So here we go on yet another Smart Blogging Tutorial.

In today’s tutorial we’ll be talking about how to add pictures to blog posts and optimize blog images for the search engine…

Okay so you might be asking yourself… Is it really necessary i add pictures to my WordPress blog posts?

And if i were to answer your question i would say yes. And no.

Because in the real sense of it, adding or not adding pictures is a matter of choice… Depending on your site, the kind of posts you write out there and so on.

But again, it’s a fact pictures makes your WordPress blog posts look beautiful.

Of course so many people still believe a picture speaks a thousand words. So that alone is enough reasons to add pictures to your blog posts.

Also depending on the particular write-up you’re updating, you might need pictures for illustrative purposes and all that.

So that’s it… The basic reasons you need to add pictures to your blog posts.

Okay. Let’s dig in to how you can add your first image to a blog post…

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard through www.myblog/wp-admin/ (remove myblog and add the name of your blog).

2. Click on “add new post” and begin to write your blog post. After writing your blog posts, click and make sure the cursor pointer is fixed at the spot you want to place the picture.

3. Find the tab, add media. After you must have fixed the cursor pointer at the point you want to fix the image you can now move your mouse to the top of the WordPress editor (the place you wrote your posts). A little above that place you will find a tab “add media”.

4. Click on the “add media” tab. And you’ll be led to a pop up where you can upload a picture from your computer or from add any other picture you must have uploaded in the media library.

Now before embarking on uploading a picture, you must have gotten the pictures on your laptop. And renamed it to the same name as your post title.

This is very important because renaming your picture with the same name as the title of your blog post will help you in search engine optimization.

Also, be sure to include attribution where necessary so you can avoid copyright infringement issues.

5. Format the pictures. Now, when you must have uploaded the picture to your blog, check on the right hand side of the image where you have the attachment details and format the pictures…

How to format pictures before adding to a blog post.

* Title. Click on the second box which is the title and name it if you want.

Caption. The third box is the caption. You can caption the picture with whatever you want. captions are the text that accompanies the image. And sometimes people use it to scan your post. Though this option is mostly used for news sites.

Description. The last box down there is the Description. You can describe the picture you added to your blog post if you feel like it.

Now, the third and last box are not very significant though you can add the same write up you used on your meta data (I’ve discussed about adding meta data for search engine optimization in this post), for the last box (description box).

* Alt Text. The fourth box, alternative text (alt text) is very important for Search Engine optimization purposes. It is a single line text that tells the reader what the image is about especially when such image cannot be displayed. So make sure it’s exactly the same thing as your primary keywords or preferably, post title.

Alright so we’ve actually formatted your picture. let’s get down a bit to pictures display settings…

* Check on “attachment display settings”. Use the left, center or right alignment. As you deem fit. Though i prefer my pictures to be aligned on the top left corner of my blog posts.

* In the next box where you have (link to) box, click on “media file”. And then in the next box (size) choose “medium size”.

Okay. So we’re done adding the pictures to blog posts… You can now click on “insert” into post and have your pictures added to your WordPress blog posts right away.

Alright so that’s how far we’ll go in today’s smart blogging tutorial. In our next tutorial for smart bloggers, we’ll talk about how to add links and why you should add links to your blog posts.

As usual, the smart blogging tutorial was brought to you by Victor Winners Smart Blogging College. A place where you can learn how to become a great blogger, and rule your world.

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