Can I be really honest with you?

It’s now easier to build a platform and share your story today than it was 10 years ago.

You’re wondering why I’m saying this right?

Let me share a story with you.

So a fortnight ago, I watched a program Naija vibes on a national TV.

Right on this program, the presenters had a charming guest who was brought in to talk about relationships.

Upon introduction of the guest, I was not only surprised, I was amazed that the very things I’ve said repeatedly were already happening in my own eyes.

So what exactly was that?

Our dear guest was no other professional than a blogger.

Yes a blogger! Or call it “ordinary” blogger.

I was surprised when the first thing they introduced her as a blogger. So the introduction went like this: Our guest on Naija vibes today is Mrs… She is a Blogger… (And then the other things followed).

Of course you know typically here in Nigeria, bloggers are not really supposed to be respected. Like blogging is not accorded so much respect here.

Bloggers here are categorised as copy and paste practitioners!

That’s the thinking of the average Nigerian!

So it can get surprising when a blogger is called on a national TV to come discus on a very important and specialised topic.

Back to our story…

The delectable blogger who happened to be blogging about relationship did not only make me feel justified watching the program (because I’m not a TV fan)…

Her presentation made me revisit one of my strongest philosophies that what you do can make you really stand out, if you’re going to do it so well.

Take look at it. This is something most people don’t understand and I want you to read this really well…

Blogging has given people platforms they would never ordinarily have without practicing blogging.

It has given so many people who would never have the chance an opportunity to share their story and even earn income during  the process.

And yes, blogging has put food on people’s table.

To be sincere, no matter who you are, with an ordinary blog you can create a compelling brand and a platform for yourself if that’s all you want. 

Take for instance…

A doctor starts a blog that gives advice on some health tips etc, based on his expertise and knowledge…

You used the tip and it worked for you. Would you think it was copy and paste?

If he consistently provides tips that work, won’t you want him to come talk to a bigger audience (if you had the chance) so other people can benefit?

How about the lawyer that gives probono pieces of legal advice on his blog or social media, that you read all the time?

Which lawyer would you first think of if your brother had a case in court? I’m sure one of them will be the lawyer you’ve been reading his legal tips.

It’s as simple as that. Blogging is giving people opportunities to showcase their expertise.

People are displaying and emphasizing their expertise on their blogging platforms.

There’s so much possibilities in the digital spheres right now and you’ll be in a good position if you can utilize that to project your career, your passion and tell your story.

I can still remember at The Platform 2018 when the VP Prof Osibanjo made a list of young people who were using the digital revolution to project their dreams.

I was like, seriously? So this man too uses the social media?

We can talk about digital made-stars like the legendary Linda Ikeji, the Mark Angel/Emmanuela of this world, the Lasisi Elenu, Brother Shaggy and all the rest of them…

How about the Justin Biebers? Those guys too were found on the digital media.

I’ve seen stars rise from the social media to position of fame and wealth. So the fact that people are misusing a platform doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage

No I’m not saying everyone’s going to rise to fame and wealth by using the digital media noo…

I’m saying that you can be so phenomenal in what you’re doing that people can’t just help but get you announced.

Because as a blogger or digital practitioner you’re not only using what you know to shape opinion, you’re building a platform you can use to start whatever you want.

So if you feel you got something you can share with the world, it’s only useful you get started sharing your story.

Want to start building your blogging platform? let’s talk. 

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