6 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals and Have a Successful Year

Welcome to 2019.

You’re probably wondering what this year holds for you as a digital entrepreneur.

Trust me, we’re in this together…

And yes, it’s really difficult entering into a new year without any clue of what’s going to really happen in the next 360+ days.

Well, before I get started, let’s get clear with certain things…

Forget about New Year resolutions

Yes. Let me burst your bubbles…

I can’t count the number of new year resolutions I’ve broken right in the middle of January. Yeah.

Over time, I have realized that instead of writing down new year resolutions, there are better ways to make the year work for you.

For instance I can decide to paint a picture of what I want for the year, go to to work with the imagination and and after successive effort, I can get something close to that in my reality.

This is more like living your life by design.

If you’re going to make 2019 work for you, you’ll have to decide you’re not going to leave your life or business to chance.

It’s good when good things happen to us by chance but it’s better when things happen to us more consistently based on how we plan it.

So are you ready to make 2019 work for you?

Below are 5 keys to make 2019 a better year for you and your business.

Review the previous year

OK. We would have gone straight into the new year.

But the truth remains, you’re currently here at this point because of what you did or didn’t do in the previous year/years.

So the best way to forge a different outcome for the current year is to analyze ghee things you’ve been doing… The things that got you here.

So take a sit and with your writing pad, go through 2018 in your mind.

What really happened in your life and business in year 2018?

Categorize these things.

How did they shape the results you had in that year?

Can you recall any pattern that led to the success stories?

Try to include this in your notepad.

Going further, also note down the things you failed at in the past year.

And if possible the reasons those actions or goals failed to come through.

Now, this is not done to make you feel sad or happy about the past year.

No matter the outcome of your 2018 analysis, one thing is certain, you carried with it experiences.

And for that fact alone, you’re even better positioned to make 2019 far more better.

So that’s something to be thankful for.

Also, doing this analysis will give you some information as regards the steps you should take for the new year.

It will give you data on what you should improve on and other things that needs to be discarded completely.

Set Goals

Many people tell you goal setting is over rated.

Trust me it’s not.

Of course, you don’t have to go about setting unrealistic goals BTW…

Coming up with a concrete idea of the things you’ll want to achieve for yourself within a year will not only give you something to work with, it will streamline your actions.

And much more as an entrepreneur, you’ll need more of a streamlined set of repeated actions if you’re planning to move ahead with your business .

Truth is, the goals you set for yourself is going to be the guide you’ll refer to, from time to time, as you move through the year.

I mean this is what will help you in measuring your progress through the year.

In fact, according to Barney and Griffin, organizational goals serve four basic functions;

They provide guidance and direction,
Facilitate planning,
Motivate and inspire employees, and
Help organizations evaluate and control performance.

So in essence, you may not really achieve a lot without laid out goals backed with a strategic plan and work.

Map out a plan

After setting up your goal, you’ll need to Marshall a plan that you’ll use to achieve the goal.

So if your goal is to become the leading brand in your industry for instance…

You begin by asking yourself, what steps can actually help you get there?

At the end of the day, you may decide that in order to become the leading industry brand, you’ll need to be seen as a thought leader…

And to become a thought leader, your opinion has to be seen as authoritative and read on major influential platforms.

So with this conclusion in mind, your plan will involve things like:

How you’ll reach out to publishers of these influential platforms.

How many times you’re going to reach out to them say monthly, and how you’re going to expand and magnify your influence through their platforms.

Armed with your set out strategies, you can then go out and put it to work.

This makes your life easier because at every step of the way, you have an idea about what needs to be done. It also gives you the feeling of being in control of your life.

On the contrary, most people find planning to be boring and uninteresting.

Of course sometimes it takes a lot of effort to sit and strategize how you’re going to achieve your goals…

But the truth is, no one goes to war aimlessly without a strategy.

And in any case, you may have to waste a lot of time trying stuff that won’t happen if you don’t set up a strategy for your success.

Again, your plan does not have to be static, you can make it flexible in such a way that it gets adjusted easily if there’s need for that.

So for instance, if you become so popular in your industry and people begin to call you for international speaking engagement (which you didn’t plan for) you have to be able to adjust your plans to fit in without destabilizing your goals.

PS: Another thing you should note is that your plan doesn’t have to be something really difficult. You can cut it down into simple steps.

This will make it less daunting and you’ll find it more easier to work with.

Set Target Dates

One thing that’s very important when it comes to making 2019 a better year for you is going to be achieving your goals in time.

So this is why you’ll need to set target dates for each goals.

This is because, the success of one goal most times depends on the success of another so setting a timeline for your goals will also keep you on track.

It will also give you some good data to use when you need to evaluate your goals.

Evaluate your Goals

Here’s where the cash is. Evaluating your goals is very important especially towards your overall success.

To emphasize its importance, you’ll notice that corporate organizations do this a lot. They evaluate their goals, success, failures etc based on specific timelines.

This is why you have things like Quarter 1 report, Quarter 2 and even yearly reports. It helps these companies measure what they’ve been doing.

With the knowledge gained here, they can then allocate resources where more is needed and remove parts that are not needed. You shouldn’t be left out on this.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, find time to evaluate your goals. And even strategies.

Find out what’s working… And what needs to be replaced.

This will save you lots of time and get you to focus more time doing stuff that will be rewarding.

Now, you may be wondering, what happened to luck. And other unpredictable things that combine together to make people successful.

Of course we all know luck comes up on people. And It make life far easier. We also know how unpredictable luck can be. And that luck doesn’t show up sometimes.

So the best way to make luck guaranteed is to go out there and create your own luck. And the first way to get started is planning how it will all come to be.

Remember there are times some of the things you plan don’t happen exactly as you planned it.

But be rest assured, if setting goals and strategies don’t work, Successful businesses wouldn’t waste time doing it.

It’s a beautiful year right before you and I do hope you make something great out of it.

So here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Got questions or comments? Let’s hear you.

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