So have you’ve been thinking about becoming a published author?

What if i told you there are young entrepreneurs like you who have published books that’s helped them create a respectable brand?

In our latest edition of the Victor Winners Show, we caught up with one of these young and cerebral authors. He’s just, under 25! Yes.

His name? Dirug Samuel!

Dirug is a Prolific Writer, Speaker, Author of 6 books16 demons almost took my mind away -Dirug Samuel and still counting.

Like i said, one of our priorities at Victor Winners is celebrating excellence and helping others find a way around it. So today we’ll be featuring Dirug on the Victor Winners Show!

Alright. Over to you Dirug.

By the way, congratulations on your latest published work… You know, Since i first read your story in Strive Masiyiwa’s page, sometimes when i look at you I’m like, OMG 7 books published and yet he’s just under 25?

I want you to tell my readers, what exactly drives you?

Dirug: Thank you, I’m really honored to be here..
Severally, I’ve been asked, what drives me? And most times I find myself telling people that I’ve written much more than I’ve studied and that means the Holy Spirit is the One behind it.

VWS: So how did you come up with the idea for your book ( Unveiling the mysteries of time )? What inspired the idea?

Traditionally, Most writers starts with the book title in mind..But me, I usually write before coming up with the book title. The moment I’m on fire, I write until I’m exhausted. permit me to say, I write blindly and afterward the source of my inspiration comes up with the title.

VWS: Okay, so in this book, you talked about how we can understand times and seasons and make it work for us as humans. So i want to ask you, is this really possible… And if yes, how can we key into times/seasons and make it work for us?

Dirug: Times and Seasons.. Permit me to

quote from the Bible. Where some caliber of men known as sons of Issachar had the understanding of time. And the Bible told us that Holy City (Israel) heed to them, on when to attack or not. Back then, when we were kids, there is this game we use to play. The other person will stand at the other end and so the other.

They will both hold a rope and keep winding it and the third person will come over and be skipping it and if mistakenly the third person miss the timing the game is over. He/she will get wrapped up in the robe. And so it is with our individual life.

You have to know when to jump or not. You have to understand the season to plant or not and this book explains it all.

VWS: There’s this mindset in Africa where elders always tell the youths, wait for your time. Personally, I’ve been told this again and again. Now considering that our world is changing so fast and every one seems to be in a hurry to catch up with life, do you think the advice “wait for your time” is still relevant today?

Dirug: Yes but with the true understanding of time You don’t need anyone to tell you the right time to engage yourself.

Recently, I’ve been working on a book titled, Rewriting your story. you don’t have to make the same mistake that your parents or relative made because you think there is a right time.

From the Bible, Someone was made a king at 16 and another at his thirties. God had a purpose for both of them and both were living under the government of time.

Therefore, the moment you discover that this is your place, hit on. Jesus started at twelve but His fame began at thirty..

VWS: Okay… Let’s talk about you a bit. What got you started on the path to write for a living?

Dirug: You know, I started writing since I was thirteen. Though I didn’t write during high school session but mostly during vacation.

First I didn’t know it was what I’m called to do. I was just having fun penning some stuffs down. There is what I called the 16 nearly took me away from this but whenever I’m broken, I find peace and easiness when I pen it down.

From mummy and son’s fight to Girlfriend stuff. You know that teenage age period is where the real life direction takes place..I got into messy stuff but fortunately for me, I met the right girl…

She pulled me back to Jesus, and He referred me back to my early writings when I was thirteen. Going through them, they set me on purpose. And I welcomed it arms open wide.

VWS: There’s this perception that Africans hardly utilize the digital media for their benefits…as a young person from inside Africa, how did you break in on digital publishing?

Dirug: Back then I had no computer, but I love computers and anything that has to do with..I always lift my hands high up in the sky whenever I’m called a computer nerd.

I still remember when it all started, i used to go to the computer centre where i will type the whole manuscript of the book without writing down the title. In fact, during one of those occasions, i only had my picture on what was supposed to be the book cover.

One day, upon returning home, I showed mum the book… She use to call me father. So she said: father, if this is what you want, we will use my monthly salaries to publish a book for you..But unfortunately, the sixteen demon took my mind away. Until I was 18 – 19.

When i got to 18, Then I embarked fully on writing till date and eternity. Lol. I love computers, like I said. So it was an easy for me to break into the digital platform.

VWS: Wow, i must say the 16 demons part was quite interesting. Can you tell us, what were these16 demons and how did they take your mind away from the things that really matter to you.

Dirug: When I was sixteen I thought I was old enough not to be talked to or anyone suggest my choices for me talk more of making it. Including my parent and I have seen that in many teenagers today.

Back then, mama wanted to choose my friends for me but I thought I know them more than she does and that’s true but what she saw inside them was too bad for me. I didn’t realize that but I thought I was no longer a kid because I can walk up to a girl and express my feelings under the influence of drug.

I thought sagging was the best form of dressing but ask me to do it now. I can’t imagine myself doing that at all but as of then when I was sixteen it was a thing of pride. I consider that a demon that sweeps over the brain of teenagers and some aren’t fortunate enough because they didn’t out beat the demon.

VWS: What has been your most rewarding experience as a published author?

Dirug: My most rewarding experience is not actually the money, the name or the fame but fulfilment.. Sleeping and waking up each day knowing I’m on course and doing the will of the Father..

VWS: Was there ever a time you regretted starting out so early as a young author?

Dirug: I never regret being a young author..because its a thing of joy to me. I always wonder where I could’ve been without this sense of purpose

VWS: If you were to start all over again today, what would you do differently?

Unveiling the mysteries of time by Dirug Samuel Dirug: I won’t because I’ve never seen or found what I could do better than writing.. I’ll just start early and stay on course.

VWS: What advice can you give to other aspiring writers who have books that could change the world wrapped up in their hearts without any hope of ever writing it?

Dirug: Like Martin Luther king said, the moment you’ve find your life’s work, just set out to do it and do it very well. Writing is not a dawn to dusk work. You perfect your skills as you read and write daily…if you discover that’s who you’re. Just go on and do it.

VWS:So what do you think of the Victor Winners Show?

Dirug: Victor Winners show is a platform where I lack words to describe but first it’s a great honor for me to be here..and secondly, I’d love to say keep on with the good works. Soon, you’ll stand out…

Thank you so much for giving us a bit of your time Mr Dirug, we really appreciate you and we’re looking forward to more of such interviews like this.

PS: You can get copies of the book right through this link here.

Are you doing some extraordinary stuff?

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