So, I’m glad to publish another edition of The Victor Winners show today.

As usual, at The Victor Winners Show, we share stories of ordinary people doing amazing things to change the world, against all odds.

Today we’re having a chat with one guy you’ve been waiting to hear from. A guy that’s been involved in so many activities that makes me feel like I’ve not really done a lot myself. (grins).

Emmanuel Emone: My biggest regret was my inability to spread my ideas...His name’s Emone Emmanuel. He is the founder of 3 organizations. A Personal Development Expert and Legal Practitioner. Before I spill the cat out of the bag, Let me allow him to introduce himself…

So here we go Mr. Emmanuel, I’m excited be your host here. Please introduce yourself to my audience.

Emmanuel: Emone Emmanuel is a legal practitioner, educator, not for profit expert, community leader and thought leader with seven years experience in the Leadership and Human Capital Development niche.

VWS: Beautiful. So you’ve been serving humanity for how many years now. And what’s been the biggest impact you made through this period?

Emmanuel: I’m the President of Peakstars Intiative and I-CARE, an NGO that is helping young people to maximize their potentials. I am also the CEO of Mandiba Associates and the Chief Inspiration of Soulfoodvile.

Through Peakstars Intiative i and my team members launched Peer Mentorship and Professional Development Project. This includes Monthly mentorship Meeting called I CARE and Weekly Interactive mentorship session which link successful professionals to mentor their fellow peers.

Also daily through my online platforms I engage people with inspirational articles and professional teaching that will increase their knowledge base and equip them for their career. This project we have planned to plant in various campuses and communities in other countries.

My passion for education and service to humanity has moved me to develop free online courses on Talent Management and The Eagles Leadership Principles which has been of great help to educators, students, community developers, humanitarian organisations and other class of citizens. This was made possible through the use of social network platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

VWS: That’s huge. How did you start PeakStars initiative and I Care. Like what was your motivation?

Emmanuel: Since i believe in the role of civil societies and citizens as catalyst for peaceful societies I have volunteered for causes that I know that will contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals…Some of these includes serving as mentors to youths and students across the nation.

I have also assisted Non Governmental Organisations to organise community development projects as it regards Education, Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building.

VWS: … What made you feel it so deep in your heart that this must be done even when you’re not earning financially from it.

Emmanuel: It came as a burden for the young people of Nigeria and Africa. This was because of the Knowledge Gap and Opportunity Gaps that I saw around me.

I discovered that most youths were not actually informed on how to develop their potentials and passion. I also saw that there were little opportunities for peer mentorship and professional development. That is how Peakstars Initiative started.

In the first meeting we were like 10 persons and we agreed to be meeting each other in a friendly setup to network and learn from ourselves. So we started meeting weekly on Sunday evenings and later we progressed to daily online meetings. And now it gave birth to monthly I CARE summits.

VWS: When did you start the I Care summit and other human capacity development programs and how has the journey been so far?

Emmanuel: The first I Care Summit was started in January 2016 as a monthly summit of friends, partners and leaders.

Over the years I have trained thousands of youth and students across Nigeria on Leadership, Education, Community Development, Youth Empowerment and The Business of Talent Management.

I led the Project Literacy in 2014 with my team members which caused the set up of a free mini library in Awka and also the distribution of text books across secondary schools in the state.

My passion for education, peace and progress has given me access to speak in schools, organizations and Faith based institutions.

VWS: Okay… Away from I Care, considering you’ve been into youth focused human capacity development, what has been your biggest regret and what did you learn from it?

Emmanuel: My biggest regret was my inability to spread my vision and projects to majority of the states in Nigeria. I discovered that vision is not a one day thing, so you give it time to grow.

I learnt patience and the need for personal development through that. However it made me better, wiser and stronger because I am more tolerant and understanding now.

VWS: When you said, I discovered that “vision is not a one day thing, can you explain that briefly to my readers?

Emmanuel: Vision is progressive. It is not what you will start and finish in a day. Vision is what will demand your time, talent and treasures. Just like a new born baby you will feed it with inspiration, information and instructions so that it will grow.

VWS: So you mean a person’s vision is not supposed to be something that’s static, it should expand as one gains more understanding and experience?

Emmanuel: That’s true. Vision grows with the visionary. It takes more than conceptualization to actualize a vision. You also need right knowledge, right time, right people and right place.

VWS: You mentioned that instead of breaking you, your biggest failure made you wiser… Are you saying it’s possible for people to actually gain from their failure instead of the usual pain and loss that comes with it?

Emmanuel Emone: My biggest regret was my inability to spread my ideas... Emmanuel: Yes. You can gain from your failures. However for you to gain from your failure you must know how you failed and why you failed. Then you pick the lessons and build it into positive inspiration.

VWS: Putting this side by side with your exploits in the human capital development industry, can you give us three practical steps you’ve taken that’s helped you move your idea from conceptualization to actualization?

Emmanuel: The first is that I understood my vision then I developed plans to actualize the vision and I turned the plans to goals that I work with on a daily basis.

VWS: Considering that you’ve been able to reach out to a wider audience and get your message across through the internet and other digital platforms, in what way do you think other African youths can key into these online opportunities to advance themselves?

Emmanuel: I think we should try to harness social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and the rest. We should also harness online News agencies.

VWS: The Victor Winners show exists to give ordinary people doing great stuff a platform and a voice to connect with their audience. What do you think of this platform?

Emmanuel: Victor Winners Show is an inspiring platform. It projects the images of inspirational youths across the world. It tells the story that inspires. I am so proud of Victor Winners and this project, The Victor Winners Show. I believe that he will continue to tell the story of greatness for many years to come.

VWS: Alright so here’s a thank you from me and my audience. We’re glad you’ve been a part of our platform as we strive to help people connect with their dreams and achieve their deepest aspirations.

Now over to you dear reader…

I believe with this story here, you’ve not only learned about the possibilities that lie before you.

Whether you’re a Blogger, Writer, Freelancer or whoever you are, I hope you’ve also realize that making exceptional exploits in your niche is not all about PASSION…

that besides being passionate about your stuff, you’ll also need a VISION, UNDERSTAND the VISION and find a way to Write down a PLAN you’ll use in achieving your vision… Because success is a journey.

Alright. So You can follow our guest on any of the following social media handles: Facebook:Emone Emmanuel, Instagram: emoneemmanuel.

Now, do you also have an amazing story to share? Let’s hear you.

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