How to choose a niche for your blog

Are you finding it difficult to choose a profitable niche for your new blog?

We all know that the journey to starting a new blog begins with choosing a blogging niche that will fit in with your goals as a blogger.  To most bloggers, making this choice is never always an easy one.

In most cases, a blogger’s preferred blogging niche might technically be a major decider of the success or failure of their blog especially when it comes to making money online.

And for this reason, a lot of bloggers have gone an extra mile to put in the work into choosing a profitable niche that will align with their blogging goals.

So, are you struggling to choose a profitable niche for your blog? In the following paragraph, i will be showing you some steps you can use in choosing a profitable niche that will work for your blog.

Find your goal

So, what exactly do you want to achieve with your blog? Do you want to go into full time blogging to make money online or you just want to do blog as a hobby?

When i started blogging many years ago, I wanted to start a blog but i wasn’t really sure of what i should be blogging about. And i didn’t really have a blogging goal.

I remember, i had recently embraced personal development then, because that was really important to me at that stage of my life… But practically i was still more of an upcoming poet at that time.

I did lots of reflective poetry and all but somehow considering my decision to start a blog, i still felt poetry was not something that everyone will appreciate.

As naive as i was, i decided that blogging about Poetry is not what I should do. So instead of poetry, I chose personal development. And then slow and steady, my blogging journey began.

Of course, even after finding a niche i could blog about, i knew that beyond the sense of fulfillment i derived from blogging, I also needed an avenue to generate some income from blogging.

But, I also didn’t put that into consideration or figure out how to go about making money with my blog at the initial stages.

You see, the first step towards choosing a blogging niche that works is finding your goal and then choosing a niche that aligns with that goal.

Go for a low competition niche

Don’t just choose a niche, if you want a blogging niche that will help you achieve your goals faster, choose a low competition niche. This is very important.

For me, two years after, blogging in the personal development niche, I could say I did a decent work as a personal development writer and coach to young adults like me back then. I even published a book during the process.

But then somehow inside of me, I knew I wasn’t satisfied. I still felt like something was missing. At a point, I realized i still felt i needed more experience.

I felt i needed some more practical knowledge i could share with my audience. Something like own my journey experience.

As expected, i didn’t suddenly feel this way because i was becoming inadequate. I realized my competition was stiff. And they were highly experienced.

So i began to think about diverging into other niches like writing about Blogging, Digital Marketing and Web Development (which were part of the things I’d started doing as at then), while building the requisite experience I needed.

That’s how my second blogging journey started.

From Personal Development, i delved into the business of digital marketing, sharing my experience and helping others to transform their lives through digital skills.

Choose a niche you can grow through

Whether you’re passionate about it at the initial stages or not, you want to choose a niche you can grow through.

You want to choose a blogging niche that you will willingly learn the nitty gritty of the process and share the journey with your audience, even if you didn’t have the experience at the initial stages.

This is the kind of niche you’ll want to have because while learning through the process, you will gain a lot of experience to share with your audience while building your brand.

Learning and applying my digital skills to make life meaningful for others really made me feel i had become more competent.

It grew my confidence and at the same time, creating a niche for me, not as someone churning out things he read from the pages of a book but an expert giving advice based on experience. This is what i really wanted for my audience.

At the end of the day, the new stuff i wrote about helped me a lot. It built my brand, advertised the services i was involved in, demonstrated my expertise and i was also able to earn from the stuff i write about.

Now, this is what i want you to learn at this point; choosing a niche you can grow through helps in bringing in sustainability to your blogging.

As you continue to deepen your interest in the subject area, you begin to have a newer perspective, more content to create for your audience, brand storylines and a better opportunity to build thought leadership in your niche.

Choose a Paying Niche

If you want to choose a profitable blogging niche for your blog or any platform whatsoever, choose a paying.

Forget about people that tell you to choose a niche you are passionate about alone. Blogging doesn’t always start and end with your passion. Except you want to blog as a hobby.

But, if your plan is to build a thriving blog that can help you to earn a decent income online, then you have to understand that in as much as you’re the owner of your blog, your blog is more about your audience and the subject that matters to them.

Like I mentioned earlier, choosing the right topic for your blog is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make before you start a blog.

Answers to these question will guide you on what to blog about, how to go about your blogging journey. And then the action you take will take to shape your ultimate outcome.

Here are some scenario you’ll want to consider…

If I’m interested in starting a blog because I want to make money online, first thing I’ll do is consider which blogging niche is going to be more profitable for me, based on my current skills set and interests.

I’ll consider what topics are more likely to earn more, compared to the others.

After that I’ll ask myself, do I have what it takes to blog about these topics? Do I have the experience or will I be willing to continue learning about this topic as I continue to write my blog?

If I have the experience then this should give me enough content already. Where I don’t adequate have experience, I’ll have to be ready to research and learn about the blogging niche. This is where interest comes in.

Where you don’t have interest or experience in a particular profitable blogging niche, check out the other niches you have experience in and find out how profitable those areas can be.

When this is done, you have to choose the closest topic that you have an interest in which can also generate some decent income. This should be your blogging topic area.

Here’s another scenario…

Starting a blog because you want to drive leads to your already established business.

Under this scenario finding a niche for your blog is quite easy because the blogging niche is already spelled out, based on your business.

So here, what you’ll do is to checkout other websites in your business niche then find out the kind of blogging topics they blog about.

Find out the length of their content, how it connects with the audience and every other detail you need to know.

The knowledge you get from here will help you understand the kind of stuff your audience really wants. And with that you can work on giving them just that, through your blog posts. A tool like Ubersuggest can give you a good idea on top ranking posts on any website you want to review.

Remember the research here is to give you an idea about what others in your niche are already writing on their blog, so you can better understand what your target audience needs.

Start with a familiar niche

Finally, if you’re not sure of what you should be blogging about, start blogging about topics you’re already comfortable with.

Like I mentioned earlier in the opening part of this post, you can always start from somewhere. With time you can streamline your blogging topic to areas that will be more profitable to both you and your audience. This is exactly how i started.

Besides everything you’ve learned here, when you finally get to choose a blogging niche, focus on choosing an evergreen niche, a kind of niche that will not lose its appeal after a short while.

And finally, in everything you do, be sure you’re creating value for your audience. This is very important.

So, there you have your 5 easy steps to choose a profitable niche for your blog! Want to learn more about how to become a better blogger? Join our exclusive Smart Blog Mastery Course.

Now, it’s over to you. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to choosing a blogging niche? Let’s hear you!

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