How to end 2018 as a blogger

It’s unbelievable 2018 is coming to an end.

I’m so sure this is going to end as one eventful year you’ll have a lot to remember about.

As the year comes to a close, you probably have this mixed feelings of whether it was a successful year or not. Personally, I’ve had to deal with mine as well.

Now, before you draw up a depressing conclusion about the year, I want you to have a recap of 2018 and find out the true situation of things.

First, find out…

What exactly was your goal for the year?

You need to know this because measuring your success against your own goal (s) is the easiest way to define how far you’ve really come.

What I mean is that, instead of saying I didn’t have a successful year because I didn’t make much money like my friend…

You can look up the amount of money you planned to make for the year, then measure the amount you’ve actually made and rate your success based on that.

This gives you a clearer picture of what you got.

Else you may be swayed by what other people think is success to them.

And this is very dangerous.

It may end up not only dampening your believe in your ability to attain your set goals but also your drive to stay focused.

So, have some pre-defined goals before going out to measure your success.

If you didn’t have any clear goal for yourself or your business, you can ask yourself the following questions…

Was there any specific thing I wanted to achieve in this year 2018?

Get a pen and a sheet of paper and begin to analyze the months in bits, starting from January.

How did it go?

This is called taking stock of the year. Most successful companies do this.

Ask yourself…

Was there any point in time I hit big success during this year?

What triggered it?

Did you have any big time failure during the year?

What caused it?

Questions like this when carefully answered will help you find out the green and red flashpoint you’ll have to avoid in 2019.

Going further, appraise your hustle. Ask the following questions…

What triggered my biggest business of the year?

Is there a way I can recreate it. Or was it just accidental?

What was the biggest thing you wished you could change about your business in this year?

The next thing you’ll have to look out for is your online presence.

Find out…

What was it like with your brand in the year 2018?

Did you achieve your brand goals?

How about your social media platforms, did they give you the best or could you have actually done better?

As a thought leader with an audience that looks out for your post, find out how much you were able to meet their aspirations in the outgoing year.

To what extent was your website and other online platforms able to achieve their goals.

At the end of the year despite what everyone flaunts online, you owe yourself the home truth, if you really want to hit your real life goals.

PS: As you’re measuring all these, also keep in mind the resources that were available to you. Did you use them as judiciously as you really could?

Because after everything, you’re not planning to congratulate yourself for accolades you didn’t really win..

Or measure yourself against another entrepreneur that had different goals from you.

All you want to do is find out what happened considering your goals in 2018 so you can use this data to plan and create the success you want for 2019.

So there you have it. Tips on how to end 2018 as a blogger.

Do you have other tips to add here based on your own experience?

Let’s hear you.


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