How to Start and Monetize a Life Coaching Blog

As a life coach, trainer, or mentor; starting a life coaching blog for your coaching business is one of the boldest career steps you’re going to take as you keep growing and expanding as a brand.

You know why?

Because starting a life coaching blog does not only expand your brand visibility, it helps you to grow your reach, garner a bigger audience, and build a more viable coaching business.

You don’t want to miss out on this. Because if not for anything, a lot of other life coaches like you are already running their life coaching blog successfully.

And this is exposing them and their brands to millions of potential clients, both within their geographic location and internationally.

Right now, you might probably be wondering; what steps can I take to build a thriving blog for my life coaching business?

In the following paragraphs, I’ll be explaining the important steps you need to take to start and grow a coaching blog for your coaching business…

Choose your Goals

What do you want to achieve with your life coaching blog?

Is it to get new users to sign up for you coaching program? Expand your reach as a brand? What exactly it is, here’s where you want to identify it clearly.

And then work on building along strategies and steps that can help you to achieve this goals.

Identify your Expertise

Since you’ve already identified your goals in the steps above, it’s now time to identify your expertise in line with the goals you have in mind.

What I’m saying here is that whatever expertise it is you want to project, it has to reflect the goals you want to achieve with your blog.

If you’re already a life coach with an existing coaching business, you don’t have any business identifying your expertise again. All you need do is to start with what you’re already doing.

On the other hand, where you don’t have an existing coaching brand, you need to start with identifying the coaching niche you want to go into as a life coach.

For starters, here’s a good way to start below; Get yourself a writing pad and write down the things (topics) you’re very knowledgeable at, things you can easily teach others as a coach.

Write down as many of these topics as possible.

Now, assuming you’ve listed out these topics, which of them would you easily teach people without any stress? Find out these topics from the list and write them down on a different page.

Supposing its more than five topical areas for instance, you have to chunk it down to at least 3 of the easiest for you.

Find a Niche

Since you’ve already identified your goals and you have a good understanding of your expertise, it’s now time to find out a niche that’ll help you to achieve the goals you set out.

As a starter, what you want to do at this point is to find out a niche that’s going to be both relatable to your coaching business and one in which other people will be interested in.

Currently, the popular evergreen niches for information products includes, Dating and relationships, Body fitness, Business and make money online etc.

If your goal and expertise falls directly or is closely related to any of these areas then it’s safe to say you already have a waiting audience.

So, check your list once again. Does your expertise or experiences fall into any of the above listed areas or related ones?

If it does then we’ve crossed one of the first hurdles. You can now head over to Google to further understand how many people are interested in your selected niche. This is where you’ll need to do a good keyword research and analysis.

Now, get on Google. Look up Search up the keywords related to the areas you have experience in which you already listed out.

This will give you a brief idea about the number of people that are currently searching for things like that based on your location.

Here’s an example below

So for instance if one of the topic areas you’d want to start a coaching blog is “personal development for students”, you can use the keyword “personal development for students” in Google trends.

This will give you a map and other statistics on people actually searching for this topic both globally and in specific geographical regions.

With this, you’ll be able to know if the topic area is worth delving into or not.

To have an even better understanding, you can also try out other keyword research tools like wordstream, ubersuggest etc.

What to do when your interested niche has a limited audience

If the niche you’d really want to focus your coaching blog does not have a lot of people interested in it, understand it may be that people are generally not interested in that area.

So you’ll need to go for what people are actively searching for if you want to make a mark with your life coaching blog.

With this in mind, go ahead take a look at your list again…

This time around, pick out from the remaining topical areas and run some more searches on Google Trend.

Repeat this procedure until you find an area that’s relatable to your coaching blog and also has a sizeable number of people interested in it.

Also remember that instead of focusing on a broad niche like dating for instance, you can still down size it to something like Dating for men, Dating for younger men or even dating for older women.

This will give you a smaller and more targeted audience where you can easily create content for better visibility.

Follow this guide to learn more about how to find a blogging topic for your life coaching blog.

Create your Brand

Here’s where you’ll need to identify your coaching blog and differentiate it from other blogs out there.

To get started here, you want to find out what makes you stand out. What’s the unique perspective you want to bring into the industry as a life coach, using your blog?

Where you already have an existing life coaching business, this should not be difficult. As your coaching blog will naturally be a replica of your coaching business.

If you do not have an existing coaching business, to create a brand for your life coaching blog, you’ll need to go back to your goals, vision and mission and target audience.

Use these items as a guide to create a brand that will reflect your goals, vision and mission as well as a brand your target audience can relate to.

While creating your brand, be sure it reflects everything you stand for. Also, endeavor to use same brand across your social media and other platforms you’ll have online.

Use this guide and follow the steps to create your brand.

Set up your Website

When the above is completely done, the next thing is to build your coaching blog. And set up systems for your online coaching business.

This will take you through the process of selecting a name for your coaching blog. Be sure you’re going for a domain name that will both reflect your brand.

If you already have an existing life coaching business, all you need to do is use the same name you’re using for your life coaching brand as your domain name.

When that’s done, you’ll get a web hosting account and head over to build your coaching website.

If you’re too busy to put it together or where it gets difficult, you can get experts to set up your coaching website completely in a few days.

In fact that’s what we do here at We build websites that inspires people to connect with their dreams.

And since your dream is to start a life coaching blog, we’ll not only help you bring those dreams alive, we’ll help you get started on the journey to building a successful coaching blog much more easily.

For your systems, you’ll have to decide on things that will help you operate your coaching business effectively.

So, from setting up an email opt-in page to payment systems and other systems, you’ll have to decide on processes that will help you run your coaching blog even when you’re not online.

How to promote your life coaching blog

Promoting your blog is not only essential it’s very important if you really want to evolve a successful blog in the shortest possible time.

In the following sub headings, I’ll be listing some of the most important steps you can use to promote your life coaching blog…

Create Content

One of the important ways to evolve a successful blog is to create content on your blog and other platforms online.

And not only are you going to create content, you need to create content that will add exceptional value to your target audience.

When doe well, your content will attract the right kind of audience to your blog through search engines like Google etc.

With this, they will be exposed to your brand, your services and possibly subscribe or get to patronize your services.

Create Social Media Pages

Another important way to promote your life coaching blog is through creation of social media pages.

Aside from creating social media pages for your blogs, you can also post and share content from your blog directly on the social media.

Doing this will in turn attract readers to your blog via the social media as well as expand your brand visibility.

Write Books

As a life coach, it is expected that you’ve undergone some trainings, garnered experiences and other skills that’s worth sharing with your audience.

Writing a book that revolves around your expertise as a life coach is one of the other ways to share this experience with your audience.

And the good thing about writing a book as a life coach is that it will go a long way in promoting your brand as well as positioning you as one of the important experts in your niche.

The following are other ways you can promote your life coaching blog’

Organize free trainings

From time to time, organize free training for your target audience.

This has a way of building your portfolio, exposing your brand while also giving you some in-depth experience especially as a starter.

You can also use the free training as a marketing strategy to promote your brand or even upsell your target audience.

Write Guest Posts

Beyond your own blog, write and share your content on other platforms too.

Doing this will expose your brand to a new audience, attract them over to your blog as well as get you some new followers.

There are so many platforms looking for content out there, you can check them out and then write guest posts on your topic area and share them only on outstanding platforms with a good number of your target audience.

Use Paid Advertising

Beyond the free promotional strategies listed above, there are also a handful of paid strategies you can use to promote your life coaching blog.

This include paid strategies like sponsored posts, sponsored ads on third party blogs, social media advertising, Google Ads etc.

Collaborate with other Life Coaches

Collaborating with other life coaches and bloggers in your niche has a way of exposing your brand to a new audience and driving traffic to your blog.

Depending on the person you’re collaborating with, a single collaboration can rub off positively on your brand. And there are many ways to collaborate including creating content, writing books, hosting seminars and conferences.

How to Monetize your Coaching Blog

The following are important strategies you can use to monetize your life coaching blog

Organize paid classes; you can start these with free classes and gradually get people to upgrade to the paid classes.

Create a Consulting Service. This could be done in relation to your coaching topics.

Create paid Products.These could come in the form of webinars, audios, recorded video programs and even books.

Create a Training Program for your coaching blog. Here you can create a continuous coaching program where people pay to participate.

The payment could be done at once, on monthly or yearly basis. Be sure it suits you and your clients.

Final Words

As a parting shot, I want you to know that starting a coaching blog is doable. A lot of successful life coaches today started out right from their blogs. And you can get to do the same thing.

However, beyond following the steps above, you’ll have to put in the work, if you really want to build and grow a successful life coaching blog.

So, there you have all the steps you need to go and build your own life coaching blog. Now, the question is; do you need any help on how to build your blog as a life coach, reach out to our team here.

Otherwise I want to ask you, what’s the biggest challenge that’s stopped you from starting your own life coaching blog? I’d like to read your views in the comments section.

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