Hey guys. It’s Victor Winners and i’m back again with one of our eye opening blogging tutorials.

Today, we’ll be blogging about the one thing that decides whether you’ll make money with your website or not.

In my last post I told you that a strong desire to make money online was my main motivation for getting a website back then.

You still remember that right?

Okay. So I wanted to get some bucks. But how I intended getting that was what I didn’t really know. And this made things a bit more complicated for me.

It made me waste more than 3 years doing things that didn’t matter because I wanted to find out what works. Throughout those years I didn’t get a cent from the website either.

But you can avoid this mistakes i made.  That’s if you know exactly what you want to be doing online to get some income before you get started.

And this is the exact reason why I’m writing this blog post… To teach you strategies that will guide you as you embark on making money online with your website.

Now let’s break down the income part a bit.

Alright! So there are basically two major income types which most entrepreneurs are familiar with. They are classified as Passive and Active income.

Passive VS Active Income.
I’m sure you might have already heard about the two major kinds of income.

Active income is what you earn directly as a result of the effort you’re putting in. Like the money you receive as payment for a job done.

Passive income on the other hand is literally what people refer to, when they say that your online business will make money while you sleep.

And yes, passive income is real. The Linda Ikejis of this world can confirm that.

Okay. So now let’s assume, you’re not any Linda Ikeji. Michael Arrington or even Peter Cashmore.

Let’s assume you’re just a beginner who has little or no idea about how stuff works online so I will put this down exactly as it should work for you.

Passive income works. Especially for bloggers, digital entrepreneurs and everyone who’s interested in making money online. But…

To have your blog or website make money while you sleep like the established sites do, you will need put up some ‘back end’ work up front.

By this, I mean that, you’ll have to put sometime to prepare a book for instance, if that’s what you want to feature as your income generator.

Because making money online while you sleep is not some automatic thing that happens when you set up your site.

From setting up the site, getting visitors to making it earn, you will first of all need put up a robust system in place.

These systems are what brings about the income we’re talking about.

Now back to the details.

When I started blogging, I didn’t know exactly how I could get my site to generate money.

Unlike some newbies I was lucky. Somehow I knew I was a writer.

Then inside me I kind of believed, I will write. Then my website will grow and generate revenue just like that.

That was it. The vague idea I initially had was to make money writing on the site.

And as sad as it is, so many newbie bloggers still go out and set up their websites with this mindset.

But blogs don’t generate income on auto pilot except you initially set up a system that will help it generate the income. I mean you don’t set up a website, go to sleep and expect it to generate income just like that.

It doesn’t happen unless you put up whatever you mean by auto pilot in the first place.

So starting out, if you want to make money online with your website, the first thing you should do is find out what you’ll put up there for people to buy. Decide on that.

Get this business mindset first.

Is it a service you want to offer through your blog? Or do you want to sell your product or other people’s products?

Decide on this.

Forget about the idea of making money online with your website through ads first. Instead, see those ads as a plus. Think about the main value you intend to create online.

It could be showcasing any of your services. Writing, Singing, Web designing, Coaching, starting up a new business, anything.

Or perhaps products like your books, CDs, selling other offline products, promoting other people’s stuff and getting paid etc…

The reason you will have to figure out how you want to make money online before embarking on full time blogging is because for your website to get you money like a real business, you’re going set it up as a business.

And you don’t start a business without an idea of what to sell. Because business is about buying and selling.

This is the one thing that will decide whether you’ll make money with your website or not.

And until you decide you’re a business and find out what you want to sell, you may spend years without making any money from your site.

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    • Hey Anand, thanks for your comments. One thing that really helps in getting traffic to your blog is consistent action. From your seo to link building and writing quality content you’ll have to follow a consistent pattern that will help you realize your blogging goals. I hope to list these strategies in a blog post one of these days. Thanks for stopping by.

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