On a good day, I just love to write!

I can write series of blog posts again and again so that sometimes i’ll Just be wondering what’s up with me.

Even, designing websites just for the fun of it has also become like a hobby. There are times i get on my laptop to design a demo site then it looks like staying there is everything i should be doing.

You know, generally as a blogger and owner of a website, it is expected you should be showing banner ads and doing other things to monetize your platform.

Most times I don’t monetize anything.

Not because I wouldn’t want to. I guess I have an obsession about writing and analytics.. One reason my first blog went offline due to paucity of funds.

There are times a handful of friends ask me, Victor, aren’t you monetizing your blog?

And sometimes I will be like ok fine. I should be finding more ways to make money with the blog.

After all, what’s the need for operating a website that’s not generating passive income?

We’re business men, just like Google, Facebook and all these mega digital entrepreneurs.

You are in the business of achieving certain goals through your interactions right here on the internet so why should you shy away from doing that?

Whatever your goals or aspirations for being online or setting up a blog, FB page, social media profile or whatever is, do not forget this one thing… We’re here to achieve our dreams…

On the other hand, you must realize that you can’t achieve your dreams without the support of people.

Yeah. You need them. Even if you’re almost as independent oriented like I try to be most times, you still need people around you.

And it’s normal. People will most likely not support you unless there’s something they’ll gain from doing that.

Because our world is that kind of a place we describe in our local parlance as “you scratch my back, I scratch your back”.

And it’s not about to change…

You must OFFER REAL VALUE TO YOUR TRIBE if you want to get real value in return.

It can be whatever you think of… Money, Fame, Recommendations, Connections etc.

Your digital business, your blogs and even your social media profiles, can fetch you that.

But you must build this platforms with the mindset of providing value.

Of course I know the whole value thing is over rated isn’t it?

Coaches and online gurus are always over flogging it. And you’re already bored of listening to the whole rhetoric!

Now one thing you must know is that nothing beats value. Not even the best marketing system or large customers.

Everything about you and the success of your digital product is tied to the depth and usefulness of the stuff you provide.

Because helping people achieve their dreams is the easiest way to achieve yours.

And that’s because we’re all going somewhere. We all have dreams and aspirations so somehow we all need help along the way.

This is pure logic. You help me, I help you. We both get home happy. So you can put it simply as, money first, Value second.

Because that’s how it works when it comes to online business.

You can’t come and waste your time with me or my product and leave with nothing.

If I give you a collection of junk, you will feel cheated. And you’ll never come back. Likewise me, if the tables are turned.

If you go about with this mindset, that you owe your tribe the most valuable stuff, you won’t only start on a positive note, you’ll achieve your digital business goals much faster.

Forget about the idea that your audience owe you a thing. They don’t. It’s always a two way traffic starting with you.

You bring the value. They pay for it.

So before getting set to start the next six figure business online, take out time and come up with your six figure business product.

This is where I’ll pause for now.

Do you have any challenge about setting up your online business? Let’s hear you in the comments section or send me a private email now.

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