One of the reasons i started is because i wanted to solve a problem.

I wanted to help digital entrepreneurs and ordinary people like me find some direction around their life and business.

I wanted to put people through the same thing i was not lucky enough to be put through myself.

Sometimes i use to tell myself, if i had the same kind of free information and support I’m dishing out today, maybe i would have reached the sky today.

Yes i didn’t have it. I couldn’t get exposed to all these information. I was not tutored on how to set up a remarkable digital business.

I had to learn. I had to fall flat on my face. Lift myself up and keep walking again. It wasn’t that great experience doing it alone.

Sometimes along the line, i feel like blaming every little set back i come across on how i started.

Yeah. Of course playing the blame game tones down that feeling of disappointment. After all, i deserve a “cup” of pity. Even if it’s just from me.

The one thing that saves me is this understanding i had a long time ago…

That when it comes to compensation, the universe is blind. Life doesn’t really consider if you were lucky enough to have some support system or not. What you put in is what you get.

So i decided i had better work than play the blame game that doesn’t work.

As a matter of fact, I have since decided to use my former disadvantage as the focus of my message.

Today i mentor and help people set up their digital platform instead of staying back in one corner grumbling about how far i would have gone if only i had someone show me around, when i started out.

Perhaps if I’d had it all well laid out back then, maybe i wouldn’t be doing this right now. Yes!

Someone shared a post with me yesterday about the negative effects of labelling life’s happenstance as good or bad when it shouldn’t be so.

While i don’t really want to delve in on that post, i want to drop this to you my fellow traveller on this digital business journey…

Everything is not always black or white!

There are many other colors in between white and black.

The very thing that’s giving you tough times right now could be the message you need to wrap around your digital business. Stop looking for it elsewhere.

So many entrepreneurs ask me again and again, Victor where do i start? What should i write about? How can i find the right message?

Look my friend, your story is right inside of you, waiting to be discovered by you.

I can’t be more frank here. You’re sitting on your “big story” right now. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve discovered it or not. It’s right there.

It might be showing up itself in your passion. Some pain. Some grieving. A particular thing you’re lacking. Or something you’ve completely immersed yourself right now.

It doesn’t have to show up the way you expect it. But the moment you get the clue and begin to nurture it, you’ll be wondering where it’s been all this while.

I don’t want to write a thing anymore. But… I’m going to repeat this to you…

The idea for your next book, your next blog, your next digital business, your next whatever is already within you. Stop looking outside.

Have you found the idea for your next digital business already?

Let’s hear from you.

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