7 Blogging tips to build a successful blog in 2020

Blogging is hard work.

This is one of the biggest blogging tips you’ll ever get out there.

Sadly, a lot of blogging gurus will not tell you this.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you 7 blogging tips that’s helped me in over 5 years of blogging…

Here’s the 7 blogging tips below;

Set realistic goals

Building a successful blog starts with setting up a realistic goal for your blog.

Say your goal is to get an XYZ amount of money for your blog by the December of 2020. You start with put this down in writing.

After that, you think of steps or plans you can take to help you generate that income.

For example where you want to earn about 2,000 USD with your blog by December 2020, you have to understand the process you’ll need to get this.

This should include for instance the number of traffic that can generate this kind of customers, the number of times you’ll have to post, the length of the post that can bring this and other factors.

Where you’ll have to reach out to other bloggers through guests blog posts for instance, you have to factor this into consideration including the number of times you’ll be making the posts. And the number of traffic and clients such posts can bring in.

The idea about this is to be sure your plan is something that can really work with you considering your situations.

So if you’re blogging part time, you’ll also put that into consideration when making your plans. Same with if you’re going to spend a lot of time blogging full time in 2020.

Focus on your readers

This may actually sound cliche but a lot of bloggers are making the mistake of alienating their readers in their content process.

Lots of bloggers and content marketers are more focused on putting together a content calendar that fits them. This should not be so.

Your content calendar should be what works out for your ideal client you want to target.

Write the kind of posts that they will most likely search for on the internet.

And to do this you’ll have to research a lot to know the trends and the kind of things your audience wants to read. Address them at their pain point with great solutions.

This is the only way you can a decent traffic your blog in 2020.

Write great content for BERT

Machine learning and Google’s NLP has come to stay.

In 2020 there’s going to be lots of improvement on SEO and how content are analyzed.

With the recent BERT updates, there’s going to be more reliance on context than keywords.

For this reason, you’ll have to focus less on keywords targeting especially when it has to do with short keywords.

Focus more on writing great contents. Long detailed contents that’ll give you the chance to use more long tail keywords.

Put more emphasis on your content being the best in your industry and to your target audiences.

You’ll need a good understanding of the LSI keywords. This will help in your writing and better understanding of context.

Be the best in your niche.

Use social media effectively for traffic and clients

If you’re part of those bloggers posting on social media only when you feel like it then you’ll have to stop that this year.

Just like your blog and content marketing, you’ll need a social media strategy if you’re going to create lots of impact on the social media in 2020.

As a kickoff, don’t just post on social media. Consider the social media with the largest number of your potential clients and focus your energy there.

Have a grasp of the kind of content they consume most on the social media platform and focus on producing that.

Understand the time the platform has the highest number of engagement then focus on publishing at those times.

If it’s a platform that engages in the use of lots of hash tags, focus on using thr most trending, niche related and most effective hash tags in your posts

Make your blog fast loading for better ranking

As I noted earlier in this post, Google recently made loading speed a big ranking factor.

This means that your blog is not just going to be ranked for the content, back link expertise etc, factors like your blog’s loading speed will also be considered.

So if you’re having a slowly loading blog, you may want to have a review on the plugins or software that’s getting your blog slow then work on fixing that to get a better speed.

Also, consdier removing some plugins or themes/templates from your blog completely.

Try blogging in different format

As the year evloves, more and more people are going to appreciate other blogging format.

As you can notice, video blogging is a big deal these days. Consider having your posts in video formats as well.

This will not only help some of your audience who’d prefer video posts, it’ll also boost more reach for your posts. Especially when you publish them on other video platform like YouTube etc.

You can also consider audio posts, infographics, etc.

You don’t have to create a different post for all these formats. You can use same posts you have in text format and convert them to the others.

Build back links and optimize for Google’s EAT

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) are still going to be used as top ranking factors in some niches even beyond your money or your life niches.

You’ll have to garner some decent amount of expertise before you can rank for some keywords in some niche.

To do this faster, you’ll need to put some measures in place…

These could include things like building back links from high authority websites, guest blogging and getting featured on high popular websites and even getting your bio at strategic places on your blog.

Be sure you put these things in place so your blog can get to rank appropriately.

Optimize your Website using Structured Markup

Doing this will give you a better chance of getting rich snippet and this will boost your blog especially with voice search.

Use Google analytics Data to understand posts that’s making waves on your blog and then work on improving on existing ones and writing more of such posts where necessary.

Here’s where we’ll pause on today’s blogging tips.

Do you have any blogging tips that’s worked for you? Let’s hear you

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