Top online payment options in Nigeria

As a vendor or freelancer offering services to businesses and brands internationally, one of the challenges you’re most likely going to face will be about getting to receive payments for your services in your location.

Considering that popular payment platforms like Paypal among others have placed some restrictions for users across some African countries, one of your best move will be to identify a suitable payment platform that will work for you and your clients before embarking on offering your products or services.

That said, regardless of the restrictions placed on Nigeria and other African countries by some Fintech platforms, there are still a number of popular online platforms providing options for service providers to receive cross-border payments from Nigeria, Africa and other developng countries.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, some of the top trans-border Fintech companies you can leverage to receive international payment in Nigeria and most other African countries.

Flutter wave is a relatively new and growing payment platforms that can be used to receive international payment in Nigeria. it also has a presence in other African countries like Kenya, Ghana,  South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon etc.

As an African Fintech company, Flutterwave prides itself as the top international payment processing platform in Africa. And outside being listed as one of the most successful startups in the continent, this platform has been evolving over the years to meet the needs of its users in Africa and beyond.

Powered by its Send App, Flutterwave provides sending options that includes bank accounts, barter accounts, mobile money wallets and even pickup locations.

Some of the notable features of Flutterwave is that it has a user friendly integration that works for most users, a diversified payment system with a wide range of payment networks. As a freelancer, you can use the app to request for payment or send payment directly to other users.

It also has an online store front that allows users to sell goods and services to customers around the world. With this feature you can sell or list your services, digital products etc. and get paid, either directly or by connecting it to your website.

Additionally, Flutterwave has made it easy to integrate the payment platforms into your website, online stores, ecommerce platforms etc. using its APIs, Plugins or SDK options.

However, some users feel that its learning curve is quite on the high side. And outside its strong security features, the transaction fees are also to be considered before committing to use the platform

Payoneer is a popular and long standing financial services company that’s been providing digital payment solutions for users around the world. It is one of the most popular payment options to receive payment in Nigeria and most other African countries.

Outside using it for peer to peer transfer, Payoneer provides options for freelancers and entrepreneurs to receive payments, even on international platforms like Upwork, eBay, Amazon, Fiverr etc.

If you’re offering your services on these platforms, you can create an account on Payoneer, connect it to your account on either of these platforms and start receiving payment.

One thing that makes Payoneer stand out is that it offers freelancers the options to receive payments in multiple currencies, be it USD, GBP, CAD etc. And of course, the opportunity to transfer your money, directly into your local bank account.

A notable drawback with Payoneer is that there’s an annual fee charge for its card usage and a currency conversion charge of more than 2 percent. Also, there’s been a recent policy change in its virtual bank account procedures. However, its services have been quite reliable to users in Nigeria and most other African countries.

WorldRemit claims to be one of the first trans-border payment companies to enable money transfers to Nigeria, in an era where platforms like Paypal had placed restrictions on outgoing transfers into the country.

As a popular peer2peer financial company, WorldRemit partners with leading Nigerian banks like Access Bank, First Bank, FCMB, UBA, Zenith, Fidelity Bank etc. to ensure you can seamlessly receive international payment in Nigeria, using their platforms.

Its facilities allows for your money to be tracked as soon as you’ve sent it while its partnership with some leading banks provides an opportunity to create a secure and seamless transaction in a more regulated atmosphere.

WorldRemit is quite popular for its flexibility and ease of use in that while most other company might want the receiver to have an account with the bank, with WorldRemit, you can send money to people without a WorldRemit account, simply by adding their names, email, phone number and bank accounts.

The notable feature of World Remit is that its first 3 transfers are free. It has a reach in over 130 countries and its partnership with some leading brands has made it into a very reliable partner for its users. However, while World Remit does not place a limit on minimum transfer, it does have a maximum transfer limit.

Like Western Union, World Remit is a reliable company that allows you to receive direct payment for your products and services right into your Nigerian bank accounts

Formerly known as Transferwise, in recent times, Wise has been providing a very useful alternative for users in Africa, seeking an online platform to carry out international transactions.

It is a peer to peer platform that has gradually become a fast and reliable gateway for international transactions in most developing countries. As a freelancer, entrepreneur or service vendor in Africa, you can receive international payment in Nigeria, using

Wise offers a number of payment options to choose from, including bank transfers, debit cards and credit cards. You can always choose what works for you, based on either of these options.

The notable features about wise is that it has a decent exchange rate, a faster transaction period, a mobile wallet and a confident boosting refund policy however, the customer support can be limited in some cases when compared to its competition. Also, the applicable fees are reportedly high in certain cases.

Personally, I have found wise to be a decent alternative to Payoneer as it provides almost closely related services however, I am only hoping they do not get to make some wide ranging policy changes that will have as much ripple effect as Payoneer, in 2023.

Western Union is a very popular option to receive international payment in Nigeria.

When I first started as a freelancer some years back, it was one of the platforms I used to receive my first ever international payment. It is a more popular and well renowned platform for users both locally and internationally.

Their partnership with major local banks and long standing reputation has helped it into the top platforms to receive international payment in African countries.

With its over 4000 pick-up points in Nigeria, Western Union allows its users to send and receive money from Nigeria, seamlessly.

Among its notable advantages is that its vast network coverage for sending and disbursement allows for it to manage transactions seamlessly, for its millions of users. Also, its popularity and vast number of transactions increases user’s confidence on its platform however, one of its drawbacks is its very expensive charges. And it might take a number of days before your cash can be delivered for pick-up.

Overall, western union is a good option for entrepreneur seeking a direct payment with clients who are more familiar with its platform and less open to using the newer and more popular payment options.

Final Words

With the increasing globalization of businesses, having a reliable option to receive payment is very crucial for freelancers, service vendors and entrepreneurs. And thankfully, there are now a number of options to use if you’re in Nigeria.

However, while choosing your preferred options to receive payment in Nigeria, one of the things you’ll want to pay attention to is the reliability of your preferred platform. Look them up, find out their reviews by users and then take out time to understand their account opening process before making a final decision.

In addition to that, be very clear about what you want to achieve with the platform. And be sure they are capable of getting you to achieve that, before getting started.

Now that you’ve learned about the top platforms to receive international payment in Nigeria, if you want to learn key skills that will get you to start receiving payment from countries around the world, sign up for our courses here.

Now, it’s over to you. Which of these platforms have you used before now? Drop your comments below.

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