7 lucrative online businesses in Nigeria

Thinking about the possibility of running an online business from the comfort of your home?

You’re not alone.

Recently, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs like you have been thinking about the same thing.

And from recent reports, the global pandemic has led to a surge in online businesses.

As the Pandemic continues to recede in some parts of the world, more and more people are gaining interest in online businesses.

And it doesn’t just stop there…

The lock down has forced more people to transact with online businesses and this has led to improved confidence in tech-run businesses.

With all these in place and with the innovation of better tech gadgets to aid the smooth running of online businesses, you can be rest assured, there’s no better time to think about starting your own online business.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, even if I was to start and run an online business from home today, what business idea can I start with?

Well, as a matter of fact, this is why I created this tutorial, to guide you on the top online businesses you can run from home.

These business ideas I’ll be showing you are not capital intensive. You can start some zero capital.

Also, they are businesses you don’t need to spend a lot of time to learn the skills before getting started.

And you can start these businesses in any location. Whether you’re in Nigeria, United States, India, wherever.

I carefully handpicked them because I needed a handful of businesses you can start and hit the ground running while learning through the business.

So, here’s the list below…

Social Media Marketing

Social media management is by far one of the few online businesses you can run from home even if you’re a complete novice…


Because almost everyone owns a social media account.

The idea is that if you have a social media account then you already have some basic knowledge about managing social media accounts so, you won’t have to start as a complete beginner if you decide to start managing other people’s social media account.

Another advantage of starting a social media management business is that you can start small.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in gadgets upfront if you don’t have the money. You can start right where you are, with whatever you have.

So you can start and run your social media management business right from your home or with your smartphone.

From here, you can create service packages that will help you target clients with different needs and financial capacities.

One other good thing about starting Social Media Management as an online business is that you can manage social media accounts for more than one clients or as many clients as you can handle at a time.

Virtual Assistant Services

Just like SMM, Virtual Assistant Services is another easy to start online business you can run from home.

You know why?

As businesses continue to cut down on costs just to survive the biting economic crunch, a lot of employees will be laid off thus forcing existing businesses to turn online to virtual assistants for cheaper services.

With this in mind, you can begin to position yourself as the preferred virtual assistant with capacity to take up specific virtual assistant services professionally.

How to get started as a Virtual Assistant

First of all, I want you to understand that you don’t need to be out of job before you start a virtual assistant service.

A virtual assistant service is another online business you can run from home either on a part time or full time basis. And you can do this at any time, depending on your schedule.

To get started with your virtual assistant service, you can choose to get a niche and focus on particular services.

For instance, you can also start with a collection of closely related services, just to create a brand. From there, you can expand it later.

Alternatively, you can start your virtual assistant business by offering different services at the beginning then trimming down to a few of these as you work on building your brand.

What you can do as a VA?

As a virtual assistant, you can assist online businesses to carry out simple tasks for their businesses, starting from sending emails, tracking mails, analytics, website management, blogging, data entry etc.

There are a whole lot of these services that you can offer to existing businesses. Most of them are not things you need to learn a lot of skills to get started with.

Content and Copy Writing

With the increasing penetration of internet across the world, there is and there will still be a massive need for digital content, in many years to come.

Again, with a pandemic like Covid-19 on our hands, there is even a more urgent need for content creators, as companies continue to lay off employees and cut down on expenses.

Unlike most other businesses, content marketing is one of the best businesses you can start in a time of crisis like this. Not only because it a business you can start with a lean budget, it is also one business you can start with very little expenses up front.

Take for instance, if you have a decent writing and SEO skills right now, you can start your content marketing business right where you are with whatever you have.

Whether you’re in a developing or developed country, working class or out of jobs, you can start your content marketing business even without a laptop.

And with consistent learning and the right strategies, you can make something good out for yourself in a short while.

Another good thing with starting Content Marketing as an online business is that if you’re good with time management, content marketing is one of those online businesses you can run from home together with some other businesses.

Or you can use the skills to effectively launch some other businesses for yourself.

How to Make Money as a Content Marketer

There are so many ways you can get a job and make money online as a content marketer.

For a start, you can decide to provide written content for blogs, online magazine, forums, and social media handles etc.

You can also provide other forms of content to these platforms including audio, videos, white papers, etc.

There are a lot of platforms that accept paid stories and essays. You can write paid stories, short stories etc. for these platforms and get paid when your stories are published.

Again, there are both local and international platforms that pay writers to provide content for their blog and magazines, either as a one off or recurring service.

You can pitch these platforms with your content marketing services and write for them.

There are a lot of blogs out there with zero to irregular content updates, you can work up something with the owners and get your skills on board their websites.

Finally, you can also get content writing jobs and services from job boards and other places and provide remote content marketing services for these businesses.

All you need to put in place to get started with this is a tiny plan, a flexible strategy, some decent content marketing skills which you can learn online and work.


Everyone has a story or experience to share.

And in this era, as the world works on getting out of an economy ravaged by a deadly pandemic, your own story or experience or skill could as well start your own turning point.

As you’d probably know, blogging is an online business you can run from home. It is also an online business that almost anyone can start with very little expenses.

You can start a blog either as a journalistic blogger where you get breaking news, rewrite and share it to your audience.

Or you can start one as an expert where you teach your audience a particular skill you’re good at or something you have a lot of experience about.

As a news blogger, you don’t need to have the news, you can pick up news items as it happens around the world, spin your own narrative around it and share with your audience.

For someone starting out as an expert, you can teach your audience about the things you already know or you can also teach them the things you’re learning.

Either ways, with a decent writing skill and basic mastery of blogging as a tool of communication, you can make money online as a blogger either through ads, Google Adsense, Affiliates, Digital products etc.

You can also take up a Blogging and Content mastery course like the one we offer here, learn up the business of blogging and get positioned to make money online as a blogger.

Ebook Publishing

What do you know that you think you can teach someone?

Better still, what unique experience do you have that can really deliver a whole lot of value or lessons if you share it with others?

A lot of us are walking around with loads of experiences and skills that can actually benefit a lot of other people but we’re not even aware of this.

Answering the questions I posed above should be able to guide you as you dig deep on unraveling from within you, experiences worth sharing and ideas that can create value for other people.

The moment you find these experiences and ideas, you can work on putting them together in a written format as an ebook, publishing and sharing them with others at a token.

As someone with a decent skill or expertise, this will be pretty easy for you.

Where you don’t have lots of skills or personal experiences (which I don’t think so) you can research interesting ideas or hot topical areas that drive people’s interest, create content in that area and publish your eBook.

To get started, you can carry out researches on platforms like Amazon.

Understand what is selling. This will give you an idea on the kind of content that matters to people and then you can get to work creating eBooks that meets their needs, after your research.

To get started, read this guide on how to write and publish your ebook here...

Graphics Design

Graphics design is one of the biggest feeder business for most online and offline businesses.

It is also one online business you can run from home easily.

Either for one reason or the other, people will always have reasons to design graphics for their products, services or brand.

And for this reason, the services of a graphics designer are most needed by many other businesses.

As a matter of fact, Graphics design is another entry level online business you can start without sweating it out.

This is one of the main reasons I listed it out here.

How to start a Graphics Design business

If you’re interested in starting a Graphics Design business from home, you can read up my free tutorial on How to start a Graphics Design Business here

Assuming you have some basic Graphics Design skills, for someone with adequate resources, with a laptop and Corel Draw, you can get started as a graphics designer wherever you are.

To make things easier for you, you can start with targeting small businesses.

Create professional designs that will meet their needs at very affordable and flexible costs.

Doing this gives you a client base while you still learn the skills to understand the business of graphics design.

As you gain more experiences and a wider customer base, you can then work on leveraging your skills and portfolio to get higher paying clients for your business.

For someone without a good budget or laptop, with your smartphone you can still design graphics from online platforms like Canva etc, and sell these to your audience at a fee.

You can also utilize platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer etc to sell your services to interested and willing clients

There are a handful of groups on Facebook and other social media platforms where these services are exchanged to buyers at a fee.

You can take your services to these platforms, provide them at competitive fees and build your portfolio.

While doing this and getting the jobs, be sure you work on your savings.

Save up and plan ways you can reinvest in your graphics design business, get necessary gadgets and softwares then work up to build a robust business.

Paid Tutorials

Over the years, the technological revolution has become one of the fastest and most evolving industrial revolutions known to humanity.

It has brought a whole lot of disruptions and changes that seems to follow the speed of light in its widespread effects.

In view of this, there seems to be something new to be learned at every little curve of this change.

From Artificial intelligence to 5G technology, Cyber security for businesses etc, there are so many things to learn and with this comes an increasing opportunity for teachers and experts to leverage on for a successful business.

As someone with a decent knowledge of these skills and advanced technologies, without taking advantage of people, you can leverage your expertise to set up an online business that teaches people how to use these technologies either for their personal or business development.

This is where paid tutorials and webinars come in as a lucrative online business you can run from home.

Personally, I’ve seen people teach others how to use WhatsApp for online marketing.

Most of the things taught in some of these classes are very basic things almost anyone would know. Yet, people are paying to learn.

For you, instead of keeping your tutorials at a very basic level, you can take it a notch higher and provide genuine value for your client at an affordable cost. They will pay for it gladly.


As you can see, as someone with experience and a decent skill, there are so many online businesses you can start from home to boost your finances through this economic crunch.

Even where you don’t have the experience or skills, some of the online businesses listed here are simple businesses you can start with the very basic skills while learning and building your brand through the process.

So, there you have the 7 online business ideas you can run from home.

Do you need any help with starting out your online business? Were here to guide you if you’ll reach out to us here.

Alright, so, it’s over to you now! Which of these business ideas will you love to start with?


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  1. There are so many options to start an online business. Online businesses are more effective than offline because we can get customers and clients from all over the world, and we can stay connected with them through a digital business card.

    • Hey Noah,

      Fantastic thoughts you got there.

      Indeed, starting online businesses gives entrepreneurs more choices compared to traditional and offline businesses. Especially when it comes to starting up micro businesses.

      Great to have your contributions on this.

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