Q/A: Should I use plugins on WordPress website?

Should I use plugins on my WordPress website?

This is usually one of the questions many people ask before building their website with WordPress.

I believe this question is very important because before adding any plugin to your WordPress website, you should be able to know whether it is a good thing to do or not.

Before answering this question, I’d like to give you some background on WordPress plugins.

So what is a plugin?

A WordPress plugin is basically a piece of software with specific functionalities built into it, in order to expand the functionality of a WordPress website, when used on the site.

Plugins basically adds more features and functions to your WordPress website. That’s why people use plugins.

So if you’re thinking of avoiding plugins on your WordPress website then you’re going to have to make do with the basic WordPress as it is after installation.

That said, using plugins could help you achieve a lot more with your WordPress website…

For instance, a plugin like Yoast SEO could help you optimize your WordPress website for the search engine. Wordfence could help secure your website against external attacks…

And Jetpack could bring a whole lot of new possibilities to your website…

In a nutshell, plugins help you do a whole lot of things you wouldn’t be able to do with a basic WordPress installation.

So some plugins maybe very important to the success of your website especially when it comes to website usability.

Now here’s the catch…

Besides their huge advantages, plugins could also slow down your WordPress website or even get it open to vulnerabilities or do worse.

So you’ll want to use plugins only when you want to extend a specific functionality on your website.

Any plugin you don’t have need for them on your website, remove them from the site.

Also even when using plugins, use only the most necessary ones. Be sure you’re not using a bloated plugin, it can get your website worse of.

Again, to be on the safe side, check the review of plugins, their compatibility with your website and other issues before installing them on your WordPress website.

Finally, in answering your question in one sentence, you should avoid using BLOATED, MISCONFIGURED and UNNECSSARY plugin on your WordPress website because it’s not worth the stress.


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