; then you want to create your content just the same way you would if you were to be chatting with a friend, making it so easy for your audience to relate and understand your content just as a friend would easily understand your conversations.

Doing this removes some of the complexities that makes content creation a struggle for most creators.

So, to create content faster, rather than trying to sound extremely sophisticated, whenever you’re creating content, learn how to write the way you talk?

Doing this will not only ease the tension you’d feel while trying to sound differently, it will improve the flow and your ability to create your content faster.

It will also bring out your originality, allowing your audience to be able to connect with your own personality at a deeper level.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a big deal for a lot of content writers. Especially the upcoming ones.

I can understand. A lot of things may come underway especially if you’re a freelance content creator but honestly, that’s not enough excuse to not plan your content ahead of time.

Planning your content ahead of time either based on your content calendar or posting schedule has a way of helping you fast track the content creation process.

Instead of trying to create content at the dying minutes where you’ll certainly be undergoing some sort of pressure, you want to plan your content ahead of time.

Doing this gives you the chance to get more relaxed while creating the content. And with a relaxed state of mind comes a steady flow of ideas. In turn, the better the flow of ideas, the more you’re able to create content fast.

Create Everything, Edit later

Editing can take your time. It can also cut short any plans to create content fast, if you’re not careful. This is one of the issues a lot of creatives and content writers are struggling with.

It might seem like a great idea to stop over and correct typos or grammatical errors when you see them while creating your content but on the contrary, this is counter productive.

Each time you stop over to erase, edit or correct typos in your content, you definitely disrupt the flow of ideas at that time.

In order to avoid this, it is best you write down the whole idea exactly the way it is in your head then work on editing it later.

Same thing goes for the opening or introductory parts of your posts. When it comes to content creation, your opening is supposed to be very catchy just so your audience can be captivated as soon as they click on the link.

A lot of the times, we can spend time creating an opening before working on the body of the content and still edit out the opening after we’re done with the main body of the post.

Usually, it’s not advisable to spend too much time at the opening parts of your post as it can really affect the length of time you spend in creating the content entirely.

To create content faster, you can always start from the body of the content then go back and create the opening when you’re done with the other part.

Hire Content Creators

As one of the other realistic steps to create content faster, if you can afford it; hiring content creators can get the whole bulk of the work off your shoulders.

There are a handful of good content writers who can help you write and create your content while you focus on other things.

Engaging experts like this can easily fast track your content creation process while giving you time to focus on other important things like promoting the content etc.

For this to work very well though, you need to be sure your hired content creator follows your usual content style so the difference will not be spotted by your audience.

Although it can be a bit difficult for other kind of content like Video content for example…

But if you’re producing video content, instead of entirely giving up your content creation to a third party, you can outsource a bulk of the research, strategy and design to these guys while you work on the real content creation.

Final Words

In conclusion, creating a high quality and consistent content can be tasking but it is still very important to the success of your blog, website, social media or any other platform you’re building online.

Your goal as a content creator is to find ways to create content faster, easily and without reducing your content’s quality. This is your surest bet to get visibility and traffic moving steadily.

As you just learned today, these are some of the most important tips you can use to reduce the time you spend in creating content right now, and using these tips, you can create faster and better content more easily.

So, do you want to learn more about content marketing and how to become a more productive and successful content creator? Join our content marketing masterclass here. In this class, you’ll get practical lessons, mentorship and all the support you need to become an excellent content creator.

Now, it’s over to you. Which of these tips do you think is the most important to you as a content creator?

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