How to find a blog topic to blog about

When i first started blogging, i didn’t know what to blog about.

Blogging about personal development and many other religious stuff was just an automatic thing for me because that’s what i was writing about on social media so i started with that.

It’s over 5 years. My blog is more focused now than it used to be.

And the reason is because I’ve been able to find clarity on what i should be blogging about.

I mean… I’ve spent time blogging again and again until i discovered the blogging topics I’m really drawn to.

The particular theme that brings out the best in me as well as add more value to my audience.

I’ve also realized what’s going to pay my bills and the kind of content that will bring visitors back to my blog again and again. When the time comes, this is what you will also find out, as a new blogger.

As someone that’s already familiar with writing on social media, when looking for a blog topic to write about, start with the same topic you’ve been writing about on your social media.

If you’re totally a new blogger, find a topic for your blog in a niche you’re comfortable writing about.

Start with a blog topic that’s dear to your heart or something that’s very easy for you so you’ll not get easily discouraged.

And keep blogging again and again.

I always tell new bloggers like you, making money blogging immediately should not be your primary motive just yet, except you’ve put some background work in place before starting your blog.

So like i said, find a blog topic from the niche you’re comfortable with. Continue writing and building your brand within that niche.

As time goes on, you’ll learn what works. You’ll gain experience and clarity then from there you can keep tweaking your niche until you get exactly what you want. Sometimes the tweaking might even be happening automatically.

So for instance if you were blogging about personal development generally, as you continue blogging, with time you can keep niching down until you get to focus on say “personal development for teenagers or personal development for young adults or whatever “.

And then you will be able to write books and evolve solutions basically for this audience.

On the other hand if you can put up some background work for yourself then the better.

By background work i mean researching the blogging niche that works.

Let’s say for instance if your primary motive is to make money, you find out which area of blogging generates the most money currently.

Your Google Search engine, Google keyword tool and other free tools on the internet can help a lot here.

After the research, trim down to the blog topic area that will be least problematic for you. Like an area that is very productive with less learning curve.

After finding the blog topic to write about, the next thing to do is to train yourself on how to write for that niche.

You’ll need to do this because as someone blogging for a specific blog topic area, you have to write in a way that will suit your niche and audience.

Alright! So with everything in place you can now head over to get some quality training in a blogging school like the smart blogging college.

At the Smart Blogging College, you’ll be trained for a specified time, exposed to practical blogging exercises on a live blog.

At the end of your training, you’ll be awarded a certificate. With this, you should be able to start blogging in the niche you really want, like an expert.

Ok so this second step, i mean getting trained like this will help you get started on the niche you really want without the stress of blogging on any other niche.

After you’re comfortable in the specific blog topic area, you can then focus on building your brand, getting traffic and making money from your blog.

Remember you can’t become a blogger until you start blogging.

And yes, you can start a blog right now!

You have any thing to add or further questions?
I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments section.

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