Starting a coaching blog is the dream of so many bloggers out there.

If not for anything, people want to share their ideas, experiences and professionalism with others.

Now this is a great idea!

And yes, not only can you share ideas with people online when you start a coaching blog, earn money and a wealth of connections, you can also build a successful brand and earn huge respect for yourself.

OK. Now before you get excited, there are things you have to put in place before starting your coaching blog.

So what are these things?

1. First, you’ll want to find out your expertise.

Before we proceed, get yourself a writing pad and write down the things (topics) you’re very knowledgeable at, things you can easily teach people without¬† stress.

Now, assuming you’ve listed out these topics, which of them would you easily teach people without any stress?

Find out the topic and write it down on a different page.

Now the next thing is to look around you. What’s the greatest need of the people around you?

Currently, the popular evergreen niches for information products includes, Dating and relationships, Body fitness, Make money online etc.

If your expertise falls directly or closely related to any of these areas then it’s safe to say you already have a waiting audience.

So check your list once again. Does your expertise or experiences fall into any of these areas or related ones?

If it does then congratulations you got a gold mine. You can now head over to get started streamlining everything.

If it doesn’t, let’s dig further…

Now, get on Google. Look up Google trend. Search up the keywords related to the areas you have experience in.

This will give you a brief idea about the number of people that are currently searching for things like that based on your location.

So for instance if one of the topic areas you’d want to start a coaching blog is preparing grilled chicken, you can use the keyword “grilled chicken” in Google trends.

This will give you a map and other statistics on people actually searching for this topics.

With this, you’ll be able to know if the topic area is worth delving into or not.

If the topic you’d really want to focus your coaching blog does not have much general searches, understand it may be that people are not interested in that area.

So you’ll need to go for what people are actively searching for if you want to make a mark.

Again where the area you want to focus your coaching blog does not have a reasonable number of people looking for it, go ahead take a look at your list again…

This time around, pick out from any of those listed topics, an area you will most likely want to learn more about yourself. Let’s say a topic you have some experience and have much interest in learning about.

When you find this, pick it up and repeat the search process with Google trend.

Trim it down until you finally find a topic which interests you and one in which many other people are actively searching for.

Now when you find this, you get to the sweet spot. Because finding this is more like finding a market for a hot product.

Also remember that instead of focusing on a broad niche like dating for instance, you can still down size it to something like Dating for men, Dating for men in California or even dating for younger men.

This will give you a smaller and more targeted audience where you can easily make a mark.

2. Brand. Find a name, a culture and a brand for your coaching blog.

Here’s where you’ll want to ask yourself the question, what makes us stand out?

At this point you’ll have to define yourself. Your coaching blog, the reason you’re starting your blog including the Mission and Vision for the blog.

This will be able to guide you especially when it comes to the kind of content you’ll update, the length, update intervals and even the kind of words you’ll want to use throughout your content.

3. Streamline.

The next thing to do is to structure and streamline these experiences and thoughts together in a way you can easily pass it down to other people.

Of course you know there are different stages of learning. So at this point you’ll put those ideas together starting from the basic to the advanced, in a way your learners will easily follow through.

When this is done, you can now head over to decide what you really want for the coaching blog.

This should get you to making decisions on whether you want to have a coaching blog alongside a distinct coaching academy on the same website.

Or whether you want to blog about your topic area on the website as a way of getting subscriptions for your coaching academy.

Whatever you settle for, be sure it’s something that’s going to favour your target audience.

Also here’s where you’ll decide how you’ll run your coaching activities.

You’ll decide if your coaching is going to be done via video calls, emails, audio etc.

4. Build your website, Set up internal structures and systems.

When the above is completely done, the next thing is to build your coaching blog. And set up your internal systems.

This will take you through the process of selecting a name for your coaching blog.

Be sure you’re going for a domain name that will both reflect your brand and be easily findable on the internet.

When that’s done, you’ll get a web hosting account and head over to build your coaching website.

If you’re too busy to put it together or where it gets difficult, you can get experts to set up your coaching website completely in a few days.

In fact that’s what we do here at We build websites that inspires people to connect with their dreams.

And since your dream is to start a coaching blog, we’ll not only help you bring those dreams alive, we’ll help you get started on the journey to building a successful coaching blog much more easily.

For your systems, you’ll have to decide on things like that will help you operate your coaching business effectively.

So from setting up an email opt-in page to payment systems and other systems, you’ll have to decide on processes that will help you run your coaching blog even when you’re not online.

5. How to promote your coaching blog.

Promoting your coaching blog is not only essential it’s very important if you’re going to evolve a successful coaching blog in the shortest possible time.

There are certain steps to promote a successful coaching blog and I’m going to list some of them here.

* Become a thought leader. To command attention you have to be seen and heard.

And not only do you have to be heard, your opinion must be Loud, Clear and Distinguished if you’re set to become a thought leader.

So if you want to become a thought leader much faster, get on trending topics in your niche and give a strong and well articulate opinion.

Associate with other thought leaders and influencers in the niche…

You can easily start this by going out of your way to network with these guys, solve problems for them with your expertise and build a win win relationship.

Organize free seminars conferences etcetera. It doesn’t have to be offline all the time. It could be offline. Gather people together teach them what you know, it builds your portfolio and also your perception.

There are so many platforms looking for content out there, write guest posts on your topic area in outstanding platforms. Share it with your audience.

Get feedback from people you do stuff with and share same with your audience.

What you’re doing is building your brand image and reputation.

When this is done right, people will begin to find you as deserving of their attention.

And when this happens, you’re automatically becoming worthy of coaching someone else.

* Another way to promote your coaching blog is to get social. Post your stuff on the social media.

You don’t have to be active on all social media. Find out the once with a good number of your potential audience, focus on these.

Write stuff consistently and post them on the social media handles.

Create viral videos and posts where necessary. It will drive visits to your page.

Link your blog to your social media handles. Make it easy for people to follow through your social media accounts to your coaching blog.

Update links of your blog posts to your social media handles.

Spend money on advertising your blog if you want to. When done right, It will drive hits.

6. How to monetize your coaching blog.

* Organize paid classes. You can start these with free classes and gradually get people to pay for the classes.

* Create a consulting Service. This could be done in relation to your coaching topics.

* Create paid products. These could come in the form of webinars, audios, recorded video programs and even books.

* Create an academy for your coaching blog. Here you can create a continuous coaching program where people pay to participate.

The payment could be done at once, on monthly or yearly basis. Be sure it suits you and your clients.

There you got it all laid out, the step by step process that’ll help you set up a successful coaching blog.

In conclusion, like I say it most often, you can dream dreams but until you get started, such dreams can never come true.

You can start a coaching blog without stress no matter your level of expertise.

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