how much it costs to build a website

Knowing how much it costs to build a website is not only important for a web developer, it is one knowledge that will help you achieve your business and` web development goals.

Now, before we proceed, understand, there’s no one-cap-size-fits-it-all pricing system for WordPress Web Development… Because all clients are different, with different needs and budgets.

Your cost for building a website can vary widely. For instance, from 100–500 USD, to as much as 1000–5000 USD. And even more.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a pricing guideline that you can always tweak to meet the peculiarities of each client.

Because the truth is, the pricing for web development can be very flexible, especially for a freelancer.

Here are a few things to consider before billing your clients for a web development project.

Don’t Charge Per Hour. Instead of charging per hour, you’ll be better off charging per project, especially if you’re just starting out. Charging per project is more budget friendly and predictable for the client. While you don’t want to charge per hour, a this app can help you calculate your rates more predictably, based on your yearly goals.

Do Not, list your web design price details on your website. It’s always best to have some conversations with your client so you can accurately decide the price range that fits the particular project.

Don’t under-charge. Of course it’s great to cut down on your charges as a start out web designer but remember, the cheaper you charge, the cheaper customers you get.

Also, based on experience, the lower the prices you charge, the more some clients would undervalue your services. Some will even doubt your competence.

Now this doesn’t mean you should pretend to be what you’re not so you can charge better prices, all you need do is to set the price that’s convenient for you and your client where the whole transaction can end in a win-win situation for both parties.

And to do this confidently, you don’t want to meet a client without a single portfolio or websites you’ve built before.

So you’ll want to get some free jobs done if you’re just starting out and use that as part of your portfolio while making presentations to a client.


Now, here are some specific questions to consider before fixing up pricing for your web design project.

  • What are the specifics needed for a complete development of the website? All web design projects has specific needs. Take note of the specific needs of your client for each individual project and then fix your pricing based on that. Be very clear about your client’s expectations from the web design project and get into some form of agreement on that before you get started.
  • How Long Will It Take You To Complete The Project? Consider the duration of time you’ll need to complete the web design then increase it by at least half the time… For example,if the website design is going to cost you 3 weeks to fix it up, you could add an extra two weeks in your estimate. This is so you don’t run out of time.
  • What is the value to be delivered to the client. A website you’re creating as a general web page for a not-for-profit organization will definitely deliver less financial value to the client, compared to a full range e-commerce website to be used by a client as a sales tool. So, if the goal for building a website is to help the client move from 100,000 USD to 1million USD, then charging 50-100,000 USD for your web development services wouldn’t be too much to ask for. Remember, this can be very dicey though and as a freelancer you may not have the chance to negotiate based on this. But in any case, you’ll want to factor this into your price structure.
  • What’s the average cost for building a website in your locality? Also, there’s nothing wrong in checking out what competitors in your locality/region are charging. Because some localities, regions and even countries do have differences in what is charged for website development… But be reminded also that even on platforms like Freelancer, Upowork, Fiverr etc, prices varies a lot. Sometimes based on level of experience,, others on what an average client can afford within the locality etc.
  • Others factors. Other things to be considered when setting up the cost for a website development project includes whether the website is needed urgently or not. Whether you’re going to evolve an advanced SEO strategy for the website and finally whether you’re going to be responsible for extra added services like Branding, Logos, Pictures etc.
  • Based on the last point above, you should consider creating a product category for your web design services like i mentioned earlier. This can be done by dividing your services into categories that would be convenient for your client, based on the details and extra services involved. So, at the end of the day, you’ll want to really consider the factors listed up here before setting a custom price for your web design services.

Finally, here’s what other WordPress web developers have to say about what it costs to build a website:

Thomas Adams Says:Normally, however, when working with small businesses the prices for websites will stay around the $1,000-$2,000 range. Go with your gut when it comes to pricing WordPress websites for small businesses, and don’t go lower than your minimum if the client rejects your first offer – trust me.

Amit Gupta Says: …The ultimate factor in determining the cost of the services offered by you should be your own WordPress skills, expertise, and knowledge. Your WordPress skills is directly proportional to how much you can earn for a website.

Brian Krogsgard suggests the following rates for freelance WordPress developers:

  • Beginner freelancer: $25-$40 per hour
  • Intermediate freelancer: $40-75 per hour
  • Good, experienced freelancer: $75 – $125 per hour
  • Excellent, in demand freelancer: $125 – $175 per hour
  • Specialist, best in industry: $175 – $400 per hour

Instead of hourly rates, this can be factored into a whole project, charged based the whole estimated hours to be spent.

In conclusion, one thing you can easily notice here is the flexibility involved in fixing the rates. From factors like Client’s specific needs, Industry, Time involved to your personal income goals.

All these are factors that will shape your decisions as you fix your rates for WordPress Web Development as a freelancer.

PS: The pricing here is pegged on Dollars. That means there can be some slight differences depending on your location and the value of your currency compared to the Dollars.

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