How to build a loyal brand online

Building a loyal audience, tribe or a team of dedicated fans is super important if you want to create a truly exceptional brand.

The reason behind this is not farfetched. Your fans are your foot soldiers. They are the ones who’ll take up your brand and become your unofficial brand ambassadors.

Most of the times, they will spread your brand to places you may never have reached on your own, just because they love you what you’re doing.

And the good thing about tribes is that the more loyal they are, the more they become committed to your cause.

Does building an audience really matter for smaller brands?

Building a committed audience is very important for your brand no matter who you are.

You may think that you’re not planning to become a major celebrity or some big brand so you do not need loyalty from your audience but truth be told, if you’re planning to build a really substantial brand online, you’re going to need a team of dedicated and loyal audience.

Regardless of the size of your brand, you’re going to need a team of fans who are dedicated to your cause; fans who share your own sentiments and are committed to spreading your message. This is what a loyal audience does for you.

How to attract your loyal fans?

To attract this kind of loyal fans, you have to understand exactly the tribe you want to build, before you embark on building them.

So, before getting started, you have to ask yourself some questions like; what kind of audience do I want to attract? Where can I find them? And how can I create the kind of brand that attracts them.

Below are the strategic steps you can use to attract a loyal audience for your brand;

Create your Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition or USP is the difference you want to make as a brand. Or call it the reason why people should listen to you or choose your brand over others.

Like brand messaging, it is a clear statement that distinguishes your brand.

At this point you need to ask yourself, what exactly, am I bringing to the table with this brand. Why should people care about my brand? Or if I were in my audience, why would I want to follow this brand?

To create something that really stands out as a unique value proposition; you might want to consider going to the extremes or taking a middle course, depending on your brand goals and your niche.

So, if your niche was largely very conservative, you can evolve a more liberal outlook with your brand.

If they were very liberal, you can take the opposite route and vice versa. Your objective is to create something distinguished and easily discernible.

Identify your Audience

Before you embark on creating a brand, you also have to understand the kind of audience you want to attract.

Doing this will help to fine tune your brand in a way that will be attractive to them. So, if you’re trying to attract a conservative religious audience with your brand for instance, the moment you have a clear idea about this, you can go ahead to create and fine tune your brand in a way that will appeal to them.

Same thing goes if you’re trying to attract a young, liberal, and urbane audience for your brand.

Each section of the audience you want to attract has their own peculiarities and the kind of things that appeal to them including language, tone, brand colors etc.

The earlier you find out these things and create a brand that suits their profile, the easier it is for you to make inroads towards appealing to them.

Locate your audience

Find out, where does this your target audience gather? Where can you find them? Is it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn? Go meet them right on that platform.

Head over to the platform where a large majority of your audience is located. Create a profile there and begin to work on building your content right from where they are gathered and where they can get to see you.

If the platform your audience is located is a social media, ensure that you do not just build a platform for yourself there, also build a more permanent platform for your brand outside the social media like on a website or log and gradually get your fans over to your own platforms.

Create Content that appeals to your audience

To create a loyal audience, you have to give them content that appeals to them; that kind of content that keeps them coming back to you, again and again. Without this, it is very difficult to create a loyal audience.

Reason is because, content is what drives your tribe. It is the fuel that keeps them committed to you. And the moment you stop providing this kind of content, they might as well move onto the next brand.

Now, for your content to create a raving impact within your audience, your audience has to be able to really relate to or connect with that content in very meaningful ways.

So, to create this kind of content, you have to understand the kind of content that matters to your audience. This is the first step.

Now, the easiest way to understand the kind of content your audience will love is to first of all research the audience, understand the kind of brands they follow, the kind of content they consume and how such content is produced.

As soon as your findings are completed, you can then work on finding ways to model this kind of content while keeping your own distinct brand identity.

Create consistency

Consistency is one of the hallmarks of a successful branding. From consistency in posting to consistency in voice and branding, you need to maintain a certain level of uniformity that’s easily noticeable throughout your content.

Use a uniform brand colors and voice. A lot of the times some brands make the mistake of changing their brand colors, brand tone of voice etc when they post content on different voice. Sometimes, this goes as far as using different display pictures for different platforms.

This is not right. It doesn’t matter that you’re building a personal brand, maintaining a certain level of consistency with your brand across all platforms is very important and it will be very useful to you.

That said, your consistency should also extend to content building. The more good and consistent content you create, the more people get to see and engage with your brand; the less content you create, the less attention you get. This is what happens out there.

If you want to create a loyal audience, you have to be committed to creating content consistently. And you don’t just have to create content, you have to create good and relevant content consistently.

Not only will this be helpful in keeping your brand relevant, it will also be very helpful for your search optimization either on the social media or with your websites and blog.

Share your brand story

Your brand story is unique to you. It identifies your struggles, enhances your victories and humanifies your brand. This is part of the story you want to share with your audience.

From time to time you need to chip in your personal brand story through your content. Take your audience through your own journey and make them feel like they are a part of that journey.

Doing this will make you more relatable and your brand more authentic before your audience. It will also boost your Know, like and trust factors across board.

As part of your brand story, engage in sharing your social proofs. It boosts your credibility within your audience. At intervals, showcase your achievements and the major feats you’ve achieved. It goes a long way to validate your integrity as a brand.

Show that you care about your audience

As humans, we care about people that care about us. For you to create a tribe that is really committed to you, you have to also show that you’re committed to your tribe.

You can start this by creating the kind of content that really matters to them but, you don’t just have to stop there. You also have to get involved in a cause that matters to your audience. That’s what successful brands do.

Final Words

Building a very loyal audience for your brand is far beyond sharing sentiments. It’s about building a committed relationship that is earned and nurtured over time.

Indeed it is not a race but it’s a marathon. That’s why there’s always a need to start with identifying your audience and then a focus on building this audience, strategically. Remember, if you need help on this, our experts can help you!

Now, when it comes to building a loyal audience for your brand, what can you say is your biggest struggle? Let’s hear you.

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