Hello and welcome to today’s smart blogging .

Slowly and slowly, the smart blogging tutorial winds up to an end.

Throughout this period, I’ve been leading you through series of free stuff that will help you start your blogging journey and even become a smart blogger in a very short while.

It’s been a swell time and I’m proud you’ve been a part of this journey.

So here we go, let’s take a brief look at what we did so far.

Alright. So we started out the smart blogging tutorial with why people blog.

In that particular tutorial, we listed about 7 top reasons why people blog.

If you read the tutorial, you’ll find out stuff like the number of people using internet around the world. And the exact reasons why bloggers decide to reach out to these guys.

You’ll also fund out stuff about the meaning of blogging, blog and bloggers.

The second topical issue was about how to create a unique brand for your blog. Of course, branding is everything on the internet.

From deciding whether you’re worth listening to, to letting people decide whether to buy your products or not, your brand plays a very important role when it comes to standing out in the sea of bloggers.

Right from here, the smart blogging tutorial took us to another very unique topic, how to find the perfect blogging topic.

You know finding the right blogging topic is not only very important it can also decide if you’ll end up as a successful blogger or not.

So this topic tells you about everything you need to know about choosing a blogging topic.

It also talks about the dominant blogging models and the exact one that will fit the perfect match for you.

The very next topic on the smart blogging tutorial was how to find the right blogging platform.

Yes. And as you know it’s very important you choose a platform that’s not only sustainable but one that will help you realize your blogging dreams.

For this topic, i showed you the different blogging platforms, both the free and paid ones.

I also talked about what to do so as to choose the perfect blogging platform that will be very easy for you to scale and achieve your blogging dreams.

How to choose a domain name for your blog was the next topic in the free blogging tutorial.

In this particular topic, i went through the smart strategies you could use to come up with the right domain name.

When you read this topic, you’ll find out my personal experience about how i lost everything after choosing the wrong domain name.

Also in the smart blogging tutorial, we talked about setting up your blog and how to submit your blog to the search engine.

You know submitting your blogs to the search engine is not only necessary it is very good for Search engine optimization and Analytics purposes.

The next tutorials was focused on how to post from your blog directly to your social media platforms and also reap massive traffic in the process.

Yes. So many bloggers still have loads of their readers from the social media so you can’t ignore the platform.

Now, the smart blogging tutorial shows you how to post from your blog to your social media platforms effortlessly and without needing to leave your blog.

Our next topic, how to write and optimize your first blog post was the mother of all topics.

And why shouldn’t it? Because optimizing your blog posts is one of the best things you’ll do for yourself in order to achieve your blogging dreams.

And that’s rightfully so because if you don’t optimize your blog posts exactly as you should, you might write a post that ends up getting lost on the internet and never being read by anyone.

So if you want to write and optimize blog first blog post as an expert even when you’re just a beginner? Go read that.

In the next blogging tutorial, we also talked about how you can optimize your blog posts for the search engine.

It covered topics like how to optimize your blog posts for the search engine in such a way that your posts will show up on the first page when people are searching for it.

This topic covers everything you need to know about keywords, meta datas and most tiny details that will get your blog posts out there on the internet.

How to add pictures to blog posts came next. This is one of the things that took me time and effort to do it right.

With this topic you’ll learn the step by step process that will help you add images and enhance your to your blog posts without much effort

In our last topic in the smart blogging tutorial, we talked about links, how to add links to your WordPress posts, and why they are very important for your SEO.

Now that’s where we ended our first ever free smart blogging tutorials. I hope you’ll be able to use it and get started on your blogging dreams.

If you love this tutorial then I’m sure you’ll like to join our smart blogging college.

Joining the smart blogging college will not only take you through the nitty gritty of blogging, we’ll show you the rope while we watch you grow.

Yes. You will also get access to our expanded, super simplified and step by step blogging tutorial with pictures, daily exercise and a free blog for daily practice.

At the end of your entire session, you will receive a certificate that you can easily use as a batch on your LinkedIn profile or blog.

Does that sound like a good deal?

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