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As a prolific writer, one of the things I’ve realized over the years is that there are some writing niches that will get you to earn far more than the average writers just as there are others that will earn you far less and your most important job is to identify the high paying writing niches before getting started. But, it’s not always easy.

For example when I started out many years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure of what niche to go into. At first, I dabbled into niches I was passionate about. After realizing that niche wasn’t delivering in earnings, I went into a different niche then another one and there was still zero earnings.

3 years later, I realized I needed an overhaul of my entire system, writing niche and operational model. Although this discovery was nearly accidental, the moment I kicked into a complete overhaul, I made my first earnings in 4 figures.

This is more than 6 years ago. And of course, over the past few years, I have garnered a handful of lessons and identified niches that have consistently delivered in earnings over the years. This is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

Before we get started, below are the key things to keep in mind:

  • All niches are not equal. Some niches have higher paying gigs due to the expertise needed to create content in those niches. So even where you’re a good writer, you may still need a very decent level of expertise to function effectively in some niches.
  • Your Interest in a Niche is a thing. You don’t necessarily need to be passionate about a niche before jumping right in on it but, most writers believes that writing gets easier in niches or topical area where you’re passionate about. To make things easier, you want to look out for profitable niches you’re naturally passionate about.
  • Content Value & Demand are Crucial Factors. The value a client will derive from your content (in terms of conversions, new customers etc.) and the demand and supply pool in a niche can impact how much earnings you make from the piece of content. So, the best niche to target here are niches high content value, high demand and low supply.

Now that we’ve cleared this part, in the following paragraphs, I’ll be sharing with you the top high paying writing niches you should check out for…

Compared to many years ago where it was possible to create and share just about any kind of content on websites without options for optimizations, in today’s highly competitive digital space where businesses are hustling for visibility, SEO content marketing has become one of the high paying writing niches.

With an increase in internet connectivity, number of websites and widespread adoption of digital marketing, most businesses have keyed into the use of digital marketing to drive visibility, conversions and business growth.

Considering that search engine optimized content is at the core of such digital drive, most businesses are now actively in search of writers who are not just versatile in their field of expertise but highly experienced in terms of SEO skills.

As it stands, this skill is not just in high demand, as an experienced SEO and subject matter expert, you can use this two to renegotiate your service offerings for clients.

Ghostwriting is the art of writing books, blog posts, articles etc. on behalf of or for others while crediting them as the original author.

Outside the fact that ghostwriting opportunities has always existed years, in many genres, like memoirs, self-help, business etc., the increasing demand for thought leadership has pushed Ghostwriting into one of the high paying writing niches out there.

Considering that the internet is now creating more opportunities for scrutiny and personal brand development for business leaders, founders, celebrities etc. most of these people are looking up to ghost writers to bring their ideas to live, due to their busy schedules.

As an established writer with a decent pedigree, you can opt for this highly lucrative writing niche, write books for these set of people and get paid while staying anonymous.

Advancements in technology is not only shaping nearly all aspects of our lives, it is also creating a growing demand for writers who can translate technical and complex concepts into easily accessible content for users.

This surge in demand for technical writers has made this niche one of the high paying writing niches for experienced and mid-level writers.

This is one of the niches that gave me a lifeline during my early days. From complex topics like software reviews, digital marketing, search engine optimization, artificial intelligence etc., you can identify a sub niche to establish your brand and expertise.

As a writer in this niche though, you’ll need to keep in mind that you might need a certain level of understanding of the subject matter before you can effortlessly get to write about it.

But then, if you decide to choose a sub niche here to build and grow your portfolio, eventually you’ll gain the needed mastery that will get you to the level of expertise that’ll be demanded of you.

The rise and rise of cryptocurrency has ushered in an era of financial innovation and a total disruption of what finance once was. And with this comes an almost entirely new industry, waiting to be explored.

Considering that it’s still relatively very new, most people are yet to have a full grasp of what it’s all about. And of course, since most businesses are already taking it up, there’s an existing demand that is making this one of the in demand and high paying writing niches to watch out for.

One outstanding thing about this writing niche is that since it’s relatively new, it doesn’t command as much number of experts as most other popular writing niches. And with that being said, you can easily work your way to the top in this niche if you decide to pitch your tent here.

Lucrative writing niches
Cryptocurrency is one of the new and growing niches with a decent demand for writers | Photos by Michael Burrows

PS: You can either zero in to write specifically about this niche or you can expand to include other niches, depending on what work for you.

Software as a service is a type of software license that allows clients access to use software hosted on a central location via the internet instead of client devices.

This is quite a popular niche with a decent number of writers. Examples of some of the popular Saas companies are Slack, Hubspot, Zapier and a host of others.

With a large number of audiences spread across the globe, most of these companies are in need of experts who can break down their products to users in a way they can understand and use them without stress.

This reality has brought about a surge in demand for SaaS writers and of course, pushing this into one of the top high paying writing niches.

One thing to look out for in this niche however is that you need to have a clear understanding of the software and how it works to be able to write about it. And beyond that, you also need a decent level of expertise to attract gigs in this niche.

Finance and investment is one of the long standing high paying writing niches that’s still the rave of the moment, even after many years.

Turns out, as individuals seek to navigate a dwindling economy to create long lasting wealth, most of these people are using the web to source for information and actionable advice on what to do.

With this comes an increasing demand for writers who understand economic dynamics and how to use use available data to offer practicable steps that can deliver results.

As a writer with experience in the finance sector, here’s where you come in. Considering there are also a number of sub niches including formal and informal finance, digital currencies etc. there are a lot of options to choose from.

However, the finance niche demands a lot of expertise if you really want to stand out. A certification or well recognized expertise in the field can give you an edge with both potential clients and from SEO perspective.

Health is a recurring feature that cannot be ignored. Outside the consistent demand for content in this niche, a lot of content has been written already even though it keeps growing.

For example, from Yoga to jogging, Indoor and outdoor exercises etc., the explosion of work out and fitness related content on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok etc has revived interest in this kind of content.

This has automatically made health and wellness into one of the high demand and of course, high paying writing niche for writers and aspiring writers in different regions.

One thing to keep in mind about this niche however is the high supply of writers. So, to stay on top in this niche, you have to be widely experienced and well distinguished.

Notwithstanding, newly evolving sub niches in this field like alternative health, Yoga, fitness, mental health and wellbeing etc. are areas with a lesser supply of writers that could be explored, especially if you have the right expertise.


Writing has paved the way for many people. And it could do the same for you if you get to choose the right niche and get started on the right foot.

Outside the above listed niches, we also have other growing and high demand writing niches like Script Writing for Video, Grant Writing, AI writing etc. these are also some of the top writing niches you can opt for as they are recently growing.

While choosing your preferred writing niche, do not only pay attention to the premium offer available, also consider your expertise, skills, interest etc. as these are some of the factors that will shape your success in the long run.

Even where you don’t have requisite skills or experience in your preferred writing niche, you can get to learn to garner the needed expertise that will get you started.

And of course, you can sign up for our content writing certification course to learn everything you need to know about writing and get the mentorship that will get you to becoming a leading writer in your preferred niche.

Now it’s your turn. What are your challenges when it comes to choosing the perfect writing niche? Drop your comment below.

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